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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Kabal System Written Tuesday 15th of November 2016 at 06:00pm by CanadianSyrup

Cherie Heiberg is here with another episode of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy, this time, the Kabal system.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Kabal is completely empty of inhabitants

  • Has an F-type main sequence star at the centre

  • Kabal I is a protoplanet and is rich in minerals

  • Kabal II is a desert planet like Mars and is a good candidate for terraforming as it has a magnetic field that would support an atmosphere

  • Kabal III is uninhabited though and doesn’t show any evidence of having been terraformed

    • Although it may once have been inhabited as surveyors have found Tevarin ruins on the planet and there is no evidence as to what happened to the prior inhabitants

    • One popular theory is during the first Tevarin war all able bodied inhabitants were poured into the war effort and just never returned and the remaining ones just died out

    • Another theory is that the jump point from Elysium to Kabal collapsed and then reformed, though there is no evidence of it      

    • Esperia makers of the Vanduul Glaive somehow got their hands on plans for the Tevarin Prowler and it’s unknown how but they are releasing that ship very soon

  • Kabal Cluster Alpha, very mineral rich asteroid field that has it’s own orbit in the Lagrange point of Kabal III

  • Kabal-Leir jump point    

Full Transcript

Cherie Heiberg: Hello, I’m lead writer Dave Haddock and I’m here with another episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, haha.

Hi there, I’m archivist Cherie Heiberg and I’m here with another edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. For those who have never seen Loremaker’s Guide before… members of the Lore team take it turns to guide you throughout all the systems in the Star Citizen universe and this week, the system in question is called Kabal.

So, let’s just go there real quick. It is ‘Kaball’, is it ‘Kable’, is it ‘Kabal’. The question of pronunciation has not yet been settled because it’s only inhabited by UEE surveyors. It is otherwise totally clean or totally empty of any inhabitants, we prefer the term empty around here. Doesn’t imply anything bad, just doesn’t have any people in it really. UEE surveyors aren’t really people… no, they’re really people I’m just kidding.

So, people have come to blows over the question of pronunciation but most of the surveyors are settling on the pronunciation of ‘Kaball’. Now, let’s get to it. This here is the star in the centre of Kabal, it is an F-type which means basically it’s one step above our sun in the sequencing chart. It’s a main sequence star, F… ours if a G. The F-type stars don’t have as long of a lifespan as ours star, they’re hotter, more luminous, they’re definitely way more massive and consequently they have larger inhabitable zones which you can see right here. The system already has two planets in it.

It would be great if the system had more planets in it other than just three because then we could have an Ellis situation where we got three planets that are just right in the middle of the inhabitable zone and then a fourth one on the outskirts and they’re considering terraforming that one but alas it is a small one and it makes due with what it has by being very mysterious.

It doesn’t have any native life as far as we can tell and as a rule of thumb, when you’re trying to figure out whether a world might have life in it, you’re going to look at the age of the star and look at how long the life cycle of the star is. We think that it takes about two billion years to naturally evolve life on any given planet because it’s about how long it took for our world to develop life. It’s possible… it’s possible there are other forms of life that develop quicker but we just don’t know it because the galaxy and universe at large ar gigantic.

Now that we’ve gone over this glorious star. Let’s move onto Kabal I, which is a protoplanet. We haven’t communicated that it’s sufficiently lumpy as I would like it to be, Kabal I right here like most other protoplanets is not a perfect sphere, sort of like a potato or maybe like a piece of popcorn. Maybe not as dramatic as a piece of popcorn but you get the idea. It’s more massive than an asteroid, it’s less massive than a dwarf planet, it’s something in between, it’s basically like a seed of a larger planet.

Although some protoplanets don’t ever become full blown planets like Ceres which is in our asteroid belt and forever doomed to be a teenage planet. Always stuck, almost going through puberty, almost making it but then in the end just kind of hanging around with the other asteroids and being a teen forever. Maybe hanging out in our parent’s basement, be nice to Ceres and other protoplanets, they need it. As far as we can tell from the initial surveying this little protoplanet here is rich in minerals so could be a good source of income for any miners who are interested in the system once it’s cleared for travel.       

So, let’s move on to Kabal II. This one is of interest because even though it’s a desert planet, kind of like Mars, it is very steadily just right in the middle of the inhabitable zone so if we wanted to terraform it… it would be very easy to do. It’s got a magnetic field that could hold an atmosphere in place, it doesn’t really have any volcanic activity that we’ve seen but that would be easy enough to kickstart with the terraforming technology we’ve got in the game. So, there’s a lot of interest from people, not just regular UEE citizens, there are aliens that are like, ‘oh, what are they going to do with the system’. Ship manufacturers like Esperia are very, very interested in the system and there is an contingent of Tevarin who insist that the Kabal system should be given to them and the reason for that can be discovered if we go this way and end up at Kabal III, the third rock from the sun. Just like out rock.

As you can see Kabal is a naturally inhabitable world. It’s got oceans, it’s got plants, it’s been around for more than 2 billion years, it doesn’t show any evidence of having been terraformed and it’s totally uninhabited. However that does not mean that it was never inhabited, as surveyors got closer to the system they discovered that it is covered with abandoned Tevarin cities. Since there aren’t any records that are still extant from the first and second Tevarin wars as we did destroy their civilization and absorbed the surviving Tevarin into the UEE. We don’t have any idea what happened to the Tevarin who used to live here. There are no signs of struggle on the planet, there’s no blast craters, there’s no like swaths of fire that could have been caused by anything other than natural fire cycles on the planet. It just seems to be… it’s like they answered a phone call and left the door open and then just disappeared forever.

The UEE surveyors have some theories as to what happened to them, one popular theory is that because the system shows evidence of having been abandoned during the first Tevarin war, it could be that all the able bodied inhabitants of Kabal III…I said Kabal, I’m going to get punched by a surveyor… of Kabal III were called back to the planet and so many Tevarin were poured into the war effort they just never returned and eventually the system became abandoned as the old inhabitants died out.

It’s been long enough that it’s possible that people died like in chairs and their bodies rotted away, etc, etc, etc. You know, just for a nice little gruesome picture of what’s going on in Kabal III. I’m going to zoom away for a second. Let’s get back to here, there it is also possible that the jump point from Elysium to Kabal which exists and seems to be steady today, collapsed and then reformed. Since jump points do collapse, it is quite possible that this happened, there’s just no evidence that it happened and people are leaning towards the war theory. There are some Tevarin out there who may know what happened to Kabal but no one is speaking up and no one knows how to find them because of the Tevarin diaspora.   

So, why was it abandoned? What happened? Who knows, we’re hoping to get answers as the UEE continues to survey the system. One more interesting thing about Kabal III, since the ruins are very intact there are all kinds of cool things in there, like religious artifacts like amazing Tevarin architecture and also perfectly preserved Tevarin ships and weapons. Now ship manufacturer, Esperia, makers of the Vanduul Glaive have gotten their hands on plans for the Tevarin Prowler which they will be releasing very soon. No one knows exactly how they got the plans but I imagine there’s a UEE surveyor out there who suddenly has a lot of funds in their account. That may be they should account for and let’s make note of this guy over here, this is the Kabal Cluster Alpha.

It’s a mineral rich asteroid field. Kind of hangs out in it’s own orbit in the Lagrange point of Kabal III, see right there, hello. It’s very steady, it’s kind of like the Trojan asteroid fields in our solar system. Kind of hangs out in the Lagrangian point’s steady gravity well, so it shows no evidence of having been mined thoroughly. If the Tevarin did mine it while they were here they didn’t take too much from it, so this could be a very good prospect for people who are interested in mining once the UEE lifts the travel ban on the system.

Now let’s zoom out here real quick and let’s find the Kabal-Leir jump point, you see it right there. You may be familiar with Leir from our Citizen Con demo, it has the planet with the sandworm on it. It jumped out and scared the player character and probably ate a few nomads while it was going at it. It’s also the home of a political group called the Outsiders which you may have heard about in the previous episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy from my comrade, Adam Weiser.

So, that’s it for slightly unsettling, spooky Kabal. Home of the plans for the Prowler which will be released by Esperia very soon. Hopefully we will be able to travel to this system soon and solve the mystery of why the Tevarin abandoned a planet that honestly looks like it’s a very good candidate for habitation. Thank you so much as always for supporting us, I’d like to extend a special thanks to our subscribers who make all our programs possible and every citizen who has ever played any part of our game and continues to support us in this endeavour. Thanks again for everything and I’ll see you next time.               


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