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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Kiel System Written Wednesday 8th of March 2017 at 12:00pm by StormyWinters

Will Weissbaum takes us through the large system of Kiel, come join him as he explains the rich history behind this system.

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Six planets with white main sequence F-star

  • Discovered in 2514 by a merchant marine ship that routinely delivered fuel to the Hadrian system

  • System was named after a friend of the caption of this merchant marine who refused to leave his home on Mars, in naming it this the captain was hoping to entice his friend to leave Mars and explore the empire a bit, Kiel died on Mars without ever leaving Mars but his body is interred in a satellite that travels around Kiel in memory of the system he was named after

  • There was a lot of resources in this system and people rushed in to take advantage of that and the system grew very popular

  • Marie Sante discovered a jump point to Xi'An space in the nearby Horus system which made the UPE halt private sector building and made it into a major military hub due to it’s connection to border systems and became known as the Perry Line in the 2540s

  • Kiel was a major part in Ivor Messer’s expansion of power

    • Due to the anti-alien sentiment at the time, he used this to generate and draw a lot of power to him and a lot of money was dumped into the Kiel system to expand military bases/stations which continued until the Messers fell

  • Kiel I is a rocky meso-planet that is uninhabited and tidally locked

    • Some mining but not much else going on here

  • Kiel II is a rocky, terrestrial planet that is uninhabited and unsuitable for terraforming

    • Good amount of resources on the planet and people have requested mining rights but the military has restricted access to the surface driving a lot of conspiracy theories on why    

  • Kiel III(Severus) is a rocky planet that’s been terraformed

    • Has a moon named Aemilia

    • Main capital is Eri City named after an admiral who distinguished himself during the second Tevarin war  

    • Once the military pulled out it left all the facilities in desperate need of repair

    • Governor Tzur who was elected in 2903 decided instead of trying to draw businesses in he sought certain companies out and tried to match them with services offered   

    • First major win was drawing RSI into building a plant in the system which he took the income from that and reinvested it into a beautification program, this also drew more workers and companies to the system

    • He also managed to draw the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo to the system as an annual event by offering to upgrade the vacant, gigantic hangars to house the Expo permanently   

    • In turn this also gave a boost to the economy with the building of more hotels, restaurants, etc

    • Kiel also earned representation in the senate and Tzur’s daughter, Janna Thurville was elected the first senator

  • Kiel belt is full of resources with mining operations starting to kick in

    • This is also a good place for salvage as the military has held exercises and various accidents from them leaving outdated military machinery and ships in the belt for salvage

  • Kiel IV is a gas dwarf, deep blue in colour and full of methane and has a very fast rotation, taking only 16 standard Earth hours to complete on rotation

  • Kiel V is a gas giant with a huge radius of over 75,000 kilometers with a set of planetary rings

  • Kiel VI is a protoplanet with a very slow rotation taking 122 years to make one trip around

Full Transcript

Will Weissbaum: Hi and welcome to another edition of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy, I’m your Loremaker for this week, William Weissbaum and I’m happy to be sharing with some of you the insights to one of our many solar systems featured throughout the universe of Star Citizen. We give you kind of an insight on what’s going on here and some of the lore and astronomy that goes into creating all our really cool systems. So, today’s system is Kiel.

So, let’s head on over there from Earth, so we’ll do a handy little search here. Now if you haven’t discovered it yet, what I’m using right here is the Starmap and it is fantastic and a great way to browse our universe. So, let’s go take a… oh we should do a route so we can see all the jumps, let’s do that. From Earth to Kiel, that’s even better… Kiel, Kiel, Kiel, calculate. Loading, oh I found it, eight jumps. So let’s do it, let’s get there we’re going to hop a couple distances away. Heading on through Ellis, now we’re in Magnus, then we’re going to jump to Stanton, then we’re going to go to Terra and from there to Hadrian and then finally we’re going to jump on through the wormhole and arrive at our destination of Kiel.

So Kiel has six planets, all of them wonderful and interesting as you’re going to find out. The Kiel system was first discovered in 2514, it’s got a white main sequence F-star, right there. Look at it shine, it’s beautiful and it was for most of its history a major military hub during the cold war with the Xi'An and only recently has started to kind of define itself in this post cold war era when we’re starting to develop peace with our Xi'An neighbours.

It was discovered in 2514 as I said by a merchant marine ship that was out delivering fuel in the Hadrian system and the ship’s captain liked to take different routes every time they were making a delivery to keep his crew on their toes as well as kind of make sure that the outlaws couldn’t predict where they were going to go. One day when they were taking one of these new and different routes they picked up something on theirs scans and low and behold it was a jump point to Kiel, and there was only one system that was proved terraforming ready which was Kiel III, Severus.

There was a lot of resources in the system, people rushed in and started to try and take advantage of it and when more jump points were found to Baker and Horus, the system grew even more popular. Things were looking up, that was when in the nearby system of Horus, the one and only Marie Sante discovered a jump to Xi'An space and so if you want to find out more of what happened in the Horus system you can go back to our earlier Loremaker’s that Cherie did, that was absolutely wonderful and she talked all about this. By opening a neighbouring system to Xi'An space, that suddenly changed how the government viewed Kiel.

So, the UPE all of the sudden said, ‘wait, let’s put a brake on all that private sector building’ and they switched over the purpose and made it a major military hub due to its connection to the border systems which would become known as the Perry Line in the 29… sorry 2540s, want to get my dates correct, it’s the least I could do. So, once the Perry Line was in place Kiel served as a major military hub where a lot of the ships were stationed to move out all over the front and Kiel was a major part of Ivor Messer’s expansion of power. There was a lot of kind of anti-alien sentiment going on at the time, we just had our first war with the Tevarins was kicking off, people were very wary of the Xi'Ans who we had a very difficult start with, when we accidentally tried to terraform one of their planets.

So, tensions were already high and Ivor Messer used that to kind of generate and kind of draw to him a lot of the power that he wouldn’t have otherwise and a lot of money got dumped into the Kiel system to expand military bases and military stations and that went on for hundreds of years until the Messers finally fell. When the peace act was eventually signed that ended the cold war between the Xi'An and the UEE. The system kind of lost focus, all the military money dried up and all the forces pulled out of the system because the UEE was kind of trying to present a different picture of itself, less military focused. Kiel was kind of left holding the short straw on that one. So for a long time the system after the cold war ended didn’t quite have a self identity, didn’t have a lot of money coming in, was facing really hard times. A lot of the civilian population that was there left when the military left but in very recent times Kiel has seen kind of a reversal of fortune and has a great uptake and most of that has been focused in on Severus, which we’ll talk about in a little bit.

In the meanwhile let’s start going the planets and taking a look at what we have. We’re going to start with Kiel I which is this little guy over here and this is a rocky meso-planet, it’s uninhabited and it is tidally locked so ignore the fact that it’s rotating in our Starmap, eventually we’ll tidally lock these things. So, it’s heavily heated and pockmarked on one side, very fun. Some mining going on but not much else.

Except we have Kiel II, we’ll zoom in here. So Kiel II is a rocky, terrestrial planet, it is uninhabited and it’s not suitable for terraforming but there is a good amount of resources on the planet. People have tried to get mining rights to those resources but unfortunately the military has said no and has completely restricted access to the surface, and they haven’t given a clear reason why and a lot of people have kind of conspiracy theories going about what might be happening on the planet. Some people think that there’s probably a secret military base there where they could be cloning Messers or maybe that’s where the military actually created the Vanduul in a secret program to drive war. That’s probably not true at all but still.

From there we’re going to head on to the main named planet in the system, Severus which is Kiel III. Now Severus is a rocky planet that’s been terraformed and has a moon known as Aemilia, hello Aemilia. We’ll focus on the planet, main capital is Eri City and the planet is named after a famous admiral who distinguished himself during the second Tevarin war and this was the key military hub for the system and its been covered in a lot of different various military bases and stuff. All those once the military pulled out kind of were unused and in desperate need of repair and things were looking at a really hard time and the person who was able to turn it around for them is a recent governor who was elected in 2903 which is governor Tzur. He’s a descendent of centuries of Tzurs who’ve lived on the planet, his great grandmother served in the army on the planet and decided to stay after she left the service. We give a lot of love and attention and love to the Navy because that’s the focus of Squadron 42 and the Navy flies all the cool, fantastic ships so we talk about various squadrons all the time but the army’s out there doing their part to help defend the empire.

You know, they were kept on high alert for a lot of the time because the UPE and then the UEE didn’t know if they were going to have to invade a Xi'An planet or whether they were going to have to defend a planet that the Xi'An were invading. So the army were going to be a major part of that defense and so there was a lot of drills and training done during that time. So, when governor Tzur came into power, the main thing he did was rather than just trying to draw businesses in in a general sense which a lot of his predecessors had been doing, he very specifically sought out companies and tried to match them with services he offered.

So, one of the first major coups that he did was be able to recruit RSI to come and open up a thruster plant and that was kind of his first big success and from there he took the profits that were coming from that new plant and reinvested it heavily into kind of a beautification program, a major makeover of Eri City of putting in parks and green spaces and opening up nice apartment buildings for rent and giving a lot of kind of tax credits and stuff for investments into the city. It slowly started to work and people came around and with the workers and other factories being drawn here, the major thing that happened as well was Tzur was able to convince the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo who we watched recently just had it is based out of Kiel now. That wasn’t always the case, the Expo used to hop from system to system, floating around the empire but Tzur was able to say, ‘look we have these large, gigantic hangars that would be perfect for you. We’re willing to put in a bunch of credits into upgrading them if you agree to let us house the Expo here on a permanent basis’ and the Expo had just been running into troubles with different various locations not being able to support them and other such things, so they leapt at the chance and Kiel has been the home of the Expo for several years now.

Which has been great and that’s just drawn a ton of people and a ton of fancy hotels have sprouted up and the restaurants here are growing quite into a well known dining scene and going along with that now, these people here they’re also trying to make more arable land to start cultivating their own food and produce on the planet so that’s exciting. So, it’s really on the cusp of blowing up into a really great planet, to go along with that they just earned representation in the senate and there was Tzur’s daughter, Janna Thurville was elected very recently as the first senator for the planet, so that was exciting.

Coming along with the Expo and all this added attention is that there was during the downtimes there was a lot of, you know, criminal elements that sprouted to kind of go along with it and now that there’s an influx of cash finally happening… or credits as it were, the outlaws are striking. Like this has been a problem at recent Expos where you have all these fancy ships flying in and the outlaws are kind of taking advantage of that. So, there is a lot of good opportunities for mercenaries at this time as the Advocacy infrastructure is still being built out.

A few years ago there was… Kiel along with the other border systems were part of Operation Scimitar which was a focused assault by the Advocacy on kind of cleaning up all these systems. Though some people suspect that was less about stopping crime and more showing the Xi'An who were watching at the time that we meant business. As tensions had recently ratcheted back up when the Xi'An had captured a human that was accused of being a spy, so things were very tense and so there was this big push to show the might of our Advocacy in the system.

Going on from Kiel III, we have the Kiel belt. There’s still… even though it’s been mined by the military for awhile, there’s still a good amount of resources to be found there. There are now mining operations really starting to kick in full speed. There’s also a lot of salvage to be had in the area because of how long the military operated here, though they cleaned up a lot of their trash so to speak, the belt was harder to clear up. So military exercises, various accidents and stuff had left some kind of outdated military machinery and ships floating out there. So, some people could make a good go at it for salvage.

Moving on from the belt, we’re going to head to Kiel IV. So, Kiel IV is a gas dwarf, it’s a deep blue planet, has a high amount of methane and it spins very fast. It only takes 16 standard Earth hours to make a complete equatorial rotation so it’s just whizzing along.

Then we also have Kiel V which is another gas planet but this one is a gas giant, there it is. It has huge radius of over 75,000 kilometers as well as planetary rings which are shimmering lovely in the Starmap this time of year.

We go from there to our last planet in the system which is Kiel VI, which is going to be way out there, find it… there you are. So Kiel VI is a protoplanet and just like Kiel IV has a very fast rotation, this one has an equally interesting parameter where Kiel VI takes about 122 years to make one trip around... Kiel around the sun and so it’s a big deal. So, there’s a festival being planned right now for when it reaches perihelion, which is when the orbit of the planet is closest to the sun. So when it reaches that point, there’s going to be a big festival and it will probably take advantage of Severus’s… all its spaces to hold that festival and it will be big economic boom to the system so that’s something to look forward to.

So the system was named by the captain of the merchant marine, he named this system after his good friend back on Mars who refused to ever leave the planet. So he thought by naming this whole star system after his good friend Kiel that he could convince him to finally leave and explore the empire a little bit more. That was not the case, Kiel died on Mars without ever having left so as part of his will he interred his body into a small satellite that travels around Kiel kind of in memory of this system that was named after him that he never got to see when he was alive. So that’s kind of fun.

So that sums it up for Kiel, so a long time major military complex and then the military left and it fell on hard times and now it’s found a complete new rebirth and it’s very exciting. So hopefully you’ll get to check it out for yourself sometime soon. Thank you so much for joining me here today on Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy, hope to see you around soon.


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Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.