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Happy Hour: May 19th, 2017 Summary Written Friday 19th of May 2017 at 11:57am by CanadianSyrup

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Today's Happy Hour episode featured GameDev with Character Art Director Josh Herman creating a Vanduul dog as voted for in this past week's thread for suggestions on what to create. Throughout the show there were different things viewers could vote for and the winners were as followed:

  • Physique: Jacked
  • Tail length: Long
  • Spiked Tail: Yes
  • Eyes: No
  • Size: Human

It was a fun stream and of course when the human was spawned for scale, an unfortunate accident happened involving where the human spawned in relation to the dog. Here's the result of Josh's creation after an hour.


  • The show is live! Today on the show is Jared Huckaby, Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, and Josh Herman! Josh is working on.... some sort of monopoly guy? Just playing around by the looks of things.

  • In the past week they took suggestions on what they'll create for this episode. Some suggestions were a Vanduul Dog, coniferous plant, and a mechanical creature of some type? Not quite sure.

  • Now they're deciding on what they'll create and so far the Vanduul dog is leading by a large margin so it's safe to say a Vanduul dog will be this episodes creation.

  • Last time they created a creature from scratch and this time they'll start with a base model that the tool generates and then working from there. By the looks of things the base model was a greyhound, but it'll look drastically different soon I imagine. They're deciding on the physique of the dog now and whether it'll be lean, thick, or jacked.

  • With no surprise the "Jacked" option won with another vote coming up for whether it'll be a long, short, or curled tail. It's interesting how Josh can change a few things on a model and cause a drastically different feel.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495222018880789.png

  • To spike the tail or not, that is the next poll option and you can guess with confidence at what the winner will be.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495222269275446.png

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495222430780398.png

  • Currently they're voting on whether or not they'll make the dog have eyes or use its other senses to a greater effect. Currently No Eyes is winning by a good margin. It's interesting how much Josh knows about the various muscles, bones and other characteristics of humans and animals and is constantly dropping knowledge on why certain characteristics are the way they are as he goes along.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495222634366342.png

  • Someone had asked the question on how he knows so much about animals or humans when creating a character and his answer was that he kinda has to in order to take inspiration and have a reference for the various things he creates. It helps give direction and allows him to enhance certain features that you wouldn't think of in order to make something unique.

  • He pulled up a picture of a caterpillar and gave an example of how something small like that could be used as inspiration to make something, 10 times the size of it and give it different attributes in order to create something completely different. Researching is a big part of figuring out what to make and where to draw ideas from.

  • Josh is pretty happy with the overall shape so now he's adding more detail to the dog itself.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495223464791088.png

  • Wow, Josh took a sphere and made it into a Canine tooth for the dog in a matter of seconds.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495223614990532.png

  • Before Josh worked at CIG he worked at Marvel studios for 5 years and worked in a department that oversaw the art being made for the various marvel movies which shared assets.

  • Someone accidentally crashed the stream by asking Tyler Nolin if he wanted ramen and proceeded to derail the stream for 5 minutes, but it's back on track now after Jared did his famous stare during that time.

  • Josh is focused on playing with the overall shape of the head, not necessarily adding detail, but looking to enhance it.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495224215933841.png

  • They're figuring out how big the dog should actually be: small, medium, large.

  • The medium size apparently would be the size of a human. Before Josh clarified the sizes, large was winning and then medium pulled ahead after people realized how big the dog would be.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495224597170535.png

  • Some housekeeping as the show will end shortly. the Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone today. Newsletter will be out today as well.

  • They won't finish the dog today as Josh explains it's a lot more complicated to do an animal like a dog compared to a bug since a bug has separate parts unlike a dog. There's still a lot of work to be done on the dog and much that Josh would like to improve, but that's game development in a nutshell is iteration is a constant thing.

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495225424939696.png

  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/05/20/1495225456525232.png

  • That's the end of the show folks! Thanks for watching.


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