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Happy Hour: June 30th, 2017 Summary Written Friday 30th of June 2017 at 11:56am by CanadianSyrup

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's Happy Hour was similar to old Reverse the Verse format with the community team hanging out and answering some SC related questions. On the show was Jared Huckaby, Ben Lesnick, Tyler Witkin, and Tyler Nolin
  • CitizenCon tickets will go on sale tomorrow! They will be available for sale throughout the weekend. If you didn't know yet, CitizenCon this year will be in Frankfurt.
  • The Carrack is currently Scheduled for 2018
  • The 600i has been confirmed to exist, but will not be the next ship for sale.
  • The Starfarer's fuel pods will eventually be swapable, but for now they'll remain until they build the accessories.
  • They're adding more tiers between 1-10 for the referral program and anyone who met those new tier requirements before the update will retroactively get them when it comes out.
  • Currently the studios are very focused and hard at work, but developers are excited for what's coming to backers in the near future.
  • Evocati will always be under NDA so no streaming, pictures, etc of 3.0 will be allowed. They also stated Evocati testers are not folks who get early access to the builds, but rather people who are dedicated to testing and finding bugs in the game to allow it to go later PTU waves. Often times Evocati have unstable and buggy builds and form coordinated efforts to repro the same bug constantly. If you would like to become Evocati, participate in the Issue council as much as possible as every few months they may add Evocati members.


  • The show is now live! On today's show is Jared Huckaby, Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, and Ben Lesnick!

  • [What did you do this week?] Ben: Kicked off the Nox sale last week Friday. Its been a huge success so far with everyone really liking the way it has turned out.

    • They have all the rest of the ships for this year planned out as well as the website revamp and getting that prepared.
    • Tyler Witkin: Lots of planning for events coming up such as Gamescom, CitizenCon, etc. Also getting more creative with social media.
    • Tyler Nolin: Ramping up for Gamescom and spending a lot of time on Spectrum for feedback on everything related to Star Citizen.
    • Jared: Ship stats update and other related things.
  • CitizenCon tickets will go on sale tomorrow and the event location if you did not know yet is in Frankfurt this year.

  • [Carrack Status?] Carrack is on schedule for next year as per shown in the production schedule.

  • [600i?] 600i exists and is a real ship, but not the next ship you'll see.

  • [Which glitch when?] Tyler Witkin spoke about possibly doing one for 3.0 or post 3.0 release.

  • Clifford_aka_Miku sent a fruitbasket to the LA studio, Thanks Clifford!

  • [Is the Starfarer used for only fuel or can it be swapped out for more physical cargo?] Right now it's just fuel, but the Starfarer is designed to swap out those fuel pods for cargo except right now those haven't been built yet so it'll be something for down the road.

  • [When can we get the space kitty helmet that's behind you guys?] That was the prop they used back in the day to film cockpit cutscenes for Wing Commander games.

  • [Give an example of a Caterpillar example that will not make it into the game] Ben: Sundae bar, Tyler Witkin: Ball pit, Jared: Dogapillar conversion.

  • [Update on Referral awards?] They're adding a couple more tiers between 1-10 and those rewards have been selected and it has been sent to Turbulent to make it happen.

    • Those tiers are retroactive so if you meet those requirements before the update, you'll receive those.
  • Tyler Witkin: Why not a Bar Citizen module for the Caterpillar and have NPCs having a party about an ingame event like Arena Commander.

  • [Will we see different body sizes?] Not qualified to answer that.

  • [Are you planning on changing the flight model for 3.0] The flight model will continue to change throughout development. Also Ben promised that there will never ever be pandas in game.

  • [If I didn't pick up a spacebike will I still be able to get around?] Almost all ships are capable of atmospheric flight so you can still fly around in your ship.

  • They've got a surprise call from Cameron in Wilmslow who is at a Bar Citizen currently. He's going through the various guests out there, BoredGamer is there and said hi! Several members of CIG are there as well.

  • [What's a Bar Citizen?] Bar Citizens were created by backers to meet other backers to talk about all things nerdy. They've appeared all around the world and if devs are nearby they'll usually attend.

  • [Is Oxygen a resource we can actually hold in our inventory space?] There's a concept of it of course where your blood is affected by the oxygen so certain environments will boost or hinder your character. As far as it being inventory, they don't know yet.

  • [Why not change the Banu Defender loaner to a Super Hornet or Sabre?] The reason they did the Xi'An scout is because it's also an alien ship. It's not always a one to one ratio when it comes to loaners.

  • [What's the general atmosphere in the studios right now?] Austin: Everyone is heads down and super focused, but also excited. Everyone who works at the studio also wants this game to come to life just as much as the backers do and finding ways to make things more efficient.

    • L.A: Very much the same, there's long hours and people working hard, but everyone is determined to get the game we've all dreamed of available to everyone.
  • Ben and Jared got a Skype call from Tyler Witkin earlier this week and it wasn't Tyler, but a screenshare of his other screen which had 3.0 and he was raving about how cool 3.0 is and giving examples of how cool this base is or how you can see this ship from there, etc.

  • [CIG video content has much improved since the earlier days and what's the process like now compared to then?] They have an entire video department now with every studio having a small video department of their own with a head department keeping it synchronized. They couldn't have done any of this without the monthly contributions of subscribers.

  • [Will Evocati be allowed to stream 3.0 when they get it?] Evocati IS the NDA so Evocati can't stream, video, screenshots etc. For folks who wonder why the Evocati is rewarded with early builds is it's not a reward as it's very hard work. There's a lot of dedicated tests that can be very repetitive and also they have to deal with buggy, unstable builds. Plus they do this all for free.

  • QA also isn't simply playing the game before everyone else, you literally beat your head against the same wall over and over again until you almost don't even want to play the game when it releases.

  • [Will you guys take vacation after 3.0 releases because you deserve it] Ben will be taking a vacation to visit a space museum in Kansas as its his life goal to see every spacecraft ever made.

    • Tyler is going to the Beach for the 4th of July.
    • Overall they won't be taking a vacation because Gamescom is right around the corner and CitizenCon, etc.
  • https://cdn6.24live.co/images/2017/07/01/1498852491655219.png

    • They brought in the basket that Clifford_aka_Miku sent them and now Tyler is just... eating it...
  • That's the end of Happy Hour for today, A big thank you to all subscribers who enable Happy Hour and the other shows and community engagement they're able to do. A reminder that CitizenCon tickets will go on sale tomorrow and will be on sale throughout the weekend.

  • Subscribers will get access to the Constellation next month as per subscriber ship of the month with the Caterpillar available for sale for subscribers as well.


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