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Happy Hour: January 27th, 2017 Summary Written Friday 27th of January 2017 at 09:57am by CanadianSyrup

Today's Happy Hour will feature Josh Herman along with another guest streamer! Check it out.

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's guests on the show were Twitch streamer, BristolBoy88 and Character Art Director, Josh Herman.
  • When asked about more creature like characters, Josh said it's likely, but they have to fit within the parameters set for cockpits and etc, but for non sentient creatures we'll definitely see more as evidenced by the sand worm.
  • Making a character costume takes about 40-60 days. This a full head to toe costume. Making a t-shirt takes about 4 days.
  • Female character model is coming along, Josh says they're working on animation variants for females and look forward to having it in our hands when its ready.
  • They're currently planning to have 30 hair styles for players and facial hair is being worked on for Squadron 42, when they're happy with facial hair they'll bring it over to players.


  • The show is live! Starting things off is Jared and Tyler talking about their plans for PAX South. CIG will not be attending PAX south officially. Any CIG employees there will be because it's on their own time as fans.
  • Today's guest streamer is BristolBoy88, a Star Citizen streamer on Twitch

    • The org he's in is TacticalAdvance, an exclusive org.
  • For the first part of the stream they're gonna play around in GrimHex for a bit which is the Port Olisar for Criminals.

  • Character Art Director, Josh Herman will join the stream shortly. Currently they're browsing GrimxHex and doing a quest involving finding three datapads.

  • Josh Herman has arrived! [What does a Character Art Director do?] Oversees the production of character creation and essentially anything to do with characters he has a hand in.

    • Josh likes the Xi'An because they're quite different from the other races in that they live a lot longer, as well as their anti-gravity tech which gives an opportunity to make them stand out from the other races. They're also a trade oriented race and travel alot which will play into their style.
  • [Are the Xi'An "Animal" like in a way like the Vanduul are humanoid, but reptilian in a sense?] They're aggressive looking, like a predator would, their skin is translucent which makes them more shiny, so you could say they have a reptilian nature, but still humanoid.

  • [Do you think we'll see things less humanoid and more creature like?] Josh: I'm sure we will, but they have to fit a certain paradigm in that they can fit in cockpits and etc. Non sentient animals will definitely fit that question though as you've seen the giant worm and you can expect to see more. Also Flying Spaghetti Monster confirmed by Tyler.

  • Disco got the gift of missiles to his rear while talking to Josh

  • [Time of making a character from concept to final] It depends on armoured or costume. Armour is more complex because they have an undersuit and then putting armour on top so you're creating two characters essentially. For a costume though it's a simpler and that takes around 40-60 days, it's broad because of other factors that can be involved but a costume head to toe is about that much time. Just to make a t-shirt however is about 4 days.

  • [What's your favourite character so far?] Probably the Nomad character so far.

  • [Are you looking into more cloth physics for other clothes?] Yes they're looking into more than just the clothing the nomads wore. Also they're looking into capes as well.

  • [When designing a costume do you give them themes?] They theme things in the sense of what the costume is designed for like mining, combat, etc. It helps artists distinguish what is asked of the costume, but it's by no means restricted in that they can only do certain styles because of what the occupation is.

  • [Having worked on Ironman, do you feel developing for a game rather than property gives you more freedom?] He's worked on quite a few Marvel characters that have their own specific style, but it is restricted in that you can only do that style, whereas Star Citizen you can get very creative, especially with alien races.

  • [What sort of customisation can we expect for a character to wear?] Goggles, glasses, hats. They're working on earings and studs for your nose, but that presents its own challenges. Jackets, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes. The one thing they're working on now is making it so if you have a tshirt and you put a jacket on, it won't erase what's underneath.

    • [Will pockets or holsters be a feature?] To add onto a previous question, this is where themes comes in that do we want a costume to have pockets or certain capabilities? If we don't, what advantage can we give to supplement that.
  • They're asking chat for designs on an ingame t-shirt they'd like to see. One of them is a Tony Zurovec, "You know". They also asked Tony if he knows how many times he says it, and he said, "He knows". He also joked it would be fun to have a button in the verse you could press that would simply say, "You know". Someone mentioned a shirt would the three Vanduul moons.

    • A couple more ideas, "Replace me" shirt that's red. Another shirt that says "All landings pads are full".
    • Chat wants a Red ONE shirt. Jared was muted so Tyler could give his idea of a red shirt with a ONE on it.
  • [Do you have any information that you'd like to share about Female character models?] Currently they're working variant animations for the female alongside the male model as since they're two different models they have to make two sets of animations. They don't have an ETA, but soonTM.

  • [Will clothing be restricted to gender?] They're not sure right now, most things are built to be worn by everyone, but that's a design question in what is restricted. There will be certain items for sure that are restricted however.

  • [Will hair be modular in how it looks? Short, long, curly, etc?] They're working towards about 30 styles, but you won't be able to modify that style.

  • [Will hoods on a jacket be able to be put on or off?] It's a good question, but they don't quite know yet. They would like to, but that's something for design to figure out.

  • [Will different armours have different stats?] Yes. Armour will come in heavy, medium, light, but will also be geared towards certain environments or scenarios.

  • [Progress on facial hair?] They'll have options for it. They're currently working on the facial hair for Squadron 42 characters. There's a little more tech involved with it and once they're happy with it for Squadron then they'll bring it to players.

  • [Tattoos] They want to have them, but have to figure out the design around them. How will it implement them, can they draw them, place them where they want, etc.

  • [What's your best memory since working at CIG?] The last CitizenCon was his biggest memory. He had only worked at CIG 4-5 months prior and being able to attend it and meet the backers who have supported the project was awesome.


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