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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Charon system Written Wednesday 5th of July 2017 at 12:00am by StormyWinters

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Five planets and an asteroid belt with a K-type main sequence star   

  • Discovered through Helios in 2538 by a merchant marine by the name of Max Keaton And was only accessible through one small jump point for quite awhile until the discovery of Tyrol and Genesis systems

  • Charon I is a dwarf planet that’s been knocked out of it’s orbit and is in a decaying orbit and being pulled into the star of Charon

  • Charon II is a smog planet with a greenhouse gas effect like Venus

  • Charon III is a terrestrial rocky planet

    • The UEE terraformed this planet in hopes of attracting industry but the soil was not fertile enough for farmers and manufacturing companies found it difficult to get to

    • Livia Messer III built a massive prison on Charon III

    • Corsen Messer subsequently turned them into prison camps for the Messers for the rest of their reign

    • It was believed Corsen Messer did a deal with one of the leaders of Dellin To get senate recognition in exchanges for the prisons and all the things that went on there

    • After the way the government had treated them and what the Messers did on their planet, population of Charon III decided to renounce their recognition from the UEE in 2795

    • To set an example the UEE pulled its government funding which put Dellin in a critical state as their support evaporated

    • After government funding dried up Dellin appealed to their rival state Acheron for support and aid, this ended up in a civil war breaking out in about 2811

    • There are sometimes long periods of peace between them before civil war breaks out again

  • Charon IV is an ice giant and the blue of the planet is what inspired the name of the system

  • Charon V is a dwarf planet, completely dead world

  • Gedinasho asteroid belt

Full Transcript

Adam Wieser: Hi and welcome to another episode of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. My name’s Adam Wieser, I’m Associate Writer here in the Los Angeles studio and if you haven’t seen an episode of this before, it’s a chance for a member of the lore team to sit down and give you a personal tour of one of the system that you’ll be seeing in Star Citizen or possibly Squadron 42. So today we’re going to start off on a very… we’re going to go visit a very unique system that is unlike any other one in the UEE. Just for the simple fact that it is the only system to have rejected their official recognition in the UEE senate.

Now I’ll explain why that’s super important later on but first let’s go and visit that system which is Charon. So if we look at the Starmap here, we’re here on Earth, I’m just going to bring up the search menu here… drop in Charon and off we go. Now Charon is always been considered frontier system to a certain degree which I’ll get into in a little bit.

On a very basic level it’s five planets and an asteroid belt and at the centre here is a K-type main sequence star, we’ll go in close and you can see some of the details on the Starmap up there. Now as you can just from looking at when we zoom in on the system here, it looks pretty small. Like some systems when you jump in the sun will be that… it’ll be massive. This is small to reflect the actual size of the sun, this K-type main sequence star is pale orange and yellow and it has a luminosity of 0.35. So it’s about a third as bright as our sun and its mass is about 0.74 so it’s 75% as massive as the sun at the centre of the Sol system. So that’s just a little info on the sun itself.

Now the reason why this system became so special and ended up leaving the UEE... senate at least, is location, location, location. Now if I back this up here for a quick second and you remember I was saying this was on the frontier. The Charon system was discovered through Helios right here and this was in 2538, there was a merchant marine at the time in Helios by the name of Max Keaton who was on his very first run and Helios has these terrible kind of solar winds that can mess with electronics. His ship got knocked out because one of these solar winds and he was so nervous for being late for his first shipment that continued on course while he did a quick diagnostic of his ship’s systems.

When everything was back online, he checked them out and realized he was way off course but he also noticed some strange other anomalies in the area that he was currently going through. So he put a little pin in that, went and completed his run, came back and what he found was this medium sized jump point to the Charon system. Now part of the reason why this system stayed in isolation for so long was because this was the only way you could get to it.

It wasn’t… you’ll see here if I turn on the large jump points, you see it connects to Tyrol and the Genesis system. Now the Genesis system wasn’t discovered until 2812 and the Tyrol system wasn’t discovered until 2823 so with this being discovered in 2538, there were a few centuries where Charon could literally only get accessed by this one jump point. Now I’ll turn these on really quick just to show you that Charon also has one jump point to Kins, a small one, which is a Banu system and they also didn’t find out about til later.

This isolation and the restricted access of this system through this one jump point really had a big effect on the system’s history. Now the second location that’s very important here is the planet Charon III, which we’ll go in right here. This is a terrestrial rocky planet which is the only reason the UEE even decided to take this system. They terraformed it figuring that people would want to move in, maybe start industry but the soil wasn’t very fertile. So it didn’t attract a lot of farmers, manufacturing companies that wanted to maybe build something were put off by… the land there was cheap to buy but getting there just took a lot of time and getting to the medium jump point was just a huge pain in the butt.

So this planet ended up basically attracting people who wanted to live on the frontier, people who wanted to be independent and kind of have their own homestead and kind of not be close or bothered by anyone. Now the result of this is the second location problem that happens here in Charon and that is that in 2635, Livia Messer III decided to reform the UEE basically justice system and when she did this, one of the things she decided to do was build a massive prison on… in the country of Dellin here on Charon III.    

Now this was just the start, it was a way to kind of get some economic spending in there and get the region going which it worked. Then it got increased drastically when her brother Corsen Messer V came to power shortly thereafter, Livia Messer had good intentions but was maybe a little aggressive in her reformation of the judicial system. She ended up in a spacecraft that crashed upon re-entry entering Earth, her husband was killed, her son was killed and she was horribly, horribly injured so she renounced the title of Imperator. She gave the title honorarily to her son who died in the crash and then disappeared from public life, and Corsen stepped forward. Some suggesting that he might have been the root cause of the crash in the first place.

Now Corsen doubled down on the prison system in Charon and basically turned them into the prison camps for the Messers for the rest of their reign. Now this was something that happened in Charon and people started to find out about and hear about. The people in Dellin were benefiting from all this government money coming in but some of the countries were hearing about these horrible, horrible things happening there. Yet whenever somebody tried to question it or look into exactly what was happening, they disappeared. Most likely ending up in a lot of these prisons that were built there in the first place.

Now this went pretty deep because in 2670, the senate… the UEE recognized Charon III as an official planet in the senate and when you get this you get a senator, it just greases the wheels for more political capital and government spending to come back to your system which is why a planet wants to achieve that status of being recognized by the UEE senate. Now many believed that Corsen Messer basically did a handshake deal with one of the leaders of Dellin to get senate recognition in exchange for all these prisons and all these terrible things he was putting there. This was kind of proven out as over the next 100 years these prisons and their reputation only grew and when the Messers fell in 2792, the first thing people did was go into these prisons and document all the atrocities that had gone on there.

Now this entire time while the Messers were in charge, Charon III was a member of the UEE senate, had voting rights, kept the money coming on in but at the time of the Messer fall, senator Constance Winterfield from Charon was arrested for fraud and basically locked away. Charon III was assigned to send a new senator to basically represent itself but vicious political infighting on the planet ended up delaying that for the three years until the end of her term was done. When it was done the population of Charon III have felt betrayed by what the Messers had done on their planet and what kind of bad light they put it in, decided they didn’t need the senate. If this was how the government was going to treat them they don’t want to be recognized anymore and so they in 2795 became the first and only planet in UEE history to renounced their recognition from the UEE senate.

Now of course the big fiasco and with the Xi'An kinda growing stronger on their border, the UEE didn’t want to look weak so what they ended up doing was setting an example of this system. All the government funding to Charon III dried up, all of the sudden all those… even though they were horrible prisons, people were being put to work there. They were building stuff, food was being supplied, that’s all gone. All of the sudden the state of Dellin is in a critical state because it’s number one economic driver has evaporated.

Now the final location that really factors into this is where Dellin is on Charon III and where its rival state Acheron is on Charon III. Dellin is a massive desert country, Acheron which is a neighbour and kind of like political rival for power is half desert and half tropical. So after the UEE money left the system Dellin fell into a very hard state and ended up suffering from a handful of basically famines, they had a tough time getting food in there. They appealed to the people of Acheron to come along and to basically support them and help them, Acheron also being part desert was… well, they also were suffering but they were slightly better off. So from Dellin they looked better but they still weren’t in any great state, refugees were flooding over the Dellin border and in Acheron things just got crazy and a civil war broke out between these two states on Charon III. This happened in like 2811, it was one of the first drought really struck and civil war broke out. The civil war broke out from 2813-2819 before a ceasefire was negotiated which to be honest is kind have been on and off ever since.

There’s been times in its history where they’ll have a few decades where they’ll be peaceful and good together and the something will pop off between the two and they’ll start to attack each other or old grievances will be raised and they’re back to civil war. One example of this is in 2934 there was a relative time of prosperity on the planet and peace between Dellin and Acheron, when a massive earthquake really devastated parts of Acheron. Dellin at this point was able to step forward and actually provide some aid to the planet… to Acheron and they ended up building this masterful Phiyi tower which is considered a kind of like perfect example of super modern architecture. It’s an architectural landmark in the entire UEE, but Dellin seeing this wondered how they can build such a massive, beautiful thing when they needed our help after this massive earthquake.

So again tempers flared up and they started to fight again. Most recently… the most recent civil war which is still ongoing started in 2944 when Tarquin Klast became the leader of Dellin and Acheron accused him of being a tyrant, of intimidating voters, of rigging the vote and basically intervened came on in. The two sides started to fight again and they’re still fighting to this day so people can deliver humanitarian supplies and different things to Charon III, they desperately, desperately need it but there’s also a good chance if you do enter this atmosphere you may be shot at by either one of these forces. So it’s one of these places you want to be very strategic about when you go and visit.

The UEE Navy is… does have a presence in the system, basically just as a watcher. Like the UEE rules and regulations state that we can’t intervene unless there gross misconduct and fighting between two countries at least at this point hasn’t been considered that. Many in the UEE are wondering what’s the line for when we need to intervene and keep these two countries from consistently tearing each other apart. Now Charon III is really… this is the heart of the Charon story and why it is what it is. Let’s step back out and talk about the other few planets in the system really quick.

Charon I is a dwarf planet that just by sheer terrible luck got struck by a rogue planet or a massive asteroid and it knocked it out of it’s original orbit. So this is actually in a decaying orbit which is slowly being pulled into the star of Charon. At the same time the waves from the energy from the sun is blasting off the surface and everything that’s here. So as you fly by Charon I it’s almost going to look like a comet because the heat and the intensity of the sun is actually subliming a lot of the gases and the rocks and everything that’s there on the planet right now. It’s self destructing which is very descriptive for what’s happening in the system in general.

Now if we move on here to Charon II, this is a gas planet, excuse me a smog planet. Very much like Venus and the fact that it has a runaway greenhouse gas effect where particulates in the air are trapping in the heat, sun’s coming in and not being able to leave, temperature is obscenely hot and not suited for humanity whatsoever.

Charon III we’ve discussed, we’ve got the Gedenchu…. Gedinasho excuse me, asteroid belt right here which is named in honour of a popular 25th century vid character. If we move on past the green line out here, we get to Charon IV, which is an ice giant. Now this is beautiful blue world and this actually inspired the name of the system, Charon. Max Keaton the merchant marine who had discovered the system had a grandfather who was a classics professor at Rhetor And he had told them all about ancient Earth history and ancient Earth lore and one of the characters that always stuck with him was this character from greek mythology by the name of Charon. Charon was basically the ferryman of the dead, when you died you got into his boat and he took you across the river Styx to the dead world on the other side.

So the blue here is what inspired him of the river and made Max Keaton think of Charon and wanted to answer that and Charon V is the dead world he was referencing to. So as sailors go by Charon IV… they would see Charon V out here which is a dwarf planet, it’s a completely dead world. Every few decades some mining concern figures it might be another scan to see if there’s anything hidden there that hasn’t been noticed before. Nothing’s ever been found and so this dead world just sits on the outer reaches of Charon, waiting to see what happens around it.

So, that’s the story of Charon. Very interesting system because for a geopolitical sense in the game it would be a very dangerous system to go especially around Charon III, with civil war still raging on. So hope you learned a few things about this interesting star system and yeah, make sure to check out the Starmap. It’s a fantastic feature, has a lot of really cool things on there that can teach you a lot of these little tidbits that we’re setting out here. Thanks for watching and yeah, join us again for another episode of Loremaker’s coming up soon. Take care, bye.


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Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.