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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Corel System Written Wednesday 22nd of March 2017 at 12:00pm by StormyWinters

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Humans arrived in 2449 which was on the heels of first contact with the Banu in 2438

  • Corel was not actually found through discovery but because a human made a deal with a Banu for some Starmaps and this information was gleaned from those

  • None of the planets were naturally habitable

  • Six planets in the Corel system with a G4 main sequence sun

  • Known for being the main trade lane between humans and the Banu as Corel has a trade route to Geddon which is a Banu system

  • UNE established a checkpoint early on more to monitor what the Banu were bringing out more what the humans were sending in to Banu space, there was some early issues with slave traders that the UNE had to clamped down on

  • Corel I is an iron planet that used to be rocky but had it’s surface blasted away by collisions, etc til only the core remained

  • Corel II has no core, magnetic field or atmosphere

    • Still a good amount of mineral deposits remain but the mining rights have been in legal disputes for years

  • Corel III(Lo) is a terrestrial, rocky planet and was terraformed early on

    • Most people living here work for the trade industry

    • Biggest city is New Junction and it was built after the original city Junction burned down

    • Tons of cargo gets processed through New Junction which has led to an interesting mix of Banu/human culture in terms of food, entertainment, etc

    • Quite a bit of crime on the outskirts of the planet with so many ships moving through

  • Corel IV(Castor) is a frozen desert planet that was terraformed during the Messer era

    • People question why it was terraformed as it’s still uninhabitable and on the edge of the green zone

    • Theories are wide ranging such as the Messers wanted to invade Banu space and this was going to be their launching point

    • Still military installations on the planet from those days

    • Everyone else there is there for mining or harvesting ice, some very rare minerals can be found here but are very hard to get

  • Corel V is a standard gas giant that has some gas harvesting

  • Corel VI is very distant with a very weird orbit to it, not much goes on here other than it’s a bit of smugglers paradise

  • Two large companies originated in Corel: Big Benny’s and Stor-All

Full Transcript

Will Weissbaum: Hello and welcome to another edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m your host for this week, Senior Editor Will Weissbaum. For those of you joining us for the first time, Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy is where us the Loremakers give you an inside look into all the many wonderful systems that are in Star Citizen. Talking about planets that you can find, talk about the lore and history, bring them all together for fun and entertainment.      

Let’s head over now to the Starmap which is one of Star Citizen’s best features where you get to explore the entire empire of the UEE and beyond. Now we’re looking at Earth and from there we’re heading today to the system of Corel. Where we explore some of the unique traits of our empire mingling with the Banu. So, let’s head there now using our handy dandy… oh, let’s do route, I always want to do a route from Earth to Corel… Corel, let’s say I have a large ship cause I’m a trader and if I’m heading to Corel, I’m going to want to sell some stuff you know.  

Calculate… oh seven stops, that seems good. It’s a lot more flying, 193au so I’m going to need fuel on that end but I think the lack of jumps is really saving money in the long run, so let’s do that. Just zoomed into the sun… there. Going to head to Davien, hop on through into Killian to Ellis, then to Nexus, Hades… we’re getting closer, Nemo. Oh this is exciting, and then we’re going to jump through the Nemo-Corel jump… and there we are.

Welcome to Corel, so this is a system that is as fun to say as it is to yell. Humans first arrived here in 2449 and this was on the heels of our first contact with the Banu. Which happened in 2438 when a human accidentally bumped into a Banu floating out in Davien and from there after we had our first treaty in place, there was a big push for human expansion and discovery. Now that we knew that there was another species out there, it was all that more motivation to get out there and discover things. What’s interesting about Corel is that it was actually found not through discovery per se but because a human made a deal with a Banu trader for some Starmaps and this was one the interesting pieces of information he gleaned from it.

So, humanity rushed in to Corel and while there was Banu presence here, it wasn’t that heavy and they were mostly using the system for transit and there was a few guilds set up here doing stuff but it was relatively untouched. None of the planets were naturally habitable and the Banu hadn’t terraformed them yet so the humans arrived and sort of claimed it for themselves. There was a little bit of tentativeness when we first got in there like would the Banu be cool with this but the Banu were basically like, ‘can we still trade here?’. Humans were like, ‘yeah’, and the Banu were cool like they sold us the streamers that we used at the ceremony when we claimed it, a lot of fun.

So, there are six planets in Corel, you see all of them when I zoom out. You have a fun little woggly one of Corel VI, we’ll get to that in a second. The sun is a G4 main sequence and the system is really known for being the main trade lane between the UEE and the Banu systems because if you head out from here you can see that it’s connected. Oh, I’m on the wrong page.. display, there we go, we can check out here all the fancy trade routes and you see Corel is hooked into Geddon which is a Banu system and from there and goes back out.

So, all this trade comes barging into the system and because of that very early on the UNE established kind of a checkpoint here, back in the early days and because… while it wasn’t as much a concern what the humans were sending into Banu space, there was much more concern of what the Banu were sending our way. There was a bit of an issue early on with slave trade coming in through Corel and the UNE quickly tried to put a stop to that. The Banu have different feelings towards slavery, they view it as indentured servitude, you know, cause you can always buy your way out. Humans were still a little uncomfortable at the time and it remains so to this day.

Now when the humans started settling here en masse, one of the things that came along with it were Banus who were looking specifically to learn how to trade better with humans. So like Banu trade guilds who specialize in human trade, so they started getting an idea what were the products from Banu space that humans were interested in buying and some of the very earliest Banu ships to ever be retrofitted for human use came out of Corel.

The main attraction point, the main thing that people come to visit is Corel III also known as Lo. It is a terrestrial rocky planet that was terraformed early on and it has UEE representation nowadays and the people who live here are mostly people who serve the trade industry. That’s both humans and the Banu so you got tons of Banu trade guilds or “Souli” is their term for it and they surround in these kinda large frontier type settlements that can change and vary in size pretty drastically from just a few people all the way up to the biggest city which is New Junction.  

New Junction was formed after the old city which was originally called Junction burned down and they rebuilt and we got New Junction out of it. It’s got places for repairing your ship, it's got a ton of storage warehouses, it's got TDDs, it's got tradepoints and it’s got a ton of custom houses. There are large lines everyday as the UEE processes tons and tons of cargo moving through the system and its kinda notorious for sometimes having to wait and fill out the paperwork and a lot of ships have to get scanned just to make sure everything’s kosher coming in.      

Around that a lot of entertainment stuff has sprung up to entertain people as they’re waiting in New Junction to get their stuff processed, as well as maybe they’ve been on a long haul and it’s their first time back in human space after a long time in Banu space. So there’s this kind of interesting mix of Banu/human entertainment that’s sprung up here, places to drink and watch a show and spend a comfortable night, as well as, you know, with like it’s one of the warmer spots on the planet so that sweltering heat and like dust can get to you. So having a nice long cool drink is something that you hunt down quite eagerly.

So, the UEE has tried to stop smuggling into the empire and have a pretty big presence here but their kinda focused… so you still have a lot of crime happening here in the outskirts of the planet and with this many ships coming things go awry. It seems sometimes that the UEE have focused more on the economic issues than really the crime issues in the area, so you have to kinda keep your wits about you when you go here.

From there we can move on to the next biggest settlement which is Corel IV, there you are, Castor. So zoom in here, now Castor is a desert planet, frozen desert planet and it was terraformed. It was terraformed during the Messer era and it was kinda questionable why they would go through the… terraform this planet even when they spent billions of credits when it was all said and done. It was kinda still uninhabitable for all intents and purposes. The ice was never melted, it’s on the very edge of the green zone.

So there was some people that were theorizing that maybe the Messers had ideas of possibly invading Banu space and this was going to be their launching point or maybe they were worried about Banu reprising if a Xi'An cold war kicked off, who knows. There are military installations still on the planet from those days, not much is known about what happens in those. Pretty much everyone else is there for mining purposes or for harvesting ice. There are some very rare minerals that are hard to get at because of the tough looking situations there but people struggle for years in order just to get one load and that can be enough to justify the 10 years you spent slogging away in a frozen wasteland. So, it’s kinda a very hard weary people who live on Castor.

From there let’s go back and look at the other planets that we skipped over earlier, we have the innermost planet which is Corel I. Corel is an iron planet, it started off as kind of a rocky world very close to the sun. Over a bunch of collisions and other things happened blasted away it’s surface til just the iron core remained, and that kind of solidified as it was exposed. So now you have this very interesting, smooth iron landscape which some people used to get iron but there’s cheaper sources of iron available.

From there we can go to Corel II, which is kinda funnily enough the opposite to Corel I. Corel I is all core, Corel II has no core. Trying to think of a follicle joke there but didn’t happen. Live studio audience… so Corel II has no core and has no magnetic field as well without a core, so it’s atmosphere has been blasted away. The surface has still a good amount of mineral deposits remaining and that’s mostly because there’s been years and year and years of legal disputes over who has the correct mining rights to the planet.

Back in the UNE days, people were making claims, there was also Banu… outstanding Banu claims that have gone and come back. Kinda interesting things as the Banu have traded the rights it’s gotten more complicated as generations have come and gone since there’s no usually continual line with the Banu. Then you also have the complication of when the Messers swept into the system and they tried to take back and then when the Messers dissolved, there was an argument that the rights should revert to the original owners and blah, blah, blah. So, huge complication so people are expecting that hopefully it might revert back to the government for a new resale in a year and results are still pending on that.           

Corel V which is located all the way out here is pretty much your standard gas giant. Massive red planet that has some gas harvesting and we have also Corel VI which has this funky, odd orbit… look at that. Totally off the wall, it’s so distant and stuff that pretty much it has very little contact other than somewhat of a reputation for being a bit of a smugglers paradise who operate out of the trade lanes and come up here to store their goods and take advantage of all the trade.

Now a couple other points as we come to the end of Corel system. Not only is it known for its trade, it’s been the starting point for a couple big businesses in the empire, probably the most well known is Big Benny’s got it’s start actually, way back in the days before it was bought up by Terra Mills. It started off on Lo, Benicio Lewis Jr had a transfer station out here and his dad used to always cook these kacho which is kinda like ramen like noodle and everyone would come there to eat and it was really filling and satisfying meal for not a lot. Kinda took off from there and became really popular in the system and that’s where Terra Mills noticed it, bought it up and turned it into the huge franchise it is today. Big Benny itself was named after Benicio Sr, Benicio Lewis Jr’s father so that’s who Big Benny was. You know and they have flavours like the original classic, coconut curry, whole bunch of other delicious stuff to taste.  

The other company that came out of Corel was Stor-All which is one of the big cargo container companies. It started in 2745 as Corel Limited Liability Corporation and you know before that it was known as TransGo and it has a whole bunch of different names before that but basically it just became the defacto manufacturer of Stor-All containers and kind got it standardized here because so much trade was going through here and the need to standardize across all the ships just for convenience.

So, that’s it. So Corel long story short, a lot of trade, a lot of customs, a lot of noodles, some good times to be had. Hope you get to check it out when you’re in the ‘Verse and until next time, this has been Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, thank you so much for joining us and thank you to the subscribers for making shows like this possible. Have a great one, everyone.


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Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.