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Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy: Baker System Written Wednesday 31st of August 2016 at 04:37pm by StormyWinters

Will Weissbaum is here with another episode of Loremaker’s featuring the Baker system, check it out.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Binary star system with K-type main sequence stars in a P-type orbit
  • First successful transit to Baker was 2522 and the jump point was discovered by accident and was relatively forgotten after because it was a binary star
  • Sataball team, Baker Custlers in the Terratorial League
  • Baker I is a small planet with dense iron core which rotate dangerously close to the stars
    • Dangerous to visit due to the extreme environmental concerns
    • Scientists speculate it could be consumed by the stars eventually due to its unstable orbital trajectory
  • Baker II is yellow/green in colour and has a dense, highly corrosive atmosphere which makes it unsuitable for human life
  • Baker III is an ice giant
    • Planet’s circumference has slowly been growing a little bit since its discovery, scientists are curious as to why
  • Covalex Shipping hub is located on Xenia
    • Not much out there but it does serve as a transitory point towards Xi’An space
    • The remote location also helps keeps fees and import taxes lower
    • The hub has a Covalex shipping office, FTL courier station, convenience store and bar called the Torchlight Express
  • Baker IV has no atmosphere or magnetic field but has mineral deposits and the home of GIO
    • Shubin Interstellar has acquired mining rights to most of the planet and a major mining station built on the planet
    • Has a couple stores and shops, basic repair, Shubin security and a bar
    • GIO is also home of the 2945 Shubin Mine Rescue Challenge, where miners compete in challenges such as zero-G rescue, high angle vertical rescue, firefighting, etc      
  • Baker is also the home of the Able Baker Challenge
    • Race changes every year
    • Not an official race
    • Event includes some weapons free events, though killing other participants is frowned upon
    • Consider entering at your own risk    

Full Transcript

Will Weissbaum: Hello and welcome to another edition of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’m your host for the today, Senior Writer Will Weissbaum and I will be taking you to a far away galaxy that’s part of the Star Citizen and I’m exploring some of the history and lore and setting that takes place there, that you yourself will one day get to explore in game. It’s very exciting, thank you to all out there for supporting the project as well as to subscribers for supporting wonderful videos like this.

So, let’s take a look right now at our wonderful Starmap which is available today on the website for you to go click on and follow along yourself, so make sure you do that. We are heading to today’s star system, Baker. B-a-k-e-r, Baker. I’m going to search… oh, found it. Look at that, two stars, that’s right, Baker is a binary star system. It’s quite exciting. Most star systems in our universe are binary and trinary stars so it’s nice to have one in Star Citizen. We have a couple of them but this one in the UEE is an unrepresented system so it doesn’t have any senate seats yet and it’s a pretty barren and desolate place.     

The reason why it’s unrepresented is that there isn’t a lot going on here. The two main focal points for kind of civilization are… let’s zoom in one more time, are Xenia which is a Covalex shipping hub which we’ll talk about a little more later GIO which is a mining base. We’ll take a look at those but really the most exciting part about the Baker system is probably the underground race, the Able Baker challenge, so that will be coming as well. Basically I’m enticing you to stay for the next couple minutes so bear with me.

As we talked about this is a binary star system, both are K-type main sequence stars, look at them, they’re beautiful and the planets circle in an orbit known as a P-type orbit which means you got your two suns in the middle and the planets all go around them. You know a couple others you have the T-type which is the planet goes between the L4 and L5 points and then you have an S-type as well where you have the two suns but the planets only rotate around one of the suns. This is not any of those, this is a P-type, the planets go around all of them. It’s pretty great.

So, the first successful transit to Baker was in 2522 and the jump point to Baker was discovered by accident from the Kiel system. Now as I’m talking, I can hear you hard core lore nuts might be noticing that some of the facts I’m laying out today, disagree slightly with the old Galactic Guides and we’ve mentioned it before, part of our process now as we get the systems farther along and as we get more of the science and as we lay out more of our timelines and stuff. We’re going to be going back and adjusting them to bring them all up to date with the newest, freshest, juiciest lore. So, keep an eye out for those Galactic Guide revisions.

Now after its discovery it was relatively forgotten because of the it was a binary star. These binary stars make it very hard to terraform these planets for humans to go visit here because they might be ripped apart by gravity stress and all sorts of other nastiness. There is a  Sataball team out here, the Baker Custlers,  they’re part of the Terratorial League. So, even in the darkest parts of the UEE, people still love playing Sataball.

So now we got these beautiful suns out of the way, a lone twin pair, let’s talk about our first inner planet, Baker I. So, you can see there Baker I is a small planet with a dense iron core, got almost no mantle and it is dangerously close… I said dangerously close to the stars as it rotates in. Which makes it very difficult for us to go visit because of the extreme environmental concerns that relate to being so close to a star. So, you’re going to want to be careful, put on some extra plating, shielding as you go there.    

It has an unstable orbital trajectory that scientists are predicting that eventually maybe it will, maybe over several billion years, it will be consumed by the stars. So, go visit Baker I while you still can. From there we’re going to move back out and go visit Baker II.

Now Baker II is a typical smog planet, it’s kind of similar to Sol’s very own Venus. It’s got a sickly yellow/green colour and a dense, highly poisonous and corrosive atmosphere and that’s kind of why Baker II is not good for human life either. The toxic mists… the toxic atmosphere is so corrosive that even like standard spacecraft hulls begin to deteriorate once they reach the surface. So, if you’re visiting there you have to like pay really close attention and use extra precautions against that atmosphere. Recently there was a bit of a news story that broke when a Freelancer was piloted by a successful gunrunner, tried to hide out in Baker II and ended up dissolving and crashing onto the surface. Scary stuff.            

From there, we’re going to head on out to way farther away, Baker III. Scroll button, there’s Baker III, it’s an ice giant. Now the reason they’re known as ice giants is that a lot of the compounds that were formed were in ice states or part of… trapped in water ice or ice themselves when the planet formed and that is why they are known as ice giants. They’re different from the normal giants you encounter, and an interesting point here is that the planet’s circumference has been growing a little bit since it’s discovery so scientists are curious as to why that is happening, keeping an eye on it and trying to figure out why. Mystery there.

So from there we’re going to go to kind of our first main human settlement in Baker, which is right here, the Covalex Shipping hub on Xenia. Zoom in… now this shipping hub is built all the way out here, there isn’t much going on here but what it does have going for it is that Baker is a transitory point towards Xi’An space and because it’s a relatively remote area, it’s very useful for Covalex to use that point because it would keep the kind of fees lower here and the import taxes and avoid some of that so it’s not unusual for Covalex to bring in large shipments from Xi’An space and have them distribute it to kind of local haulers to go back into the UEE. So, there’s a lot of work to be found for people who are into cargo shipping out here. Not the fanciest work but steady work.

On the station itself there is a couple Covalex offices, there’s an FTL courier station, you can expect to find a Kelto convenience store where you can load up on snacks, sodas on your long journey to and from and there’s a repair shop, most likely, where you’re able to get fixed up before you head out on a long haul and even a bar where shippers like to hang out called the Torchlight Express. So, it’s a local watering hole run by an ex-miner, he’s a gruff but friendly guy so hopefully you’ll get to meet him sometime soon. So, that’s the Covalex Shipping hub.      

Next interesting point in the system is Baker IV, let’s take a look. Baker IV has no atmosphere or metallic…Baker IV has no atmosphere or magnetic field but it’s home to some pretty awesome mineral deposits and is an active Shubin Interstellar mining site right now that is GIO. So, they have acquired mining rights to the majority of the planet and have a major mining station built onto the surface which is the main stopping point for most people visiting the planet. There are a couple stores and stops in there and your basic kind of repair and TDD, basic Shubin security, a bar of course where the miners like to go hang out. This is also… we mentioned in our series Mining Rocks that this is where Bernadine Clent who is a beam operator, operated out here, she celebrated her 50th anniversary with Shubin so long time beam operator and she’s known for her coco-cherry bars. So maybe she’s someone you can run into out here, working the job.

GIO is also home to the 2945 Shubin Mine Rescue Challenge where miners got together and competed in different rescue challenges such as zero-G accident rescue, firefighting, high angle vertical rescue, search and rescue and all that just to show off their skills in kind of a fun setting and so is held in Baker for last year.

So now that we’ve kind of covered all the planets, it’s time to talk about the big juicy draw of the Baker system which is, none other than the Able Baker Challenge. What many call one of the most dangerous underground races in the empire. So, they really use the local environment to set up a challenging race course that changes every year. So sometimes in previous races they’ve had to, you know, navigate around Baker I which is very dangerous because of how close it is to the sun. They’ve had to go to Baker III which is an ice giant and navigate the frost fields there. They’ve had to breathe the vapours which is what they call when you have to skirt towards Baker II’s corrosive environment which can be really dangerous and often the events include weapon free rounds where it’s totally allowed for pilots to open fire, shoot each other even though killing other participants is frowned upon, most of the time you’re just looking to disable the ships.

So, something for amateur pilots to look out for when joining the Able Baker Challenge is that a lot of the times they have a weapons free course where pilots can open fire at each other and it’s frowned upon to kill each other but you know anything goes out here. Kind of this little bit of lawless side of UEE space, it’s not an official race by any means so you consider entering it at your very own risk.

So that’s about it for Baker. There’s a couple real interesting spots right there to draw you in to have a look and there’s a lot probably more left to be discovered so I hope you enjoyed taking this look with us today in Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I look forward to seeing you out in the Verse. Thank you so much for your support.


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