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Happy Hour: March 17th, 2017 Summary Written Friday 17th of March 2017 at 11:57am by CanadianSyrup

Tune in for another episode of Happy Hour!

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Editors Note: Video of show isn't available on Youtube yet, You can find the VOD on twitch here.


  • There we go! The show is now live! Today's guests are L.A's newest Community Manager, Tyler Nolin. Andrew Fernando from QA, and community twitch streamer Gritspitter.

  • Today they're going to start off with some Star Marine. Also playing with them in J.J, their Cinematographer whose responsible for their broadcasts.

  • [Delta Patcher update?] No ETA right now, but they're still hard at work on it.

  • [Tyler Nolin, What did you do before becoming a Community Manager?] QA in Austin, he had a good experience starting off there and learned a lot about the game and tools used.

  • [Spaceships in 2.6.2?] There will be spaceships (No there aren't any new ones)

  • [Jedi or Wizard in the Harry Potter universe?] Jared says Jedi.

  • [Super important question: Are you going to add space sharks?] No. [Space Whales?] Nope.

  • The next Gamedev Happy Hour will be a more visual scripting episode, think more Bugsmashers like.

  • [Can the engine support Gundam style suits for a total conversion mod?] The game won't have it, but if you have the skills, go for it.

  • [Did Chris approve the spider to be put into the game?] It hasn't been put through that process which is the pipeline so it's currently sitting on a pile with the other concept waiting for review.

    • Gritspitter: There should be a system called regret with planet nope inside of it. Jared: I could design that system in minutes.
  • [At which point will orgs be customisable ingame? Able to set ranks and budgets, etc] This Sunday(or next) they'll talk about that. First it'll go to Spectrum, then when it's relevant it'll be put in game.

  • [Do you like Pineapple on your pizza?] Jared: It's damage inside of your head for thinking that.

  • [2.6.2 to the PTU?] The plan was originally to get it to Evocati this week, but there's a few bugs to track down before that's possible.

  • [Can the Reclaimer scrap a ship with people inside it?] Jared: I don't know, you'll have to find out and tell us how it went

  • [Private servers?] Too soon for an answer on that right now. When the main game is finished or close to, then that becomes a more relevant question. It was apart of the original Kickstarter, but it's too soon to answer that how they'll work.

  • [With VR being harder and harder to implement with UI changing, is it still being considered?] Will Maiden has a great post on the forum talking about that.

  • [What is your plan for the game, what will you fly, what kind of occupation will you persue?] Tyler Nolin: He wants to fly a BMM and become a smuggler.

    • Gritspitter: Looking forward to exploration, but quite a few different things. Playing scotty and running around and repairing things. Also make an alt character and make a hobo that never flies.
    • Andrew: He doesn't know yet, he's a very indecisive person when it comes to that.
    • JJ: ARRRRRR.
    • Jared wants to fly a Genesis Starliner and be apart of public transit.
  • [Will extra game packages give us an extra character slot, or will we have to have a separate account?] That's still something being figured out right now.

  • [Which is better: Twizzlers or Red Vines?]

  • [When is the next concept sale?] No exact time locked down yet, but keep an eye on a thread in Spectrum where they will announce it when it's ready. They'll give a week's notice when they do.

  • [More love for Medical/SAR] Once the Cutlass Black rework is finished they'll move onto the Cutlass Red and Blue.

  • [From yesterdays ATV we saw modular stations that will populate a vast majority of the universe, will we see non-human outposts and stations?] You'll have to find out down the road.

  • They've finished their last round of Star Marine and are bringing Happy Hour to a close. Gritspitter will be streaming after the show and will be giving away an Anvil Hornet SQ42/SC package.

  • There's a Bar Citizen happening in the D.C. area, check out the Bar Citizen site for details.


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