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Gurmukh Bhasin – Meet the Devs Written Tuesday 31st of March 2015 at 01:47pm by Legorobotdude

Hello there fellow Citizens, check here for the latest episode of Meet the Devs, this time with Concept Artist Gurmukh Bhasin!   Transcript by Erris Meet the Devs 19: Gurmukh Bhasin Why don’t you tell them...

Hello there fellow Citizens, check here for the latest episode of Meet the Devs, this time with Concept Artist Gurmukh Bhasin!


Transcript by Erris

Meet the Devs 19:

Gurmukh Bhasin

Why don’t you tell them what you do around here?

I do concept art. Ship, I work on the ship team, and we have a really cool ship team. A lot of cool guys doing some awesome stuff.

So, you started here because you met Hobbins, and you guys were bros, so you’ve been here how long?

Almost a year now. May 12th will be a year.

What’s changed since you got here?

Pretty much everything. Starting with where I sit in the office. We used to have our own little corner, now we’re in the back where the ship team is. It’s really cool to be in the same place with the other guys, from concept to 3D

Yeah, you’d think they’d have put you together, cause those things all play off each other, but before they were different elements. Now you’re all in the same room, there’s more of a freeflow, so you don’t have to update everything every now and then.

For sure, and it’s important to figure out a lot of stuff on the design side, but creating ships in full 3D really points out things they might have missed from the very beginning, so it’s a really natural back and forth between design and art, and I think that’s really unique and interesting, where not everything is figured out, but it’s a natural progression.

So what are the things fans would know you from recently?

Probably the Vanguard, and before that the Carrack

We put out questions for you guys, and one of the questions was ‘Oh, Gurmukh designed it? No more questions’, kinda goes with this whole ship thing you’ve got going on.

Well, to be honest it’s a huge team effort, which is also something that’s changed a lot. Before us concept guys were in the corner doing our own thing, but now it’s kind of spread out between a lot of people, where the 3D guys will get involved in the creation of the concept, and I’ll be able to have input when they start creating things in 3D, and we’re all starting to have our hands in multiple parts of the project instead of just focusing on our own thing, and I think in the end it makes a much stronger final product. In the concept phase, things are going to be a lot stronger because we have a lot of 3D input, and even times when people like Elwin are modelling things for the concept and saying, lets try this, lets do this, and not just waiting to take it over once I pass it along, and I think it shows with how each ship we do continually gets better and better.

So before you were here, you were doing architecture stuff right? How do you think that helps with the ships? Did you take any of that when you designed the Bulldog?

Yeah, you mean the Vanguard? Yeah, definitely, architecture and just design in general helps figure out these ships. we want them to be as realistic as possible, and where architecture plays into that, for over 7 years I designed for the real world, where dimensions for doors and chairs and counter-heights and all these things comes into play, and just space that you need to move around, move through something. The amount of detail that goes into designing something in the real world, where screws and joints go, how big a piece of glass can be manufactured before the price gets too high, all these sorts of things you have to think about that you wouldn’t necessarily have to consider when designing a video game, but knowing that stuff helps show and give the feeling of reality. Even though these ships are fictional, we want to make them feel real and be believable, and the architecture background, anything grounded in reality, will help create concepts on a more realistic level when it comes to movies and games.

You were given the Carrack. How scared were you?

They were basically like, okay, Carrack’s yours, go to town. I mean, at that point I was mostly working on the thing on my own. We brought Omar in, and he was helping on the bridge and the interior, but the whole process was sort of scary, and

You looked a little rough, a little worse for wear

Yeah, I definitely had panic moments, and eventually it worked out pretty well, and there are still plenty of things I’d love to change, and things that will change, before it gets in game, but the fans seem to like it, so…

We’re going to let you go, but we’ve got one more question, cause this is something I think about all the time. You look at the project and the fans and the community…what is your perspective on what we’re doing? Especially since you have such a different perspective than I would?

I think our game is crazy ambitious. All the things we need to figure out blow my mind on a daily basis. Every time we start to nail down weapon sizes and component sizes and all these things, we hit so many roadblocks and come across so many things that influence the actual design stage of that piece, your shield generators or whatever, there are so many parts that come into play , so many aspects to make this come together as a real thing, that just, trying to figure all of that stuff out is pretty mindblowing.

What’s it like when you figure one out though?

Well it’s not really me figuring it out, it’s the design, then it works on the art side, and there’s always a lot of back and forth. For example, the weapons, we get really close to figuring it out, then there’s another bump and we have to figure that out, so, you know, I don’t really know what it’s like to figure something out, cause I still feel like a lot of these things have potential to change down the line. So that and the other thing that’s really ambitious and crazy to me, if you take one of these ships, and you put them in any other game, that’s like the hero asset. We’re designing these ships so you can walk through the inside, look at every angle from the outside, have things that pop up, access different components, like, usually other games do that for one vehicle in their game, and they spend two years to take it from start to finish, and we’re going to have hundreds of these, and we do them in a matter of months, and our schedule is just…back to back to back. On to the next one. I mean, this hasn’t been done for any game or movie or anything before, the amount of content that we’re putting in our game and the amount of thought that’s being put into everything, it’s mindblowing. I think it’s fantastic as far as the game that it’s going to create is going to be awesome, no matter what. It’s going to be better than any other game in that way. If we don’t match up on the look, or the gameplay, or whatever, I mean I’m sure we will, but if we didn’t, just the fact that we’re going into this much detail in everything we do, it’s going to be better, because most of the time they don’t put this much effort into these kinds of things.

*Best game ever thought of. *

But yeah, I mean, it’s an amazing project to be a part of, and as I think we all are, we’re really excited to see how far it goes, and the final product, even though I don’t think there’ll ever be a final product, cuase this is a living thing that just kind of grows and goes on till we all pass away or something. I don’t know what the end is for this, I don’t think any of us do, but I think we’re all excited to see it develop and move forward, and definitely seeing my ships in the game, the ships I’ve put a lot of effort in, it’s pretty cool.


*Thanks for joining us on the new format for meet the devs. *




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