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Happy Hour: September 8th, 2017 Written Friday 8th of September 2017 at 11:50am by CanadianSyrup

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Today's format will be a little different as 24Liveblog has updated their embeds and our site doesn't support it yet so I'll periodically update the site as I'm transcribing.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's Happy was all Community Managers featuring Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, Jared Huckaby, new to CIG, Ulf from Frankfurt, and Ben Lesnick.
  • The helmet O2 and Oxygen O2 tank are the same, they've simply configured helmets to act like the room system and take O2 from the Oxygen tank.
  • Space suits in 3.0 will be the same capacity wise, but they'll differentiate them later.
  • There will be AI in the other landing zones for 3.0 (Grim Hex, Port Olisar)
  • The new ships for 3.0 have been locked down which are: Aurora Rework, Cutlass Black Rework, Dragonfly, Nox, Ursa Rover, Aquila, and Prospector.
  • The Reclaimer isn't complete. There was confusion a little while back that the Reclaimer only had three rooms left, what they said is three rooms in the art phase so the Reclaimer still has further steps in the pipeline to go.
  • Cutlass Blue and Red are in production by Josh Coons
    • After they're finished, he'll work on the Phoenix.
  • 300i rework is scheduled for December, but not guaranteed to start then.
  • BMM and Carrack haven't started work yet.
  • More information about the Origin X1 will come out in a few weeks Ben said.
  • The next episode of Happy Hour will be a Gamedev with Josh Herman.


  • The show will begin in approximately 2 minutes! Grab your snacks and drinks and prepare for the show featuring Jared Huckaby, Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, and a guest from Frankfurt!
  • The show has begun! OH I almost forgot, Ben Lesnick is on the show has well! He has recovered from his surgery and can see again!
  • On the show today is Community Manager, Tyler Nolin, Ben Lesnick, Director of community engagement and spaceships. From Austin Texas, Community Manager, Tyler Witkin, and all the way across the pond joining the show today is Community Manager, Ulf!
  • Ulf has been with CIG for just 3 weeks.
  • Gamescom wrapped up a week ago which featured a week long livestream at their booth with streamers, DeejayKnight, SGT_Gamble, and another that I missed for helping out. Also a huge thank you to the many volunteers who helped at the Gamescom booth and at the Gloria theatre where the presentation was held.
  • [In the stamina system what is the difference between the O2 tank and the suit oxygen] They're the same, but the suit's helmet has been retrofitted with the room system that pulls oxygen from the O2 tank.
  • [How's everyone in Austin after Hurricane Harvey?] Everyone is okay, most of it was down south so they weren't affected.
  • [Why does the Cutlass black have no toilet?] Matt Sherman talked about this already, but essentially for the things they wanted to go inside the Cutlass, the toilet took up valuable space.
  • [Will the front entrance of the Freelancer stay with the other models?] Can't say until they start building the variants.
  • [What happened with the last ATV's Crazy camera cuts?] For the last couple months they've been editing out the um's and ah's that people say because as great as developers are, they aren't always the most camera eccentric people. So they use B-roll footage during those cuts. Unfortunately they ran out of B-roll footage for the transitions so it looked janky.
  • [Is planet "Nope" still a possibility?] Don't hold your breath on that.
  • [When will the great RSI Museum Happy Hour segment return?] It will happen soon, but Ben still needs a little more time to recover.
  • [What was the reason we didn't get a Gamescom Trophy like the last 4 years?] Just simply didn't make one. They were quite busy this year and also when you make the same thing too much, it begins to lose it's flair. Speaking of flairs, the team that did them was being transitioned to another one and so they usually had it ready in advance.
  • [Any hints on Subscriber flairs coming in the next few months?] There will be a new Subscriber flair today and the next few months will be schematics and one is a surprise.
  • [The Nox at Gamescom seemed very squishy, did it have shields?] They don't think they had them, but also they were swapping builds every day so sometimes certain features were there and then they weren't, but the next day they were.
  • [How long can a person survive away from their ship in space?] There's no hard number because there will be a lot of testing that happens over time.
  • [Will there be AI in the other landing zones in 3.0?] Yes.
  • [Does the FaceWare Camera have an IR sensor?] Jared doesn't know, but he brought up the question because they'll be doing a follow up interview down the road.
  • [Do you feel confident to overcome the critical issues plaguing 3.0?] Of course, they will continue to hammer away till it's ready.
  • [Can you tell us anymore about the Origin X1] Nope. You'll be seeing more about the X1 in the next couple weeks.
  • [What is the status of alien languages?] Still being worked on right now. Currently they're working on the Xi'An language Tyler Nolin said.
  • [What's happening with your beard when 3.0 releases Jared?] GONE. He hates his beard.
  • [Will ship prices go up in 3.0] Some ships will, ones that are becoming flyable and some ships will become permanent additions to the store.
  • [What's Ben's agenda now that's he's back] Total World Domination. Or getting Ulf to send all Wing Commander things bought off German Ebay. He's actually been catching up on upcoming concept ships like the X1 and more. He's also working on a brochure which is his favourite one to date for an upcoming concept sale.
  • [Is Spectrum V2.6 waiting for 3.0?] It's independent, but a lot of resources are being spent for the Delta patching system which is delaying Spectrum 2.6 slightly.
  • [Is there anything about Jump Point Volume 3.0?] Because of Ben's Hiatus it was delayed, but you'll get more info soon.
  • [When people upgrade to the Aquila, do they get the Merlin and Ursa Rover?] Yes.
  • Ben confirmed the Aquila will go up in price for 3.0
  • [Is the ship pipeline still active while the 3.0 branch is code locked ]Yes, it's independent of 3.0 and any other development as they develop ships till they're done and then move onto the next task. The Aurora rework wasn't in the original 3.0 branch, but because of the delays, the Aurora rework was able to be put in because it was ready in time.
  • [Is the Reclaimer complete?] No, there's still three rooms left in the art stage and then it goes to the Tech art team for LOD's and etc, and then gameplay animations are hooked up etc.
  • There was a misconception that the Reclaimer was almost finished, but it was just three rooms in the art stage, not overall.
  • [300i series rework?] It hasn't begun, but it's scheduled for the end of year, but it all depends on the artist who's assigned to it, and how his previous tasks go.
  • [Cutlass Blue and Red?] Work has started, but they aren't finished.
  • [Next Happy Hour theme?] Gamedev with Josh Herman two weeks from now.
  • [Any news about the BMM] Just like the Carrack it's not being actively worked on.
  • [How is the Phoenix doing?] After Josh Coons finishes the Cutlass Blue and Red, then he'll work on the Phoenix.
  • [Can we do a tour of the Idris Happy Hour?] Maybe.
  • [Any updates on the Terrapin?] It's being worked on in the L.A. Office. It's looking great says Jared and Jared was not a fan of the initial concept, but now he's in love with it.
  • [Are you guys happy?] Tyler Witkin is thrilled because there's half a country between him and Jared. Ulf has a whole ocean between him. Overall they're happy.
  • [ships for 3.0?] Aurora rework, Reworked Cutlass black, Dragonfly, Nox, Aquila, Prospector, Ursa Rover
  • [Will spacesuits have differing oxygen tank capacities?] For 3.0 no, but that will change.
  • That's the end of the show. Coming up next week is Citizens of the Stars, a special edition of Bugsmashers, Thursday will have ATV as usual, with Friday being Jump Point.
  • A shout out from Ben for all the love and support the community has given him the last couple weeks as this latest incident was quite scary for him, but the communities support kept him going.


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