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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Bremen System Written Monday 5th of December 2016 at 01:19pm by CanadianSyrup, StormyWinters and

Will Weissbaum takes us through the Bremen System in this episode of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy. 

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Has a K3 main sequence dwarf star and four worlds in the system

  • First visited back in 2441 by legendary explorer Bao Yun, after doing a scan of the system ended up selling it to the United Nations of Earth for money as credits were not in use yet

  • The UNE decided Bremen II(Rytif) was an ideal candidate for terraforming

  • The system came into it’s own during the Second Tevarin War where the UEE poured credits into the agriculture industry, as Rytif was already agriculture based, to feed their massive military

  • Many individual farmers ended up consolidated as a result of this, to give them the luxury of negotiating as a group for a united rate, and they became known as Bremen Mills which eventually turned into Terra Mills  

  • The system ended up have an economic crash after the war due to the fact they had invested so heavily in agriculture

  • During this time the main Bremen Mills centre blew up, known as the Stalford disaster, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people

  • Another company known as Terra-Agri purchased Bremen Mills which became Terra Mills, this company supplies products for items like Big Benny’s noodles to this day

  • Bremen also became the heart of an Anti-Messer movement, Bremen’s part in the resistance is one of the reasons they have representation in the Senate

  • Bremen I is a small dead rock that is devoid of resources as it was quickly mined out

    • There’s an old belief if you tip your wings towards Bremen I when it’s in visual range, it gives you good luck for a long hauling run

  • Bremen II(Rytif) is a terrestrial rocky planet that was terraformed fairly early after it’s discovery

    • Home to Terra Mills as well as ship manufacturer Consolidated Outlands

    • The man who started Consolidated Outlands, Silas Koerner, chose Rytif because he himself grew up there and has long ancestry dating back generations in the system  

    • There’s a rumour that Rytif contains a valuable ore deposit, which conspiracy theorists say is a reason the UEE gave Bremen representation instead of the role they played in history

    • Main landing zone is Stalford

    • Also has a booming tourist industry, which such attractions like some of the historical sites and Trickies that produces home brew from the various grains available

  • Bremen III is a terrestrial coreless planet which is devoid of resources due to being mined out a long time ago and isn’t a candidate for terraforming

  • There’s an asteroid nearby known as the ‘Bloody Smile’ due to the fact it used to have a large vein of red hued aluminum ore running through it before it was mined out

  • Bremen IV is an ice giant considered the guardian planet as it protects the inner planets from comets and other bodies flying by the system by attracting them before they get past it’s orbit, scientists are looking into this theory

    • It’s considered high risk to harvest gas here so it hasn’t been developed fully  

Full Transcript

Will Weissbaum (WW):

Hi! Welcome to Loremaker’s guide to the galaxy, I’m your host senior writer William Weissbaum and for those of you joining us for the first time today, Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy gives you an inside look to the many star systems that make up the world of Star Citizen and we take a look at the lore and fiction that creates these worlds and brings them to life. On today’s episode we will be going to Bremen. So come with me now.

Type in a search here. Wow, this is so handy! Bremen, spelled like “Bremen”. We’re gonna take a trip to the system. Travel over there now. Here we are, zoomed in, close up on this star of Bremen. It’s a beautiful K-3 main sequence dwarf star, it’s a pale yellow-orange. The system overall is 6.19 astronomical units across. There is four worlds in this system. One of those worlds, Rytif, Bremen II, is UEE represented. They have a senator who reports to the senate all the way back on Earth, which is where I am.

Bremen was first visited back in 2441 by the legendary explorer Bao Yun, who was a professional explorer type. He made his living discovering things and selling them. He was very much in discovery for the profit involved there-of-in. He was an Edison type where he had a bunch of other explorers that he would hire to find stuff and take credit for them in his own time. When he found Bremen, he did the whole scan and found that it wasn’t particularly valuable, so he ended up selling it to the United Nations of Earth for money. Notice I say money and not credits because credits were not in use at the time. Credits being the official currency of the United Empires of Earth.

When he sold it off, the UNE took over and decided that Bremen II was an ideal candidate for terraforming so they terraformed the world and settlers slowly began to move in. But it wasn’t a huge rush, there was a lot of expansion going on at the time and overall Bremen wasn’t that exciting of an option. It was considered safe by many, it wasn’t on the frontier, it wasn’t full of a lot of resources, it didn’t have anything that jazzy about it, so its development was a little bit slower than some of the other systems at the time, but for people looking to emigrate away from Sol it was a nice safe solid choice, so the system did grow and develop.

Where it really came into its own as a system was during the Tevarin war, the second one, where the UEE was looking to feed their massive military during this war and they weren’t getting enough supplies from their core worlds who were all really focused at the time on more industrial things like ship building and weapon manufacture. The turn to Bremen gave a lot of credits into establishing the agricultural infrastructure there. Rytif, which was already an agricultural world, had a major boom as all this outside money came in there to really build up their infrastructure and farms took over. Within a matter of months, Bremen was producing more food than anywhere else in the UEE and feeding all those soldiers off the output of grain they were producing.

That went on for a while and one of the biggest things to come out of that time was a conglomerate so a lot of the farmers couldn’t have the investment to take advantage of the money the UEE was giving out for their farms so they sought to consolidate and one such consolidation was Bremen Mills which took a bunch of independent farmers and united them so that they could do a group negotiation of selling off their crops at a united rate and all sorts of other benefits. Bremen Mills over time would eventually transform into what many of you may know as Terra Mills which the is the company behind none other than Big Benny’s!

What ended up happening was Bremen Mills, the rest of Bremen faced some hard times when way after the war there was a big falling out in the grain market. The market was oversaturated, there was new sources coming in, and because Bremen had so heavily invested everything they had into agriculture, when the market fell out, the whole system had an economic crash and it couldn’t support itself. It had hard times, there was a major disaster on top of it where the main Bremen Mills center blew up. It was known as the great Stalford disaster. Hundreds of people died, it was a huge tragedy for the system, but to put a silver lining onto that dark stormy cloud, this other company, Terra-Agri came in and was able to purchase Bremen mills and form this new company Terra Mills which still survives today and makes cereals, ships, and, of course, fast food noodles such as Big Benny’s Khao Soi to go, which is delicious. That’s one of the main things that Bremen is known for.

One of the other big things that came out of this system was while there were slowly rebuilding back up from this great grain crash, the system was kind of unremarkable and that had a lot of appeal to Anti-Messer activists who had been shunned away and forced to move into Xi’An space to protect themselves, they were slowly smuggled back into Bremen where it became the heart of the Anti-Messer movement. They used the systems unworthiness too from the rebellion and really drove a lot of the Anti-Messer activity that would become his downfall, their downfall in the long run.

So that only came out very recently with the Historical Truth Act which released all these documents into the wild from that dark time in UEE’s history, and a lot of that, seeing Bremen's part in the resistance was a big part of the reason why they got the representation in the senate so that was exciting for them.

So let’s go now that we kind of have an overview of the system as a whole.

Let’s zoom into visit Bremen I. There we go.

So Bremen I is basically a small dead rock. It had very little to go on resource wise and was quickly mined out, but what’s kind of noteworthy about it is that there’s this old belief that it’s goodluck as you’re leaving the system to tip your wings toward Bremen I, which when it’s in visual range and that gives you good luck on a long hauling run as you’re hauling grain out of the system.

So from there we’re gonna zoom back out. We can see one of Bremen’s Jump Points to Kallis over there. We’re going to visit the kind of heart of the system, Rytif or Bremen II. So look at there.

Now Bremen II is a terrestrial rocky planet and it was terraformed pretty early on after its discovery and we talked about how Terra Mills is a big corporation on the world, but another one that’s recently popped up is ship manufacturer Consolidated Outlands is based out of Bremen and a big part that’s because of Silas Koerner, the trillionaire that started Consolidated Outlands and personally helped design the Mustang.

The reason why he chose the world is that he himself grew up on Rytif and he has a long ancestry dating back to his great, great, great, great, whatever, grandfather who was kind of the de facto mayor doing the Second Tevarin War where the planet had this big boom and his grandfather, well distant relative was able to get in on the ground floor on that boom and made a ton of money. So Silas started off rich and one of his early passions was ships, and so he started collecting ships from the age of 22 and today he’s got his own personal ship museum where he has a originally RSI Zeus which is very rare these days as well as a Drake Lobster prototype ship. The Lobster never went into full production and Silas is one of the few people who owns a copy,

From this early love of ships he eventually transformed it into trying to make a ship that he would be happy with and it’s a real ship for the people too, it’s the best you can do and he’s put a lot of love and heart into that design and the Mustang sold very well so people are interested in seeing what Consolidated Outlands is going to do next.

The other thing of note on Rytif is that there’s been this rumor floating around that a valuable ore deposit has been found somewhere on the world and that’s kind of led to a couple interesting things. Some people, conspiracy theorists suspect that the real reason why the UEE offered up representation at this point was to get their hands on that ore, instead of their role in history as they publicly claimed and it's seen a lot of treasure hunters searching the system and the local police authority have been a little overwhelmed so they’ve been hiring on extra help to deal with all those miners who’ve been scouring the world for this so call, “rumored deposit”, it’s lurking somewhere there.

The main landing zone Stalford is kind of a more, rustic town and it has that small quiet town feel. Its hung onto that even through all its ups and down throughout the years. Locals considered themselves quiet and polite and generally keep to themselves.

In addition to Consolidated Outlands and the Terra Mills, there’s a little bit of booming tourism as people come there now to shop for ships and to experience some of the historical sites that have been built up. Like there’s now monuments some of the Anti-Messer activity that went there and so there’s also a fun bar named Trickies that produces some home brew made from all the various grains that they produce on planets so that’s a fun place to visit.

So that brings us to Rytif. So we’ll zoom out now and head to the next world which is Bremen III.

Bremen III is a terrestrial coreless planet. It’s not hollow, but it has no free spinning core like Earth does. It’s located outside of the systems greenband. Let’s see, right on the edge there, and so it’s not a candidate for terraforming and also it’s going to stay the way it is, and it had a reasonable amount of resources upon discovery, but most of those have been mined out. There’s some harder to reach stuff in there so if you can figure it out, it might be worth your time.

Nearby is a well known asteroid that’s known as the “Bloody Smile” which used to have a large vein of red hued aluminum ore that kind of gave it its name, but that’s all been mined out since, but you can still see it floating in the area.

From there we move to the most distant planet in the system which is Bremen IV which is an ice giant, and it’s considered by some that it might be a guardian planet which means it helps protect the inner worlds from comets and other distant bodies that might be flying to the system by attracting them before they can get past its orbit. Scientists are still looking into that theory.

It’s got a particularly beautiful landscape, swirling mass of hydrogen and other gases interspersed with its icefields. It’s relatively dangerous to harvest the gas that’s here so it hasn’t been developed that fully as it’s considered a high risk investment.

So there you have it, an overview of Bremen with its massive farming fields and growing cereals like Dappers from Terra Mills as well as its ship manufacturer: The Consolidated Outlands so there’s some fun to go and check out when you get the chance.

I look forward to seeing you more in the Verse! Next time on Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, thank you so much.


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