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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Banshee System Written Wednesday 11th of January 2017 at 12:00pm by StormyWinters

Adam Wieser is back and taking us through the Banshee system! 

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)


  • Banshee is the only star system currently that has a pulsar in the centre with jump points connecting to it    

  • Banshee is at the centre of four planets: Leir, Garron, Tamsa and Fora

  • Banshee was initially discovered from the Fora system in 2317

  • Adaliz Dayan of the Immram Association, a group of terraformers and explorers in the Fora system, found the initial jump into the Banshee system. She sent coordinates back to the other member of the association who rushed out to see what was there but she was nowhere to be found

    • The Immram Association called in the government who scanned the coordinates to discover the jump point, they went in to find there was a pulsar at the centre of the system

    • Adaliz Dayan was nowhere to be found and most suspect she succumbed to radiation. The system was named Banshee in her honour after the nickname she used in the Sataball arena

  • The government decided to keep the existence of Banshee quiet as there were a lot of dangers in the system

  • In the 26th century after having hid this for 2-3 centuries and after overpopulation of Earth there was a court case called Minto vs UPE that in the end lead to a decision that humanity’s government could not hide jump points into systems from the general population and to hold the government accountable for their discoveries

  • The system initially only had a very small habitable zone but this was changed with advancements in technology

    • Researchers during the first Tevarin war tried to develop a system to weaponize solar electromagnetic radiation which didn’t work but they managed to develop structures that could capture this electromagnetic radiation and turn it into energy.These structures are very prominent on Lorona.  

    • Once this technology was developed and put into use, corporations started coming to the system and use this technology to get some of the resources, this is how human habitation started in this system

  • Banshee I is closest to the pulsar, rocky dwarf planet, it has small pockets of minerals but these are hard to get due to it’s location so close to the pulsar

  • Banshee II, terrestrial iron planet with an iron core, heavily irradiated surface from the pulsar

    • Standing mystery with this planet is that the Messers cut out specific chunks of the planet’s surface and no one knows why or what they wanted to do with these heavily irradiated pieces of Banshee II

  • Lorona (Banshee III) is a terrestrial planet with vast resources, this planet is still deadly to humans so all landing zones and habitation is underground

    • There is element of rich lifestyle in terms of shopping and good restaurants as mining executives do work there but most of the population is subsistent miners

    • Miners have their own little settlements but if you’re not a resident it’s not recommended you through the tunnels alone as some encampments are not nice to people who are not from the planet

    • Lorona is also known for a pastry delicacy known as a Beutrempe, a sweet and savoury pastry  

  • Banshee IV, ice giant on the fringes of the system

    • A company called the Cenote Concern tried to use this planet as an industrial source of heavy water for mining operations, this endeavour failed and bankrupt the company  

  • It is recommended before you visit the Banshee system you do any necessary repairs and refueling before going because getting out of your ship to do this in the system could be a deadly task

Full Transcript

Adam Wieser: Hi, my name’s Adam Wieser and I’m Associate Writer here at Cloud Imperium Games and welcome to another installment of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, this is a chance for a member of the Lore team to sit down and give you a personal tour of one of the systems you’ll be exploring in the game, in Star Citizen and possibly Squadron 42. In this installment we’re going to be looking at a very special system in the UEE because at the centre of it is a very unique, at least...a unique star for us to be… have habitation or have habitable planets around. This week we’re going and looking at the system Of Banshee.

So, let’s….we’re starting off here as always at Earth and using our handy little Starmap, we’ll type in Banshee and we will head on out to the system. As we fly on down Banshee is a four planet system that is...that is officially a UEE system and at the heart here as we zoom on in is what makes it so special and that’s a pulsar. Now you can see it kinda here in the Starmap representation, pulsing a little bit bigger and smaller and that’s not technically what a pulsar would be in real life. It would actually be spinning very, very fast… be highly magnetized and have these beams of electromagnetic radiation coming out of both sides of the pole. So, it almost becomes a lighthouse effect, where these beams kinda spin around.

Now this makes them very easy to see from a distance, you can actually time the rotation and see where they are… these beams of radiation but it also makes it very difficult to live around because that radiation is deadly to living species and to ships. Now these pulsars are basically very interesting because they were formally massive stars that went supernova, like a giant explosion and then suffered gravitational collapse where all the mass being held together all of the sudden just kinda comes and gets pulled and gets tighter and tighter and denser and more compact form of matter. Somehow in this process we still… in this day and age still don’t know exactly how it happens, all these elements end up kinda spinning and bringing...shooting these beams of electromagnetic radiation out from the magnetic poles of the actual star. Not the actual north/south, they’re slightly off centre which makes them a little easier to see for us.      

Now in Star Citizen, Banshee is the only star system currently that has a pulsar at the centre and has jump points connecting to it. This has led some scientists to theorize that maybe the pulsar being at the centre of the system maybe actually leads to unstable jump points or doesn’t have the… or doesn’t really aid in their formation but somehow in someway we discovered the jump point in Banshee and have decided to inhabit the system for reasons you’ll see in a little bit.       

Now as we back out, we see that Banshee here is connected to four planets, most of them… it’s kinda out in the edges here. You’ve got Leir which is unclaimed, you’ve got Garron which is developing, Tamsa which has a black hole at the centre so you won’t be able to visit it currently as the UEE discovers it and the fourth… this was where the system was initially discovered, Fora back in 2317.

In 2317 there were a lot of terraforming workers that were in the Fora system and a bunch of them decided to ban together and create something called the Immram Association. Now this was a group of amateur explorers that when they weren’t helping terraform planets in Fora, were out searching, looking for jump points just because it was still very early in human expansion and exploration of space and this was something a lot of them were very, very interested in.  

Now Immram in a reference to Banshee has Irish origins. Immram is actually an ancient Irish kinda folktale that involves a hero going on a quest and normally, in a boat, and normally journey to another world. So decided to call the group that found the system the Immram Association as a nice little reflection back to Ireland and the name that’s involved here. So, it was actually one Adaliz Dayan who found the initial jump into the Banshee system from Fora and well she found it before she went through she sent the coordinates to all the other members of the association.     

They rushed out to that part of the system to see what she had found, not only to discover that she wasn’t there anymore and they weren’t quite sure what was in that area. They did pick up… they did pick up some weird anomalies, some radiation in there and they grew concerned that something dangerous or deadly could have happened to Dayan. So, at the time the other members of the Immram Association actually contacted the… humanity’s government. This is 2317, it’s pre-UEE, it’s pre-UPE, it’s pre-UNE, there was no formalized centre of government for all of humanity at that time.

So they tried to contact the powers that be just to let them know there was something funky going on in this area which brought out… which brought out the government military pathfinder to come and search this section of space. As they went and they scanned these coordinates, they were able to discover the jump point and the military went in behind and as they came in behind that’s when they realized this deadly pulsar was at the centre of the system.

Now no one knows exactly the fate of Adaliz Dayan once she went through the jump point, most suspect that she came through and her ship basically got a little too close to the pulsar, succumbed to radiation and just continued to drift off into space forever. That said, as a way to honour her and her discovery of the system, the members of the Immram Association decided to name the system Banshee after Adaliz’s nickname in the Sataball arena. She was called Banshee so they thought it would be a perfect way to kinda honour her while at thee same time warning others of the dangers of venturing into the system with all the radiation spilling out of this pulsar.

Now once the government, the form of government that was around at that time realized that there was a lot of dangerous stuff in this system, they decided to do something which was not tell people it was here. This just made a lot of sense because you don’t want people wandering off into danger and going to visit this thing if they don’t have to, if there isn’t a reason to be there because at the time there was, you know, it didn’t make any sense as there wasn’t any habitable places to go.

So, this happened for about 2-3 centuries where there were rumours that the UE...that the human government had found another system but weren’t letting people actually go visit it. It was in the 26th century when this kinda all came to a head, overpopulation of Earth meant that humanity was searching desperately for new places for humanity to populate and this rumour that there was a possible other system out there gained some traction and eventually lead to a very famous court case called Minto versus the UPE. The UPE was the formal government at that time and it was in this debated court case that it was finally decided that humanity’s government could not hide jump points into various systems from the general population.

This was seen as a thing to do to make sure that the government wasn’t maybe discovering system where there were a lot of resources or other things like that and then keeping them from private industries or other people and just to make sure that if the government knew something...they had to be accountable, they had to let the rest of the population that this was ok. This is also the reason why as you’ll look on the Starmap and as you’ll experience in the game, you’re going to know where the jump points into Vanduul space are because it did in the future obviously come back to bite them in the butt a little bit, but that was the initial thing behind it was that the UEE… the government cannot hide jump points from people.  

So, people eventually got access to this system in the 26th century to find out that, yeah with this four planet system here and a very small, you can see here green habitable zone, it’s not really great for much of anything especially with all the radiation spewing out of it. Then of course like many other times in human history, war came along and changed the dynamics and changed technology and that lead to some advancements here that actually allowed this system to be habitable.

So, it was during first Tevarin war that researchers at the Upark...the secret government kinda lab, were working on some kind of system as a way that could possibly weaponize solar electromagnetic radiation. Supposedly this never really took off and never really worked but what they were able to do was what they were able to build giant things that could capture this electromagnetic radiation and at least turn it into some form of energy. Now these are very prominently featured on the one habitable planet in the system which is Lorona over here, and they are now… they dot the landscape of that planet and I’m sure you’ll see the picture that we have for as the header for this. That are in the ground and they almost look like big, kinda like solar panels, that can sit there and soak up the radiation coming from the pulsar and then be used to power everything that’s around it.

Once this happened obviously corporations started to come on in and use them to run autonomous drilling rigs in particular on this third planet of Lorona to be able to get some of the valuable resources out of the system and that’s how human habitation began in this completely inhospitable part of the galaxy.

So if we go in for a little closer view, we’re going to go in to Banshee I, which is really close to the pulsar at the centre here. Now this is a rocky dwarf planet and it... scans have revealed it does have small pockets of valuable minerals but it’s location is so close to the pulsar makes it completely inhospitable to humanity or even going… sending something there to pull that from the planet so that is Banshee I.

If we go out to Banshee II, excuse me, there we go. This is a terrestrial iron planet so it has an iron core, the entire planet surface has been heavily irradiated because of the pulsar at the centre but there’s a little bit of a mystery wrapped up in this planet because after the historical Truth Act of 2941 it was revealed that during the Messer era… specific swaths of this planet were cut out and taken away and transported for nobody knows quite what reason. What would the Messer government want to do with these heavily irradiated pieces of this planet... of these iron chunks of this planet. So, that’s one of those historical mysteries that people to this day are still trying to figure out what in the world the Messers were thinking with... doing with these specific parts of Banshee II.

Went out a little too far there, let’s go back in and now let’s talk about the one place that you can visit in this system and actually spend some time and this is Lorona which is the third planet, a terrestrial planet and it has vast resources which is why a lot of those giant panels collecting the energy from the star were put here first so miners could pull everything out. Now being on the surface of this planet is still deadly to humans, so that is why all of the… all the landing zones and all the human population are actually underground. In the parlance of the planet to go there is go below the line because that’s where actually human habitation occurs there. Most of the population is miners and because of the amount of resources and the money coming from this planet, even though everything is underground there is an element of, you know, of rich lifestyle on this planet. There’s good restaurants, there’s some high end shopping because a lot of high end mining executives do work here and that said the majority of the population are kinda subsistent miners that are there working for these mega corporations, that are basically as they cut into this planet and hollow it out and move the resources out.

These people who are working for the mining companies end up coming in after them and the places that the mining equipment has swept through and left behind they end up building their own shacks, their own little settlements which makes it a very interesting kinda place to go but one that if you’re not a resident of Lorona, it’s not recommended that you wander through these tunnels alone. Just because certain encampments are, let’s say not so nice to people not from the planet and it’s also very easy to get lost in there. One of the things that kinda… the planet is also known for is a Beutrempe which is a sweet or savoury puff pastry which can be bought from various stalls that are lined up all throughout the tunnels of this… of Lorona, a lot of the miners grab them on the way to work along with their warm beverage, their drink and stuff in the morning.

Fun little story/side note based on the Lorona… Dean Keller who did the infamous Keller’s Run a few hundred years later was a very notorious outlaw of the early 30th century in the UEE. The first… nobody knows where Dean Keller came from but his first kinda of like ping in the history of the UEE was when he was arrested for the first at 12 years old, he had snuck into a hangar and basically tied up the attendant who was working there and climbed into the ship that was there and was trying to figure out how to fire the ship’s missiles at the… basically doors of the… hangar doors so he could escape the planet. That was first time...the first of many times Dean Keller was ever arrested. Nobody knows if he was actually born on Lorona but it’s the first time he made an impression, one of many he would do throughout his life.

Finally, we’re going to spin around and visit the planet four in the system which is Banshee. This is a typical ice giant way out on the fringes of the system, in the 27th century a company called the Cenote Concern had this idea that they could use the ice of this planet for an industrial source of heavy water in the mining operations that were going on on Lorona and other places in the… around the empire. This plan failed, their ability to rip off huge chunks of ice, take it elsewhere to use as industrial heavy water failed and actually bankrupt the company, being so expensive in their failure.

So, that is a quick visit to the system of Banshee which has been around for hundreds of years. Was completely unknown to most of the general human population for many, many years and now harbours Lorona, the one place you can go and visit the system and go underground. It is recommended that if you do go visit this system, you do make sure to do all repairs and refueling before entering because if your ship does break down…getting outta your ship to do repairs or having anything done to it can be a deadly task for you.

So, thank you for exploring the Banshee system with me. Make sure to tune in… we do one of these every two weeks, one of these Loremaker’s, we offset throughout the week with Bugsmashers. So thank you once again for watching and we’ll see you soon.    


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Moonlighting as a writer in her spare time StormyWinters combines her passion for the written word and love of science fiction resulting in innumerable works of fiction. As the Director of Fiction, she works with a fantastic team of writers to bring you amazing stories that transport you to new places week after week.