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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Leir System Written Tuesday 1st of November 2016 at 07:00pm by CanadianSyrup

Adam Weiser is back with another Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy, this time the Leir system.

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Adam Wieser: Welcome to another episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I’m Adam Wieser, Associate writer here at CIG Los Angeles and for those who haven’t seen the show… this is a chance for a member of the Lore team to sit down and give you a personal tour of one of the many systems that you’ll be seeing in Star Citizen or possibly Squadron 42. Yeah, we’re going to give you a little history, science and maybe a little insight into what we put into making this system come to life.

Now this week we’re going to focus on a system you’re probably familiar with already because of the Citizen Con Homestead demo or if you read the latest issue of Jump Point which was for October 2016 and that system is one which when first discovered showed a lot of promise and then due to circumstances, end up being having a history that no one really quite expected. So, as you see we just typed in, we are going to Leir today. So here we go.

Bring this up and the first thing you’re going to notice as we cross the galaxy and get there is that we come right in on the star of the system which is an A5 main sequence star that’s blue and white in colour. It’s about 1.8 times bigger than the sun at the centre of the Sol system and it’s about 10 times brighter, now which comes with that is a pretty expansive green zone which incorporates all three of the planets in the system. So, when first discovered three planets within the green zone all three of them displaying lots of potential for mining, lots of mineral and ores… people got very excited about this system.

Now you’ll also noticed there’s also a bunch of jump points here in the system so we’re going to back out for a second and show you that there are six all together. So, lots of jump points, lots of ways to get to it, lots of minerals, three planets in the green zone… what happened? Why is this system still… you know, humanity didn’t quite declare it, bring it into the fold.

You’ll see here it’s got three jump points that are connected to it, we’ve got one which goes into Banu...Vanduul space which is really interesting. One into the UEE and the other into a developing system. We’ve got two medium jump points and the interesting one here is that it connects to Yulin up in Banu space so it has a connection to UEE space, Vanduul space and Banu space which is pretty crazy and it has one big jump point which goes into Banshee and Banshee is where Leir was discovered from in 2677.

Members of an ICC scan team were in Banshee, found the large jump point came through and took the scans to realize what potential this system had. Unfortunately at the time Illyana Messer VI was the Imperator of the UEE and five years prior to that she had orchestrated the assassination of her father to grip the reins of power. At this point she wasn’t quite ready to give, you know, start expanding the empire when she still wanted to make sure she could keep control of what she had. So, she decided to not send the UEE and kind of really establish any kind of operation there, so the system languished and didn’t receive a lot of the basic infrastructure that a lot of other systems would receive at that time.       

Now they didn’t mean humanity stayed away from it, a lot of the miners… greedy miners and shiftless drifters kind of came into the system and made the best out of it. There is settlement, only one that really kind of made a name for itself and that was on the second planet here and that name was Leir. It was the one place that was kind of consistently inhabited for a few decades after the system was discovered and eventually the system just took the name Leir from the settlement that was first established here.

Now in 24...2743, Galor Messer IX was on power and he was obsessed with reforming all the government buildings in the UEE to fit a meta baroque architectural style that he was in love with. This was a very expensive project and to help fund that what he decided to do was go to this unclaimed system and basically sell them the terraforming rights to the system’s crown jewel which is right here, Mya.

So, he put this up on the auction block and received a bid that was so astronomical people at first thought it was maybe a mistake, turns out it wasn’t. It was a bid from a brand new company called Hatfield and Harding that had never done anything like this before. Now Clarence Hatfield was an eccentric trillionaire from Corel and Olive Harding was the self made mining baron and together they saw the potential and resources in this system and wanted to make sure that they established a foothold there and the way they did that was to outbid everyone for the terraforming rights.         

Now they knew nothing about terraforming but they had the credits to go out and find someone who did and eventually they settled on someone by the name of Dr. Fayel who was working at the UPARQ government secret research laboratory in Rhetor. He came on over and he basically started to terraform this planet and was given a lot of leeway by Hatfield and Harding to kind of do what he needed to do and as quickly as he needed to do it and to make sure that they could turn a profit on this planet as quickly as possible.

Now what Hatfield and Harding didn’t realize by not kind of overlooking what he was doing, was that Dr. Fayel had some intentions of his own within setting up the first operation terraforming dome on the actual planet, to set it up over the largest kind of like reserve of minerals and ores on the planet and started a secret mining operation which he basically used to fatten his pocket and basically enrich the people that were helping run that.  

Somewhere amidst all the stress of trying to run this terraforming operation and hide this illegal mining operation from Hatfield and Harding… Dr. Fayel had a psychological break. No one quite knows what happened or how it happened but communications with the company grew sparse and stranger and they didn’t quite care because he was keeping on his timetables. In fact in 2803 they actually awarded him the employee of the year and instead of leaving the planet he was working on to go accept the award, he sent a video which in retrospect people found very weird. He kept referring to purity of purpose and he talked about how while working there he had a realization that pierced his skull like a nail of lightning. So there were all these things that hinted at something wasn’t quite right there but reports are that the board members were so intent on getting drunk at this employee of the year ceremony, none of the them really took the time to listen to what he was saying.  

This all came a head on May 3, 2812 when the terraforming was complete of Leir II and what happened is all of the sudden Hatfield and Harding lost all communication with the planet, they didn’t know what happened til all of the sudden a video showed up or a vid showed up in their inbox that was a message from Dr. Fayel, basically saying that he had finished purifying this planet and it was now under his control, he would not be giving it up. That the hubris of humanity, that everything that they had done to it was not going to be allowed onto it and him and all of his followers, the people that were there to terraform with him would fight to the death to ensure that humanity wouldn’t scar this planet that they had made pure.  

Now at first Hatfield and Harding were furious and didn’t quite believe that Dr. Fayel had truly been somehow able to convince all these terraforming workers to stand with him to protect this planet so they hired a bunch of mercenaries to go in and take it back. The mercenaries arrived, they landed in the main population centre, got out of their ships to realize no one was quite there. As they kind of spread out to see what was going on they were quickly ambushed on all sides. Many believed now that even though Dr. Fayel didn’t want any outside influence coming into his planet, they decided to do the ambush in this way to secure the ships of the mercenaries which still patrol around the planet today to try and keep unwanted guests from getting too close to it.     

So after this had happened the UEE obviously found out, Hatfield and Harding had tried to keep this quiet but they weren’t able to do it at this point. The company went before the senate and ended up losing all invested confidence and folding not long thereafter. Now this was 2812, only 20 years after the UEE had finally kicked the Messers out. Since this was an unclaimed system the UEE technically do have jurisdiction and there was really no political appetite to go in and try and take the planet for themselves especially since all the blood that was on the hands of the UEE following the Messer reign, the last thing they wanted to do was have another bloody revolt to deal with or have to do.

So they decided to let the planet be and that they did. To this day the descendants of Dr. Fayel and those original terraforming workers still control Leir II which they call Mya. They are known to everyone else as the Outsiders, the planet itself is gorgeous. It’s rocky, terrestrial planet that is now terraformed, it had stunning beautiful mountains ranges and you can go there. You can go check it out, they will sell stuff to you but they have no interest in buying anything that’s not of this planet which makes for a very interesting visit for people that are first there because a lot of the architecture looks the same, there’s no outside resources brought in. So, a lot of stuff is made from the same sort of ores and minerals and rocks or even just cut directly into the mountainsides to save on having to bring stuff in.

That is the second planet of the system, it’s the only one that is truly fully populated in Leir. Now if we back out we’ve got Leir I which is right here, which is also a terrestrial, rocky planet. It is habitable, so there are scattered encampments there. Miners that are pulling out the resources, you can go and they will trade with you more fully. Again not a lot of people have set up operations there because as the UEE really hasn’t invested much in the infrastructure of the system, it’s not really easy to get lots of stuff in and out of there.

Finally, we have out here Leir III which you’ll be familiar with from the Homestead demo. Now this is a planet that is famous for the giant worms that occupy it known as the Valakkar . They have a tendency to disrupt and destroy any settlements are there just the way they churn through the earth underneath them, through the land underneath them. So only those who only live there live in temporary settlements and have gotten used to moving frequently to avoid their wrath. It also contains a lot of graphite and crystals, so there is good mining there if it wasn’t for the dangers that accompany it with having the giant Valakkar disturbing the settlements.  

So, there you go this is the Leir system, an unclaimed system with three planets. Very interesting due to the history and once again one of the more interesting cultures that you will be seeing in the Star Citizen game. So thank you for watching, tune in again we’ll see you in the next episode of Loremaker’s. Take care.


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