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Holiday Livestream: 2016 Written Friday 16th of December 2016 at 10:53am by CanadianSyrup, Shiver_Bathory and Sunjammer

2016 has been a great year for Star Citizen and now it's time to cap off the year with the Holiday Livestream!

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Imgur Album of the screen.
  • The 2016 Holiday Livestream was roughly 3 hours long and featured most things that we've already seen with a few exceptions.
    • Unfortunately this livestream wasn't as smooth as the Anniversary livestream and not sure as to why for the audio and production issues, but the post stream video should fix some of that.
  • The first part of the stream featured a video that represented the possible emergent gameplay opportunities that Star Citizen will hold in 2.6 and beyond.
    • It featured 2.6 with the Caterpillar, "Masters of Flight" variants with dog fighting and boarding action, although depressurisation and locking will not be until at least 3.0 due to item system 2.0 needed for that.
  • The focal point of the stream was the 2946 RSI Cup featuring a tournament like the November Anniversary livestream with 3 game types, Racing, Dogfighting, and Star Marine with the exception that the teams in play were Team USA versus Team Europe with 10v10 Squadron Battle and Echo 11, the second Star Marine map which features 10v10 as well.
    • The end result was Team Europe winning 100-25 in points.
  • There was an interview like segment with Eric Kieron Davis interviewing Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec.
    • Tony talked about AI and it's importance to Star Citizen as well as its capabilities that will create an experience like no other. See bolded parts below for an expand summary of the interview.
    • What's left in 3.0 is clear and laid out and it's a matter of hammering it out as they said which is good as before they weren't quite sure what was needed, but now they have a full picture of what is needed to make 3.0 come to life.
  • The 2016 Holiday sale will feature the 2.6 ships: Herald, Caterpillar, 85X, Vanguard Hoplite and the newly announced MISC Razor, a pure racing ship.
    • They also will have the Armada and Pirate pack for sale.
    • On the 26th they'll be bringing back all the ships that were on sale during the November Anniversary sale.
  • At the end they showed a video, followed by a segment of the Vanduul ships and how they're designed and what approaches they take.
    • They also showed off the Vanduul themselves in different areas and gave a background on them.
    • The Vanduul can breathe in space without a suit for a period of time, like a whale for example and the amount of armour they wear depends on combat experience. The more they wear, the less experienced they are and the less they wear bears a sign of bravery as the Vanduul do not feel pain in the same way a human would.
  • No date was given for 2.6 release.


  • Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are talking a bit about what's expected for todays show such as the RSI cup to settle the beef between American and European studios.
  • Sean Tracy is up to talk a bit more about what's to come for Star Citizen, his mic isn't on so it's very hard to hear him.

  • Emergent gameplay is something that will be more prominent in the upcoming releases. An example being the Big Benny's run and they're going to show off some examples of emergent gameplay.

  • They're ingame and Disco is leading some folks around in Port Olisar, checking out the new Star Marine armours.

  • I don't believe this is live, they're talking about flying different ships: Caterpillar, Valiant Gladius, Starfarer, Renegade Avenger. With some mercs going to join them shortly.

  • Disco is taking off his Caterpillar, it looks amazing and he didn't actually crash into something.

  • They're warping to Covelex at the moment, it just cut to Covelex with Tyler talking about finding Disco and blowing him up.

  • Looks like they're grabbing the Cutlass, Hornet Wildfire, Comet Sabre, and Xi'An Scout.

  • Tyler's crew just EMPed the Caterpillar and a dogfight is ensuing. RED 1 is under attack!

  • Disco is trying to escape, but is failing miserably.

  • The Caterpillars engines have been disabled and they're EVA'ing to the Caterpillar at the moment.

  • Tyler :"it was never about the loot, it was about the justice."

  • Tyler's squad have boarded the Cat

  • Discos crew setup an ambush on the catwalk above, everyone is firing frantically like Stormtroopers and somehow managed to kill one person.

  • Disco gave the eagle salute right before he was executed in his cockpit.

  • The "loot" was about 20 Big Benny's machines jammed into the cargo hold.

  • We're back to the studio with Chris Roberts, Sean Tracy, and Josh Herman talking about some of the new models and suits coming out for 2.6

  • In 2.6 you'll be able to swap out your armour, your heads(I don't know if they mean facial or just helmets), as a start of the first character customisation.

  • With a lot of things, they're revamping assets as time goes on. The Marine suits were updated as well as the Outlaw, just like the ships are, characters are updated as well when new tech comes online.

  • With next year you'll start seeing the ability to customize your face among other aspects of character customisation.

  • Pressure in airlocks etc to be in 3.0 not in 2.6

  • They're talking a bit more about ships now. The Starfarer is a taller ship, but the Caterpillar is a slightly longer ship with its focus being more cargo orientated and the Starfarer more fuel orientated. Right now boarding combat is very basic, but new systems coming online in the upcoming year that'll allow you to break into doors, hacking, etc.

  • Because of the date shifting for 2.6 they were able to put in a little more content like the Caterpillar and 85x. That's all with Chris for now and it's time to feature some of the community, specifically the Evocati. A video is now playing.

  • Some really nice screenshots are being displayed, too fast to take a capture of it though. Showing off the Caterpillar, 85X, Star Marine, the new missile cam system.

  • Watching a Constellation getting engaged by two Scythes and a Hornet and Gladius to come to its aid.

  • We're back with Chris and Sandi.

  • Showing off some footage from Mr. Hagasha which is beautifully done.

  • Back to Chris and Sandi again, some rough transitions, but it looks like they're slowly getting the kinks worked out. Tyler is on screen with an american flag tophat and pants. A shoutout to the "Combined arms" community video as well as checking out if any Bar Citizens are happening in your area.

  • They've gone to Ben to talk about some ships, unfortunately the audio is cutting in and out. His microphone isn't working so only external mics are picking him up and it's hard to hear.

  • He's talking about some packages available on the pledge store today. Some of them will include new discounted starter packages. They also have all the new ships available in 2.6 on sale.

  • Caterpillar, Herald, Origin 85x.

  • These will be available all the way to the release of 2.6 and a week after that.

  • The Glaive is being brought back again in the form of completing the Vanduul Swarm and it'll be doubled compared to last time. Also if you finish the new Pirate Swarm you'll have access to the Caterpillar.

  • They're back to Chris and Sandi.

  • Coming up is a segment to talk about the Misc Razor.

  • The Misc Razor is Misc's first entry into the racing scene. Misc is about floaty shapes and power, but the hitech incorporation of Xi'An tech.

  • Formula one style was an inspiration they took when designing the Misc Razor.

  • They've put a lot of work into the body to really make it into a hybrid that showed the best of Xi'An and Misc. They spent two months on the body to make it into what it is today. Using reference from a Formula One car and sculpting from that to make the design that it is now.

  • They're back to Sandi. Before they go to the Team USA versus Team Europe for the RSI cup, they're going to Chris and Tony to talk a bit about AI

  • Some questions: [What is Subsumption?] It orginally started out to abstract a lot of the smaller AI concept systems and give them more diversity and be able to prioritise behaviors. Now it's become a system that's taken over how they will do the mission system and how the AI interact with the universe itself. It's turned now into a system that allows Designers to go in and make what they want to appear ingame possible.

    • The AI was needed to react not just to players, but other AI reacting to each other and what's happening in the universe and adapting to the circumstances that they're faced with.

    • It took a ground up restructure to take the singleplayer designed CryEngine code for AI and other parts of the game and make it capable of handling online to an MMO standard.

    • Tony wrote AI code for Ultima 7 back in the day and started off as an AI programmer. It's been his passion for a long time so him having that experience is very useful in his role.

    • Subsumption isn't necessarily a new concept, but rather an evolution of previous concepts. One of the issues was having all these different behaviors, routines and objectives and allow them to be accessible by Designers to create what they want.

    • When making a singleplayer game it's quite easy to make things work on a small scale, but with Squadron 42 for example, it's designed to be more sandbox in your approach and so it requires a different set of tools to make it into what they're doing.

    • Item 2.0 and being able to interact with the environment in a way that isn't present in current games and that combined with Subsumption will bring a new experience to gaming.

  • [What kind of work needs to be done to make 3.0 happen?] They have a few core systems online already such as Subsumption. They have to take care of things like Air Traffic Control and write the logic for queuing and how long you have to land. Things like interdiction and having a risk to transporting cargo and also being able to lock your doors and being able to force them open or depressurise a part of a ship with item 2.0. 

    • There's code that's in 2.6 which is used in 3.0, but they need to build a little more onto that code to where they're wanting to it be.

    • There's the shop backend and things behind the scenes that are cheated in the current version, but done in the proper way in 3.0. They don't have a concept of how much inventory they have or fluctuating prices or handling heavy demand and requesting more product.

    • That reflects into the space of having more freighters going to planets and that attracts pirates and it escalates from there. They won't be able to exploit all those things in 3.0 right away, but the ground work has been laid for them to be able to do those things quickly later on.

    • Right now they have a pretty clear picture on what needs to be done as they've got everything in place and now it's just a matter of hammering it out to the point where they can release it.

  • [3.0 economy, will we start to be able to buy ships with UEC?] They won't have the full blown simulation with 3.0. In the short term it will be a more simplified system to give fluctuations in supply and demand and that having a ripple effect, but down the road the full scale will have an impact on a larger scale such as a solar system.

    • Some things like ammo, missiles and smaller pieces of your ship that need to be stocked up on and repair. One of the biggest challenges is that having a big range of economy from buying a handgun to a destroyer is balancing the game that on the low end such as if you can buy a F-16 on day one, you don't think about buying a handgun, so balancing the progression that makes the bigger ships have a larger running cost and a different earning potential such as larger income, but higher cost to run.

    • You may get paid more for a riskier mission, but then you may have more repairs or need to buy more ammo and that'll be something you can look forward to for 3.0 and beyond.

  • [How will farming work?] First Tony prefaces that it's more than just farming, but rather non combat gameplay: mining, repair, medical, salvage. Farming is representative of the fact that it's a lot different in what gameplay you expect. With farming you will still have moments where you have to go into high traffic areas and if you deliver some rare seeds or good fertilizer then you may encounter the wrong crowd.

    • farming will involve a variety of gameplay such as exploring a planet to find a new kind of seed, or breaking into a facility that contains valuable fertiliser and trade those.

  • [What are holiday traditions that you look forward at this time of the year?] Chris: He has two daughters so they love putting the tree together, watching good movies and playing some games. Tony: He just had a girl that's three months old and his son Phoenix is old enough to understand Christmas and it's not so much tradition but being able to see someone discover things you did again.

  • That's all with Tony, Chris and Eric. Now its cut to Tyler Witkin and Jared Huckaby (Disco) for the 2946 RSI Cup. They've cut to Phil Meller on training the U.K. Team and he destroyed a monitor, flipped a table, threw muffins across the room and screamed at his team. Erin commented that after all this, they better win the tournament against the Americans.

  • They're now at the U.K. and Frankfurt battle stations with Cameron, introducing the members of the U.K. Team.

  • Now they've cut to Steve Bender dressed as a Drill Sergeant and screaming at his team, suddenly they've cut to yoga on the beach?

  • Now they're doing a montage of training, awkwardly running on the beach, lifting joysticks barely, fighting blind folded, more running on the beach, now lifting joysticks more confidently. Fighting blind folded effectively.

  • The last frame was Steve Bender and Mark Abent looking at them and saying they're ready. Sean Tracy randomly pops in and says there's chicken wings in the fridge and that they're great, and then walks away.

  • They're now at the Team USA battle stations interviewing everyone, but the mic that Tyler is using isn't working.

  • Now it's working. They're talking about how Steve Bender was inspirational and brought the best out of them.

  • They're back to Jared Huckaby who explains that the winner will have their trophy put in everyone's hangar.

  • The first match will be Racing with Squadron Battle next.

  • They're just waiting for everyone to load in right now. Jared is talking about the previous releases. Arena Commader, the hangar itself. Arena Commander is a game within a game and there's two games within the game, AC and Star Marine. In AC there's racing, PVP, PVE, Capture the Core, and Free Flight with the first event is Racing.

  • They're back with Ben and Ben tells a joke: Ben walks into a bar and forgets to turn his microphone on. The Armada Pack and the Pirate Pack are back through till the 26th. The Misc Razor is on sale now for the next 10 days. All the SC Alpha 2.6 ships are on sale: Caterpillar, Herald, 85X, "Masters of Flight" variants, and the Vanguard Hoplite. The Glaive is coming back as it did before where if you play through Vanduul Swarm you can earn a badge to fly the Glaive. If you play through Pirate Swarm you can earn a badge to fly the Caterpillar.

  • Everyday now through till the 26th they'll have an allocated amount of discounted starter packages. Also on Boxing day they'll have all the ships available from the anniversary sale for that day.

  • They're jumping straight into the racing with Matt Sherman who just crashed... Wayne Owen is currently in the lead as a Lead QA Tester from the U.K.

  • Hernando, one of the newest folks at CIG, and panning over to Tyler who was looking good and crashed. Melissa is flying the 85x

  • Colby just hit the race ring in the Mustang Gamma.

  • This match is worth 25 points, the next dogfighting match will be worth 25 and then they'll play four rounds of Star Marine which are 25 points each.

  • Owen pulls a decoupled roll across the finished line to win the first match for Team Europe.

  • The next match will be 10v10 Squadron Battle on Broken Moon.

  • Going to Cameron in the U.K. now. Trying to figure out if he's live or not, even though we know he's live and it's awkward... There we go he figured it out! Currently talking with Wayne about his win and how it was a good run and the feeling of crushing the Americans was good.

  • Wayne will be flying the Gladius Valiant.

  • Looks like they're having some technical problems so they're going back to Ben briefly.

  • Ben talks about some of weapons available in the Voyager Direct store this time around. Some new missile racks, guns.

  • There's three new ingame brochures for the Misc Razor, Caterpillar, and I believe the 85x?

  • There will be two Q&A's for the MISC Razor next week. The cool thing about the MISC Razor is that its been designed as a racer from the ground up compared to the others which were adapted for racing or the M50 that was designed as an interceptor and racer.

  • They're back to Jared and Tyler and now getting ingame. No one has died yet, they're just feeling each other out at the moment.

  • Oh and Mici gets some solid hits, but Colby gets first blood with a great kill.

  • AC 2.6 now features ammo and repair pickups in order to keep things going. Melissa is getting solid hits on a Hornet, disabling it.

  • Hernando the new guy just got a kill and always seems to be in the thick of it. Team Europe is currently ahead with 17,000 points compared to 11,500.

  • Now viewing Nicholson in his Hornet who used to be a QA tester, but was promoted to a Designer. He unfortunately smashed into an asteroid shortly after.

  • Team Europe is still keeping its strong lead and Wayne Owen is very focused.

  • It's Colby versus Wayne right now, they just away before we could see who won that duel.

  • The VFX on the cannons are pretty neat.- Team Europe have a commanding 10,000 point lead with 12 minutes remaining.

  • Suddenly Team USA is closing the gap with only 5,000 points remaining, now 3,000.. now 2,000.

  • Team Europe has pulled ahead further again with another 10,000 point lead.

  • With only 9 minutes left, Team Europe is only 5,000 points away from victory.

  • And that's it! Team Europe has taken Match #2! With a final score of 60,000 to 47,500.

  • A brief recap with some of the Team Europe members and then back to Jared and Tyler who talk about the next match which will be Star Marine and will feature Echo 11 which we haven't seen played yet or footage for that matter.

  • They will be playing the game mode "Last Stand" where you capture a point and it gives you points, whoever has the most points by the end or reaches the cap wins.

  • They're ingame now, the atmosphere is dark, cramped, dirty and very pirate feeling.

  • There's been some pretty good kills with Hernado and Nicholson having a beef with one another. Nicholson got Hernado back good with a grenade kill.

  • Team Europe has three capture points currently with their lead getting farther ahead the longer Team USA lets them have more points.

  • Team USA is losing fights left and right with only 20 points remaining for Team Europe to win the match.

  • That's the match! Team Europe takes a solid win in the first round and they get right into the second match.

  • Team Europe has a small lead over Team USA to start, but Team USA holds half the points. Tyler from the USA team was wounded bad and can't find a health pack and slowly bled out from his wounds.

  • Team USA works closely together to push into point C and successfully takes point C.

  • Team USA has now taken all four points and has taken the overall point lead. Team Europe though is trying to comeback by taking two capture points back.

  • Tyler from Team USA is on a killstreak of five.

  • Team USA manages to stop Team Europe from taking a third point that would have stopped USA from winning. Round three has begun!

  • Team Europe takes a small early lead and Team USA attempts to get back into the game.

  • Nicholson played hot potato with grenades and bled out.

  • Team Europe still holds three points and is ahead by almost 100 points.

  • Team USA has to capture all four to have any hope of taking this match.

  • Team Europe takes the match and wins the 2946 RSI Cup!

  • They've cut to Cameron, congratulating Team Europe. Mici's strategy was providing a lot of cover and defence. They worked together in covering each other during hacks and checking corners.

  • Back to L.A. to wrap things up with the stream, but wait there's a video...

  • It's a Vanduul ship appearing on a rocky planet, something like Nyx. It almost looks like it's the Kingship.

  • It's not the Kingship, got a good overview look of it, it has four thrusters in a T shape configuration. Now we're going to a video about the Vanduul ships. It's the Vanduul Driller

  • The detail on the Vanduul ships are incredible. They talk about how the designing of the Vanduul ships are completely different. They wanted those working on the Vanduul their space and make sure they had freedom to make the ships as good as they could be.

  • They're back in the studio with Chris Roberts, Josh Herman, and Will Weissbaum. They're now showing a scale video of a Dragonfly, compared to the Kingship, Dragonfly is 8 meters, and the Kingship is 2.8 Kilometers.

  • They're showing a picture of a Vanduul warrior and their philosophy about wearing more or less armour is different. When Vanduul are newer or greener, they will wear more armour, but ones who have less armour want to show their bravery and that when you see one with less armour, you know they've been in combat. The Vanduul's bodies don't need spacesuits for a period of time like a whale does when diving.

  • The Vanduul don't feel pain in the same way a human does. They're showing a picture of a Vanduul with armour fused into its skin.

  • They showed a 3D concept with a Vanduul holding a spear and they talked about how the Vanduul will have different methods of attack.

  • They're showing a video of a high poly sculpt of a Vanduul Warrior without any of the extras added on.

  • Hand to hand combat is something the Vanduul take pride in heavily and their weapons reflect that with some being a melee weapon with a projectile built inside it. The Vanduul also fight factions differently to adapt to their enemies accordingly.

  • The issue with Vanduul in the universe and trying to 'tame' them is they don't have a central government and more like tribes. You can kill one, but it doesn't really affect the other ones.

  • As Star Citizen is fleshed out more, you'll see more and more of each races personality and character and you'll learn more about the Vanduul from Squadron 42.

  • They're now doing a send off from all four studios saying Happy Holidays.

  • They're back to Sandi and Chris and talking about thanking the backers. That's the end of the stream, they'll see everyone in 2947. But wait! There's a video playing at the end. It's a trailer for 2.6 by the looks of it.

  • Unfortunately there was no date given at the end of the video.


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