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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Tyrol System Written Wednesday 21st of June 2017 at 12:00pm by StormyWinters

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Tyrol was discovered in 2823 by Damon Huerta

  • Binary star system with a white dwarf and a main sequence star that has entered its sub giant phase so the system will inevitably blow up   

  • Seven planet system  

  • Tyrol I’s moon, Lanisto,  has the first habitat in the form of a research station that was built and eventually abandoned by scientists wanting to observe the destruction of the system, it was them inhabited by squatters, smugglers, etc who nicknamed it the Front Row  

  • Tyrol V used to be an ice giant and when the main sequence star when sub giant it pushed out all this energy and heat that melted the planet and pushed it into it’s green zone

    • It has a settlement on it called Haven which is built into the side of a canyon to protect it from the extreme heat             

Full Transcript

Dave Haddock: Hello and welcome to another episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy where we highlight one of the many, many, many, many, many star systems in the Star Citizen universe and give you some background on the system itself as well as some insight behind some of the creative choices that we’re making when we were coming up with them. I’m Dave Haddock, Lead Writer over here at Cloud Imperium Games and today we’re going to talk about the Tyrol system. 

Interestingly enough this is actually one of my favourite systems in the game and is actually a great example of sort of an awesome kind of creative symbiosis that can arise between the various departments in the game. I’ll get to that in a second but yeah this is actually a really fun kind of cool criminal system. So anyway, we’re going to go our handy Starmap. 

So right here we’re going to start on Earth and we’ll show you where you can find Tyrol based on sort of it’s proximity to Earth. So go out, out… there it is, Sol system. Turn on the jump points, ok so scrolling back, back, back, back. I’ll go to 2D to make it a little easier. So, Sol system is over here and Tyrol is all the way over here so you can see it’s sort of on the east… we sort of use or I use the sort east/west/north/south things and it’s not actually obviously what these are cause as you can once you go into 3D all these things are not linear, flat plane thing but it’s just easier when you looking kind of straight down on it to kind of guide you. 

So it’s over here kind of over by… you’ve got some Banu system down here, Kins is probably the closest to Banu space so you have one jump through Charon and a couple jumps away from Indra which is Xi'An over here. So yeah, actually Tyrol system… was actually a stretch goal system from 2012 interestingly enough. So it has been around for awhile. A little background about the system, it was discovered in 2823 via this jump point from Charon system and the explorer who discovered it was named Damon Huerta who is a resident of actually Charon III. Kind of jump in here to do a little fun… so here we have Charon III, so he was actually from here and he lost his home and family during the civil war and civil war had actually resolved in a cease fire. So it didn’t technically end a few years earlier but he was basically unwilling to leave the system, that had been his family’s home for generations and it was the only one he had known but at the same time he refused to go back to the planet that had basically kind of caused him so much suffering. 

So he basically had kind of spent a lot of his time living on the drift, you know, spending equal time picking up odd jobs around the system and crashing at different stations and when he could afford. So the discovery of the jump point over to Tyrol kind of came at an opportune moment cause he had actually come dangerously close to be forced to sell his ship so it worked out well for him. Unfortunately for the system, the UEE didn’t end up claiming it but let’s head in and that will actually explain why. 

So, as you can see right off the bat we have a binary star system which is super cool. This is a white dwarf and this is more importantly has gone… is a main sequence star that has entered this sort of this sub giant phase in it’s evolution so basically the system is about to blow up in a bad way. So needless to say the UEE was not really enthusiastic about trying to colonize a system that can blow up at any time so they basically kind of left it alone. Actually interesting thing too while I’m on it, originally if you go back… the original write up for this system was actually it was a single star system. It was a just a star that was just in this sort of red giant phase but you know obviously the nova thing was still kind of a key point to it but it was just a single star. 

When we circulated a lot of these systems out to our consultants who were helping us with the astrophysics, offering their insight and expertise into the science and stuff. Steven, one of them who tackles this system changed it to a binary so he added this sort of white dwarf companion to it. To quote him, the main sequence star has just left the main sequence and is becoming a sub giant, it’s now big enough so that outer layers are being sucked up by the white dwarf for the first time and this will lead to a smaller explosion called a nova which will be destructive enough, this is actually the interesting point, it will be destructive enough to be a cataclysmic event in the entire system but not significantly enough to affect neighbouring systems.

So, he also went on to explain that basically that novas can kind of happen several times and a white dwarf could potentially… ultimately go supernova which would be bad for basically everyone. So yeah, fun time. Anyway, that was sort of the kernel idea, it was this idea of a system sort of on the brink of destruction that was sort of the hook into the character of this system. It was just an interesting idea to think about that even though in this sort of timeline of cosmic and space advance and stuff like that, it’s obviously over a hugely protracted amounts of time of hundreds of thousands and millions of years and stuff like that. At a certain point they have, you know, there has to be that moment of it doing something, that moment of change. 

So this was just this idea of having this very fragile system that anyday it could disappear basically. I don’t know, it just seemed like it had a lot of potential to be… lead to some interesting story telling and possibilities and characters and stuff like that. Like who would move here, stuff like that. So anyway, getting onto the make up the system itself. You have got seven planets here and I won’t go into too much detail because I’d highly advise poking around in the Starmap itself and looking at the data and stuff like that. So I’ll just kind of focus on more the interesting ones. 

So, as I said earlier while the UEE didn’t necessarily claim Tyrol it didn’t mean they weren’t interested in it. The scientific community in particular were immediately entranced in this opportunity to set up research stations, data collectors, whatever just to be able to study such a potentially massive event up close and it just offered them potential breakthroughs and understanding in how the universe works and stuff like that. Interestingly enough it’s sort of a counterbalance to other systems like Kallis which was the one if you remember in the process of forming still, forming the planets and all that stuff. So this is sort of the opposite… equally fascinated with that, this is the opposite end of the spectrum. This is about the death of a system rather than the start of one. 

Closest if you go over here to Tyrol I basically our first kind of habitat here is actually over on the moon called Lanisto and it was basically set up by a research company to study the event theoretically up close. You can see proximity wise here, pretty good seat to check things out. Unfortunately for them they sort of didn’t blow up quick enough for them so they kind of ran out of funding and they had to shut down the research station so unfortunately now it’s basically a home to squatters, smugglers, refugees who have nicknamed the place Front Row to indicate the destruction of the system. 

Let me go back to the wide view, so that’s Tyrol I but otherwise the big draw here which I cannot seem to find, is Tyrol V. Which was really off centre, over the line, anyway. So, Tyrol V used to be an ice giant was the thing but when the main sequence star entered into the sub giant phase basically it sort of pushed out a lot of energy and heat and stuff like that. It basically melted the planet and pushed it into its weirdly enough its kind of green zone type thing. It’s got the closest thing, even though the idea originally was that life on the surface is really tricky is the way to put it but dangerous because the sun can be so overpowering but this is where the closest thing to a settlement in the system can be found and it’s a place called Haven. 

Now this is where we get back to the symbiosis I was talking about earlier, this was the original write up for Haven, bring it up. Haven was built into the rock of a vast canyon in an effort to keep the temperature down. What started as a small network of tunnels has expanded as more fugitives, criminals, expatriots and outlaws decided to roll the dice and hide in a dying system. So that was it, that’s two sentences in one kind of run on sentence. 

Anyway, basically just a city built in the canyons, shaded from the dangerous sunlight, sort of adobe style structures for outlaws to hide in until the system explodes. That’s it, very loose description but it led to this concept art which we’ll put up here and which to me, I mean I remember when I saw this when it came out when it was posted a couple years ago… it just totally knocked me out. It really captured this life and flavour and really kind of just a unique and interesting… immediately interesting place that I wanted to kind of go visit. It was amazing to me, you know and again like this piece was done several years ago so the details of it like these sort of weird little structures and stuff like that. They’ll probably change when it’s actually built but it doesn’t matter, it’s this vibe, this spirit of the thing like that’s really what kind of sells it and makes it really, really exciting. 

It was basically… so consequently when this image was done reinvigorated a lot of my personal interest in this thing and so I started wanting to develop it more based off this image. So, it was sort of, you know, we had that description… that description led to this picture, this picture led to more specialized tailored lore about it because it was such, you just wanted to be here and see what it was like and stuff like that. Yeah, again it was pretty great and again it’s sort of raises question of you have a vista like this with persistent threat of that at any time this massive cosmic event way beyond your control, something you could do nothing about could theoretically happen and just wipe out all life in this system. Just led to this really interesting possibility of like the denizens who have chosen this place as their home, it’s just really, really, really interesting. 

That is Tyrol in a nutshell. Again first thing I’m really looking forward to the point where we’re actually going to start building this system. We have a lot of like criminal shady towns and stuff like that and even underground places, we have a handful of those types of places built in tunnels and stuff like that. I think that this place is really going to have a very fun kind of fatalistic, you know, flavour to it which I think will be really, really cool and really looking forward to getting into. 

That’ll do it for this episode of Loremaker’s. A big thank you to our subscribers who help us create additional content like this and a bigger thank you to of course to everyone out there in the community who help make this game amazing. Again if you like to learn more about this system or all the other systems you should definitely check out our Starmap because it’s super dope and filled with really, really cool tidbits and stuff like that. We also have if you’re interested in Tyrol specifically we actually have a Galactic Guide too that digs a little deeper into it which we’ll link into the description to make it easier to find. Again that’s it, thank you for all your support, I’m Dave Haddock and I’ll see you in the Verse or probably get shot by you in Star Marine.                   


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