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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Kilian System Written Tuesday 4th of October 2016 at 07:00pm by CanadianSyrup

Adam Weiser is back today, with another Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy. This time, the Kilian system!

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Adam Weiser: Hi everyone, my name is Adam Weiser, Associate Writer here at CIG Los Angeles and this is another episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. For those of you who haven’t seen this show, it is a chance for a member of the Lore team to sit down and explain to you some of the details behind each system we’ve created in the game, from astronomical properties to fun little story things and locations you’ll be able to go visit, both in the large Star Citizen universe and possibly in Squadron 42.

So, today we’re going to go to what many would consider the safest system in the entire UEE, if you stay on the right side of the law. So, we’re going to start here on Earth and today we’ll be going to visit the Kilian system. So, just go to here… now Killian an interesting system because it is massive when it comes to celestial bodies, it has fourteen planets in the system. If we back on out and here kind of show you the different jumps that come on in, it has three jump points that connect it to… all access jump points to Davian and Ellis and a small jump to Cathcart. As basically the safest system in the UEE, that is primarily because it is the centre of military might. Both the UEE Navy and Marines have their home bases here, as you can see it is also just two jumps away, right here through the Davian system to the Sol system which is right there for you.

So, it has easy access to protect humanity’s home world which also houses the Army. The Army is the only kind of military force that is not based in the Kilian system. So, if we zip on in we get to see a very interesting astronomical feat happening right at the centre of this system. Now, the system star is a type-G main sequence star which is just like the sun we have in the Sol system. It’s not quite as big or bright as ours but it is same kind of like yellow/white in colour and then right around it we have what has become known as the Three Sisters.

Now these all kind of line the same orbit because of the basically centrifugal force created by the first Sister, a gas giant right here which is the large one and the gravity it creates with the main star. Now basically this was able to grab the second and third Sisters at some point in the creation of the system and pull it into the orbit of the first Sister. Both the second and third Sister are kind of small, rocky protoplanets. Nothing too crazy there but basically the centrifugal forces between the two mean that Sister two in the Lagrange point four and Sister three in Lagrange point five and will stay this formation as the three planets will all kind of orbit basically together around the start of the star and again Sister one is a gas giant and also when they’re this close to the centre of the system they’re also called a lot of times a hot Jupiter.     

So as we back out we can actually get to a little further back and the fourth planet in the system is called Magma, which was not very creatively named. It is exactly what you think it is, a lava planet filled with volcanic activity. There are a lot of resources there but accessing them is not very easy and extremely dangerous. So, that is the fourth planet in the system

If we back on out we start to get to the military might of the system, this is Macarthur. Now Macarthur is the headquarters of the Navy and it has the largest Naval base in the entire universe. It is also where the Bengal carrier was first created and where it is still built today. So Macarthur is very protected, every year there is thousands of young, fresh recruits who come to do their basic training and go to flight school here on Macarthur. Which makes it a very important and very key planet, not only in this system but in the entire UEE in general.

Now this Kilian system becoming such a centre of military might wasn’t necessarily planned, it was something that just kind of happened and progressed naturally. Much like how the Three Sisters kind of naturally came together and it just stuck and became that way. Forward operating base was first put there by the Navy, that expanded and once they started to see the resources and the variety in this system. The military just kind of kept moving in, kept moving in until even eventually in 2751 they moved all the major shipyards for the Navy into the system and around Kilian which is surrounded by smaller little kind of satellite and ship dock type places.

If we go to the next system which is going to be Osha right here. This is Kilian VI, and this is basically a super Earth, it’s a temperate world and this has basically become the home world for family of a lot of the military people assigned to the system. Maybe people who have been working or have, you know, contracts in the system and stuff like that. This is the main hub where people are going to live in this giant system. So, this is Osha right there, I’ll try to double click out of here… took you back too far but we’ll go back in again and after Osha we’re going to move on out to Keene right here.

Now Keene is a terrestrial, rocky world so it’s a little bit smaller than Osha. If Osha was where kind of people mainly live, Keene is where a lot of the corporations mainly live in the system and if you think about it, if you’re a corporation you who wants to have a contract with the military… first of all, very lucrative but if you could have a presence in Keene, it’s essential. In fact, factory space is at a premium on Keene because it would make you a fantastic supplier to the entire Navy or the Marines, if you could not only have a presence in the system but also manufacture goods in the system. So Keene is a very interesting place where you can go, do a lot of trading, do a lot of business, RSI Anvil also have showrooms here, you can go and visit because once again with their connection to the Navy they want to make sure they have that presence in the system also.

Now Kilian VIII over here is a beautiful ocean world that looks just gorgeous as you approach it except that the water is extremely, extremely toxic to not only kind of spacesuits but also ship hulls. Even kind of like a minor contact with the oceans on Kilian VIII can be destructive to a hull or a to a suit, so even though it’s a beautiful ocean world, we don’t recommend you go in here unless you want to face some serious issues.

If we go out a little further, we’re actually going to go past the frostline to Corin which is Kilian IX, so this is an ice planet with jagged, kind of like ice ravines and lots of cliffs and a really inhospitable environment. So, of course, it is the home base for the UEE Marines. Now the Marines main station is an underground base here on Corin. So, that’s where their main headquarters is but anyone who does qualify to become a Marine, has to go through a six month boot camp on the surface of this planet, in one of the most inhospitable worlds you could possible think.

For those that have any interest in going to see what the Marine lifestyle is like, I don’t recommend you doing it unless you are simply asked to, it is one of the most heavily guarded planets not only in the universe but the system. There is a Bengal carrier filled with Marines that is always on patrol outside this place so unless you’re asked to go there I don’t recommend going to visit Corin.

If we back on out, we get to the kind of like the farther reaches of the system, out here we have Kilian X which is a dwarf planet that is actually very mineral rich. There’s a lot of interest in getting the minerals off this planet but it has actually been stuck in courts since 2941 over legal disputes as to which corporation owns the right to actually extract the minerals from this place. As of right now, not really much you can do here unless you want to be a claim jumper and try to go in and sneak in and grab some minerals. Maybe that’s a possibility if, of course, this wasn’t one of the most heavily guarded and armed system probably in all of the UEE.     

As we back on out further we go to Kilian XI which is a gas giant which is surrounded by basically harvesters that are scooping fuel to be able to be used in the system by the military. If we back on out we’ve got three more just swing on by. We’ve got Kilian XII right here, which is an ice planet with not much of note going on there besides it just being really frickin’ cold. Finally in the very, very out reaches you’ve got Kilian XIII and Kilian XIV.

Kilian XIII is only of note because it’s a small dwarf planet that has this really beautiful kind of quartz smoky look to it’s surface and Kilian XIV is kind of forgettable. It’s literally just a dwarf planet caught in the outer reaches. So that was an introduction to the massive fourteen planet Kilian system, one of the safest due to the presence of the Marines and the Navy home base being right there. Thank you for watching this episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy and thanks to all the subscribers out there that make shows like this possible. I’m Adam Weiser, thanks for watching.                     


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