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Meet the Devs: Gaige Hallman Written Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 at 03:53pm by Nehkara

Greetings Citizens!  Time for another episode of Meet the Devs, this time featuring Gaige Hallman, Associate 3D Artist @ CIG Santa Monica. Meet the Devs: Gaige Hallman   Transcript Gaige Hallman = GH James Pugh = JP GH:  So...

Greetings Citizens!  Time for another episode of Meet the Devs, this time featuring Gaige Hallman, Associate 3D Artist @ CIG Santa Monica.

Meet the Devs: Gaige Hallman



Gaige Hallman = GH

James Pugh = JP

GH:  So what do we talk about in this one?

JP:  How did you get your hair so long?  How long have you been growing it out?

GH:  11 years.

JP:  11 years?!

GH:  Yup.

JP:  Damn dude… that’s commitment.

Off-Camera Human:  That’s actually not very long for 11 years.

JP:  We’re doing our intro…

Off-Camera Human:  I’m just saying bro… 11 years, I would think like…

JP:  Just roll the credits.

GH:  11 years with maintenance.

Off-Camera Human:  Gotcha.

JP:  There you go, you’ve got it.

*Intro Plays*

JP:  Thank you guys for joining us on Meet the Devs, I’m James pugh and I’m here with Associate 3D Artist Gaige Hallman.  Gaige, how are you doin’ man?

GH:  I’m doing good.

JP:   Thanks for coming on!

GH:  Yeah.

JP:  So, how’d you get started with CIG?

GH:  So, it all started with the TNGS competition.

JP:  And so you were on Team Shimapan?

GH:  Shimapan, yeah.

JP:  How was that?

GH:  It was a crazy experience.  I mentioned it before already so I won’t go into that… it was hectic but I learned a lot because that was my first experience with a game engine actually and games in general.

JP:  How’d you get started down that path to be an Associate 3D Artist?

GH:  So, I’ve been a generalist for a long time but in college I focused on rigging, character setup, that kind of thing – all in Maya.  And then when I came here, pretty much everything switched over to Max [3ds Max] and I started picking up my old generalist skill sets again and I’ve just been honing that ever since.

JP:  Have you been in the gaming industry long?

GH:  No, actually… only six months now.

JP:  Oh, just when you started here?

GH:  Yeah, first one.

JP:  What were you doing before this?

GH:  Directly out of college so I was finishing up schooling while I was doing the competition.

JP:  Damn.  You’re quite an overachiever.

GH:  That was nuts.  But I mean I have it all to thank to my friends, I couldn’t have done it without them.  We worked together on this really hard but it was a good time.

JP:  Do you still talk to your TNGS buddies?

GH:  Yeah, pretty much every day.  One of them works here so I see him a lot… but the other one, Simon, was the team leader and we still talk a lot, keep in touch.  He’s finishing up his degree over there.

JP:  Nice, that’s really cool.  What did you think when you first got here?

GH:  I mean, I love the area and the office and people are great.

JP:  Well… eh… most of them.

GH:  Most of the people are great.

JP:  Like, I really hate Disco.  Right?  Right?!  RIGHT?!  GOD.  Alright… continue.

GH:  What’s his actual name?

JP/Off-Screen Human:  Jared.

GH:  Jared?

JP:  Yeah.

GH:  I never knew that, I’ve always just heard Disco Lando.

JP:  We’re gonna leave that in… keep going.

GH:  So, I really didn’t know what to expect.  This was my first job and my first industry job, so I mean I was just kind of rollin’ with the punches.  It was ice, it was a really slow start.  Met everybody… and actually the ship summit was right after I got here, so I got to meet everyone from almost all of the studios.  Chris Smith came back in and he was the one who sort of like mentored me a little bit when I first arrived for a test, that kind of thing… and the place has just been getting bigger ever since I got here.

JP:  Did you always want to be in the video game industry?

GH:  Actually, I did not expect myself in the video game industry at all because I was originally just doing film stuff like… film rigs, dynamic characters, that kind of thing.  And that’s a whole different workflow for games with an extra proxy set added on, that kind of thing.  But I mean… I like and I feel like I’m actually more motivated to do this just because there’s more innovation to be had.

JP:  Is there anything about this project in particular that you find more interesting than others?  I mean, you said you wanted to be in film but I imagine you’re familiar with video games.

GH:  Well, I mean I guess the scope of this game is to be a film-esque adventure.  Because it’s supposed to be to the point where the scope is so large and there’s so much possibility in this universe that you should be able to create your own adventures such that it feels like you’re living in an action film.

*James messes with his mic*

Off-Camera Human:  Why are you doing that James?  Why are you doing that to me right now?

JP:  To fuck up Disco.

Off-Camera Human:  You hurt my ears right there.

JP:  My bad.

*James taps his mic*

JP:  Alright we’re gonna let you out of here.  Before we go we have some rapid-fire questions, you ready?

GH:  Let’s do it.

JP:  Favourite movie?

GH:  The Prestige.

JP:  The Presige… is that with Christian Bale?

GH:  And Wolverine.

JP:  And Wolverine… I have seen that.  That’s the one about the magician, right?

GH:  Yup.

JP:  And then there’s that twist at the end?  I know what you’re talking about.

GH:  We can’t talk about that.

JP:  No, we can’t tell the twist but I have seen that movie which is amazing because this is a rare thing that I’ve actually seen the movie.  Favourite video game?

GH:  Oh… that’s a hard one.  I’ve gotta say Dead Rising, the original.

JP:  The original!?

GH:  Yup.

JP:  Interesting, why?

GH:  I think I’ve actually played that game maybe like 50 times.

JP:  Really?

GH:  Just speeding through it.  It’s the perfect game… it’s not the perfect game but…

JP:  Really, you don’t play it for like 10 minutes and get upset that the timing is weird and the save system is weird?

GH:  No, I love how terrible it is.  The game was broken in the best ways and I love that.

JP:  I don’t know man… I mean obviously I’m not saying don’t like it… but I’m saying… I don’t know if it’s broken in the BEST ways.

GH:  As a rapid fire best game, that’s gotta be my choice.

JP:  Dead Rising 2 didn’t do it for ya?

GH:  Me and my friend were so hyped for that for the longest time and we were like live snapping each other as we were buying it, it was a good moment… and then I played it and it just wasn’t the Adam… wait… now… what was it?  I was about to say Adam West.

JP:  Frank West.

GH:  Frank West.  It wasn’t the Frank West experience that I wanted.

JP:  What was the guy’s name in the second one?

GH:  Nothing important.

JP:  Yeah… I forget… it was like a BMX dirtbiker dude right?

GH:  Yeah, it was weird.

JP:  Yeah, it was.  Alright, favourite ship in Star Citizen?

GH:  Oddly I’ve never heard this one but I love the Avenger.

JP:  The Avenger?  Why?

GH:  It’s just a sleek, nice looking ship.

JP:  It is pretty, huh?

GH:  Yup.

JP:  Alright, thanks again for joining us man.

GH:  Thanks for having me.

JP:  It’s been a pleasure to get to know you.  I’m James Pugh, this is Gaige Hallman and you just met a div…  God…

GH:  You ruined it.  You ruined it.  You had it.

JP:  Yeah yeah… I’m James Pugh, this is Gaige Hallman.  Say bye Gaige.

GH:  *waves*

JP:  *points at GH*  Met a dove.

Off-Camera Human: *laughing*

JP:  Shut up.

Off-Camera Human:  You said you just met a dove.

JP:  Did I?!  Did I say a dove?!  Ughhh… cut it now.

GH:  That’s it, the whole ending right there.

Off-Camera Human:  I thought you were gonna nail it.



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