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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Yulin System Written Wednesday 5th of April 2017 at 12:00pm by StormyWinters

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Banu owned system in the Banu Protectorate

  • Yulin is a hub for gambling, vice, starship racing and sataball

  • Has a yellow dwarf star that is about 4.4 billion years old

  • Yulin I is an iron planet with pretty much no atmosphere and no resources left

  • Yulin also is home to a flotilla which is collection of ships, permanent or temporary, that are converted into spaces for commerce and business

    • This flotilla is also home to a well known Souli of counterfeiters

  • Yulin II is a smog planet that is not habitable but what makes Yulin II interesting is it’s rainbow like atmosphere

    • The Banu built the Buloi sataball arena and is named after the current Essosouli in charge of sataball named Buloi Satu-kal

    • This Essosouli is currently at odds with the counterfeiters from the flotilla who have been selling counterfeit tickets to games

  • Good counterfeiters are expected to get away with it but these counterfeiters have been getting caught and people coming in with counterfeit tickets are getting arrested over it creating high tensions between the two Souli, because it’s affecting the counterfeiters business

  • Yulin III is a hypothetical type ammonia based planet where the oceans are brown and vegetation is black

    • Planet is decently hot with high pressure and the Banu use this as more of a resort type destination

    • The Banu have built a sealed arcology for humans to use when they visit as they won’t survive the atmosphere otherwise, for a price of course

  • Yulin IV is a desert planet with incredible rock formations

    • Geologists of many species are interested in studying these formations except the Banu use this planet for racing, the formations as obstacles for said races and monitor the planet closely

  • Yulin Cluster Alpha is a densely packed asteroid cluster that is also used for racing but more for practicing to build their way up to the better races on Yulin IV

  • Yulin V is an ice giant well known for is strong equatorial winds

  • Yulin VI is a gas giant with mostly hydrogen atmosphere

    • People want to be aware when around Yulin VI as people who have escaped the authority of the local Souli might be hanging around here and won’t think twice about picking you off

Full Transcript

Cherie Heiberg: Hi everybody, welcome to a new edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I’m the archivist, Cherie Heiberg. If you’re unfamiliar with Loremaker’s Guide, it’s a show where we the Lore team go over different systems in the Star Citizen universe and give you an overview of their background, their current state and we explore all the cool secrets that we can tell you.

This week we’re doing Yulin so let me just pull up… I was there for the creation of this which is part of the reason why I picked it. There’s another reason why I picked which… I mean I assume if you haven’t found out about it yet, I’m not going to say it but if you have found out about it, nice!

All right, let’s start with a just general overview of the system, this is a Banu owned system, it’s in the Banu protectorate. For those who don’t know, the Banu protectorate works sort of like a loose confederation of systems. They don’t have an overall authoritarian government, they kind of just organize by guilds or protection. They kind of mutually pull resources into a giant protective umbrella, that’s more or less the Banu way.

They’re not too big on laws, they’re not too big on authority but what they are very big on is commerce and guilds which are known as Souli. Yulin is rife with all kinds of Souli, it’s also a hub for gambling and vice and starship racing and sataball which the Banu are completely obsessed with. So, let’s visit the star.

This is a yellow dwarf, it’s very much like our star, in fact it’s the same type of star as ours. Kind of a little sister story here. It’s about 4.4 billion years old where as ours is about 4.6 billion years old, so a little aged in star years. Doing pretty well, looking pretty good, still get good 5 billion years left before it burns out, in it’s way becomes a red giant and eventually a white dwarf. It’s a longer process but I won’t get too far into it, it’s a good little star. Another cool tidbit about yellow dwarves that I just remembered is that they’re about the third most common star in the universe, so about 7.5%.

All right, let us check out Yulin I, wow… amazing. Yulin I is an iron planet, it doesn’t have much in the way of atmosphere, it pretty much has no atmosphere and it doesn’t really have much in the way of lithosphere either. It’s just kinda a burnt up core that’s been mined as much as it can be, being so close to the sun. It’s gotta a bunch of craters all over it, not terrifically entertaining. So, I’m not going to go too far over this because there’s so many more interesting things to talk about in this system.

Such as the flotilla right here, now one of the things that we determined about the Banu while we were creating Banu systems was that there are flotillas of ships in every Banu system that are kinda serve as the commercial hub of the system. Now this is in both systems with inhabitable worlds and without inhabitable worlds, it’s not whether or not worlds are inhabitable, it’s just sort of the thing that Banu do. They always have these giant collections of ships that are… some are permanent, some are like old space stations they have converted into places where they can conduct business, some are... people that go in and out, space ship people. Space ship owners who go in and out to conduct business and they all do their thing here in the flotilla. I think the flotillas are very interesting and part of what make the Banu… what make the Banu themselves.

This flotilla especially is cool cause not only is it a hub for vice and commerce, it’s also the home for a well known Souli of counterfeiters who have recently run into an issue with one of the local Essosouli who’s a guild leader who lives in the Sataball arena in the system and I’m going to get to that in just a moment.

Now we’re going to move onto Yulin II and it’s going to be a brief stop in our Yulin adventure. It’s a smog planet and smog planets are like Venus they have very thick, very dangerous, very high pressure atmospheres. It’s not possible to live on them and no one’s really figured out how to terraform them for a living, but what makes Yulin II interesting is that it has this beautiful rainbow like atmosphere. I like that a lot and the Banu decided they like it a lot as well because they have built this incredible sataball arena around it, Buloi. The Buloi sataball arena which is named after the current Essosouli in charge of sataball here in Yulin and her name is Buloi Satu-kal and she is currently at odds with the counterfeiters on the flotilla here in Yulin because they have been selling counterfeit tickets to sataball games to people who have stopped in the system to enjoy a nice game.

Now all is generally fair between Souli and Banu culture, like if you’re a good counterfeiter what you’re expected to is to get away with it, you’re expected not to get caught but these counterfeiters are just not up to snuff. They keep getting... people who buy their tickets keep getting caught and that makes Buloi madder and madder so she has begun arresting people who come in with counterfeit tickets and keeping them prisoner or charging them an incredible amount of money, so that they don’t offend again. This is starting to rub the counterfeiters the wrong way because this is affecting their business so there’s high tensions between these two Souli right now in Yulin that may or may not boil over at some point. Hopefully either the counterfeiters will get better or Buloi will decide… well, I don’t know what she’ll decide. She’ll decide something, she’s pretty ruthless, she worked really hard to get to the top of this sataball Souli and she is not about to bend her rules for success.

All right, now let’s move onto Yulin III. I’m very excited to talk about this one, while we were building Yulin, one of the things I personally like to do when we're building systems is to research scientifically interesting planets and shove them in as much as I possibly can. This however I cannot take credit for, this was Will’s idea, we had just been reading about different Kepler planets and theories about what kind of vegetation they might have on the surface, what kind of atmospheres they may have.

We’d also done some reading about hypothetical types of biochemistry and so Will suggested that we make a planet that was ammonia based, in the way that planets can be carbon based and silicon based, this one is ammonia based. It’s a hypothetical type of planet where the ocean is ammonia so the oceans are brown and the vegetation is black. The world is hot and it’s decently high pressure but not enough to kill a Banu, Banu kind of consider this world a charming resort world. It’s like a tropical planet where they like to go on vacation and chill out in the ammonia oceans and enjoy walks among the black vegetation.

Humans however cannot survive in this kind of environment so the Banu have kindly built an arcology, a sealed arcology where humans can survive and enjoy some of the charms of Yulin III for a price, cause these are the Banu. What did you think it was free?

Now let’s go over to our next planet where is Yulin IV, there we go. Yulin IV is a desert planet, sort of like Mars. It is home to a number of incredible rock formations that are like amazing to look at. Like picture giant arches of rocks that stretch high, high, high, high, high, high up in the atmosphere. Or donuts that are very wide or very narrow and wild wind shaped and tectonic plate shaped cliff formations. It’s breathtaking, geologists of many species are incredibly interested in it. However the Banu use it for racing, they use these unique formations as obstacles in space ship races to the point where crashes will destroy some of them making a lot of geologists very sad. Although the Banu don’t really care that much especially the racing Souli that’s located around here, they’ve got a few ships around the planet. They’re always monitoring activity on it.

Human geologist especially are just salivating to be able to get into this planet and study it at all times, but the best they can do is kinda sneak in between racing seasons and study it in little bits. Then leave and then come back, because the human people wandering all over the race track where ever it is on the planet, keep in mind the planet is very large, are in danger of being killed and starting an interplanetary incident which no one really wants. I feel for the geologists because I imagine these giant rock formations being destroyed by space ship crashes, it would be a little sad.

All right, so this here is our next spot it’s the Yulin Cluster Alpha. It is a densely packed asteroid cluster that is also used for racing, the racing that takes place here is more the unofficial variety. It’s sort of a place where Banu go to practice their digs or practice their moves I should say before participating in the more prestigious or, how do I put it… races that make them seem better, I’ll find the right word later. Anyway, the better races that they might participate in at Yulin IV. Very fun spot, very interesting spot… you could meet some cool Banu buddies.

Let’s zoom out again, sorry for all the zooming out but Yulin is just so densely packed with cool stuff that sometimes you lose track of where you are. All right, Yulin V… Yulin V is an ice giant like Neptune and Uranus. Now what makes an ice giant different from a gas giant is that an ice giant is composed of heavier elements, elements that are heavier than hydrogen and helium. So, instead of having a mostly hydrogen envelope like Jupiter does, it has a kinda minor hydrogen envelope and it’s made mostly of elements like carbon, nitrogen and sulphur.

They have rock and ice cores and mantles… their mantles are things like water and methane and ammonia, like Yulin III. They’re not as dense as gas giants but they’re usually home to a lot of interesting weather patterns and Yulin V is particularly famous for its incredibly strong equatorial winds. I’m sure some Banu out there tried to figure a way to make these winds into an interesting sport but so far no one has been entirely successful.

So, moving on to Yulin VI. This is the last planet in the system, it’s a gas giant, a classical gas giant. Very much in the mold of Jupiter, it’s atmosphere is mostly hydrogen, it’s massive, massive planet casts a big shadow in the neighbour… in the solar neighbourhood… the planetary neighbourhood, either one. You want to be careful when you’re around here because people who have escaped the authority of the local Souli might be hanging out here, and they don’t want to make trouble with any of these people but they certainly wouldn’t mind picking you off for profit. So, just watch your back.

All right, this has been the Banu system of Yulin. It was a lot of fun to make, it’s been a lot of fun to talk about. I hope that it is enjoyable for you as it was for me talking about it. All right, thanks again and I’ll see you next time on Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.      


Director of Fiction

Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.