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Meet the Devs: Adam Wieser Written Tuesday 14th of July 2015 at 06:43pm by Nehkara

Hello there fellow Citizens!  This week’s Meet the Devs features Adam Wieser, Associate Writer, alongside host James Pugh. Meet the Devs: Adam Wieser     Transcript by ME! JP = James Pugh; AW = Adam...

Hello there fellow Citizens!  This week’s Meet the Devs features Adam Wieser, Associate Writer, alongside host James Pugh.

Meet the Devs: Adam Wieser



Transcript by ME!

JP = James Pugh; AW = Adam Wieser

JP – That’s a sick watch.

AW – Thank you, girlfriend got it for me.

JP – Nice.

AW – I get more compliments on this than anything I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

JP – See this watch?

AW – Pretty awesome.

JP – Right?

AW – Yup.

JP – It’s got the Playstation buttons.

AW – Love it.

Meet the Devs

JP – Hey guys, thanks for joining us on Meet the Devs.  I’m James Pugh and with me today is Associate Writer, Adam Wieser.  Adam, how are you man?

AW – Good. Glad to be here!

JP – Thanks for coming on!  So, how did you get involved in Star Citizen?

AW – So I got involved in Star Citizen… I worked at Chris Roberts’ production company Ascendant Pictures 10 or 11 years ago.  So, that’s where I first met Chris.  I met John Schimmel there too, he was one of his executives at the company.  John is the head of linear content here.  That’s also where I met Dave Haddock, the lead writer.  So, over the years I’ve stayed in close contact with Dave.  I’ve seen John every once in awhile.  When they were finally looking to build up the writing staff here, in the meantime I had gone off and I’d done some film and TV work and had always been and stayed a gamer.  So, when this opportunity came up it was actually just the perfect confluence of events and I was lucky enough to join the team.

JP – Is this the first game you’ve ever worked on?

AW – First game, yes.

JP – What TV shows and movies were you doing before you got here?

AW – So, before this I worked with a writing team.  So there were actually two guys and we worked for a few years and we optioned a few scripts and we did the entire… go around and pitch.  You know, kind of like pitch movies to studios and stuff like that and it was a lot of fun.  Nothing ever got made.  The closest film we ever got was kind of like… had a director, had cast all lined up, and then the financial crisis hit and the indie company that was financing it just went away.

JP – They’re like:  “Nah.”

AW – Yeah, yeah… sorry, it’s not quite gonna happen.  So, I did that for a handful of years and then did the same thing except in the TV world where you just kind of… same thing, go around and pitch shows.  Go to networks, do the entire rigmarole and it was fun but at the end of the day it’s… you know there’s not a ton of those jobs out there too and slowly but surely my writing partners decided that, you know, they had other things that they wanted to pursue and it left me just sitting here trying to figure out what to do.

JP – So, did you grow up playing games?  You said you were always a gamer at heart.

AW – Yeah, I remember when I was young getting the first Nintendo system.  My brother and I got it for Christmas and that just being a treasured thing.  My Nintendo 64 is still something I carry with me to this day.  That’s the one system I have… everything else I’ve kind of moved on or been able to upgrade to but I can’t quite give that away yet.

JP – Did you ever play any of Chris’ older games?

AW – No, I haven’t actually.  I didn’t.  When I was growing up the PC we had at home didn’t quite have the ability to handle that stuff and I was still young enough that I wasn’t at the point to be able to sweet talk my parents into upgrading just to be able to play something more like that.  They were happy just getting us the 64 and the other Nintendo systems and the Sega and sitting down and playing with those instead.  The computer was for school work basically and they had us on the systems to do the video game stuff.

JP – Did you have any experience writing sci-fi before this?

AW – I’ve always had an interest in sci-fi.  Some of the work that I did previously might have sci-fi twinges but it was never anything that was central to that.  In any story it’s kind of… and I think that’s applicable here too… I’ve always been a… I’ve really enjoyed character work and I’ve really enjoyed seeing characters develop and relationships like that.  So, it was less about the genre and more about finding an interesting main character or an interesting set of characters and putting it in the right environment to make those relationships shine.

JP – So, what are some of your favourite sci-fi stories?

AW – So, when it comes to books probably the author I have read the most is Philip K. Dick when it comes to sci-fi… and I know it’s also strange sci-fi but that was one of those where I came across a few of his books in high school and I just couldn’t stop.  I think I probably have 10-12 on my shelf right now.  I’m finally reading ‘The Man in the High Castle’ too, I’ve finally picked it up and I’ve started to go through that… and I started to play Wolfenstein this weekend too, the new one, so it’s a good confluence of events right now.  From a Philip K. Dick perspective, I’ve always liked the fact that he was a sci-fi guy and he did talk about future and crazy technology and stuff like that but he was never… he was always about the characters too.  It was always about the struggles and everything in the context of all of those different elements.

JP – So, since you’re working with David Haddock have you read ‘Snow Crash’ yet?

AW – Yes!  He lent that to me years ago.  I’ve read a handful of different Neal Stephenson books too, but that was the one.  He’s like: “You need to check this out,” and also ‘Diamond Age’ too.

JP – I never read that one.

AW – Yeah, I definitely recommend that one too.  That was actually the first one I read by Stephenson and it definitely got me into him and… he was talking about iPad-like devices before there were iPad devices and I know he’ll always say that he just writes a million things and it’s only the two or three things that catch on that people seem to pull back to.  I’ve seen him speak a few times too, he’s always very intelligent and very interesting.  He wrote a great piece too about laying the actual cable under the… I think between the US and Asia and stuff like that to actually transport the early days of the internet back and forth and that was one of his great nonfiction pieces too which was both interesting and science-heavy but also… yeah, anything he writes is always pretty interesting.

JP – Before I let you go I have some rapid-fire questions.  Are you ready?

AW – Yup! Bring ’em.

JP – Alright… favourite movie?

AW – It’s so tough but I probably have to say Clockwork Orange.

JP – I’ve never seen it.

AW – You should.  Family fun!

JP – Favourite video game?

AW – Mario Kart 64.

JP – Dude, that’s the best Mario Kart.

AW – Yup, it is.

JP – It is.  People can get all like, “Oh, the new one’s the best!”  You’re wrong.  Double dash is terrible.  But yeah, 64 is by far the best.

AW – The new one is fun but 64… the maps, the levels are just fantastic.

JP – Even though there’s only 8 characters, it’s fine.  Perfect.

AW – Yeah, yeah exactly.  You hit someone with a green shell fired straight backwards… it’s the best fun in the world.

JP – Yeah, and then like Wario Raceway if you have lightning bolt you wait until right before they go over that jump… hit and they’re down.  It puts them back half a lap.

AW – Yup.  Strategery.

JP – Right.

AW – So key in that game.

JP – Favourite ship in Star Citizen?

AW – Uhmm… I really like… well… one that I really like is still in the works but the Vanguard, I think, is pretty awesome.  They were finishing that up right as I got started here so I got to see them… I was actually on the art side at the point and they called me over like, “Hey, take a look at this, what do you think about this?”  and it was just cool to see the process behind it but I think it also suits the kind of gameplay I kind of gravitate towards.

JP – Sort of the military aspect?

AW – Yeah, military… but kind of long range bomber too… so maybe not the most agile thing out there but I’ll roll in with a lot of firepower and try to do as much damage as I can.

JP – Awesome man, thanks again for joining us!

AW – My pleasure!

JP – Once again I’m James Pugh, this is Adam Wieser – you just met a dev.



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