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Happy Hour: February 3rd, 2017 Summary Written Friday 3rd of February 2017 at 12:14pm by CanadianSyrup

It's time for Happy Hour! Todays guests are Ben Lesnick, Elwin Bachiller, and another guest streamer. Check it out

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's guests on the stream were Vehicle Artist, Elwin Bachiller JR, Director of Ships and Community Engagement, Ben Lesnick, QA Lead, Vincent Sinatra, and Community guest streamer, SGT Gamble.
  • The next ship for the concept sale will be the Hurricane, no details on when or specifics of the ship at this time.
  • The BMM's interior is being concepted by the artist who did the exterior. It hasn't entered the modelling phase yet due to concept work needed.
  • Elwin Bachiller is working on the Aurora Rework and showed off a progress picture of the work. Every Aurora owner will receive the updated Aurora as it replaces the previous one, the rework also includes variants as well.
  • Drake Buccaneer and Cutlass are coming along nicely.
  • No info on the Carrack or Freelancer variants.
  • No updated information or ETA on the Delta patcher. (Last known information was that Frankfurt were testing an early build of it)


On the show today is Ben Lesnick, Elwin Bachiller, Vincent Sinatra, and Community Streamer, SGT Gamble

Elwin Bachiller is currently working on the Aurora rework. They showed off a in progress picture of it. They're updating it to bring it up to the standards the current ships are at. Every Aurora owner will receive the new version, it's not a new model that has to be purchased. The rework is being done for all Aurora models as well.


Ben: It's not being modelled right now because it's undergoing the phase before that (Concept phase most likely to make sure the dimensions are correct, etc)

[What's the next ship for the concept sale?]

The next concept ship is the Hurricane and is being concepted by Justin Wentz

[With these new models, will folks ever be able to buy the old models?]

Ben: Not with the current updates. It's a 1:1 replacement for the ones being worked on now. In the future they absolutely want to have ships that age so they'll have the 2950, etc. The idea for updating ships is not just oh this would be cool, but it's for the game itself.

  • The damage model for example has changed so much that there's a certain point where you have to go, okay this is the benchmark and lets bring everything up to this standard.

[How was it to work on the Caterpillar Elwin?]

Elwin: It was a long endeavour. Many months of working on this big asset and seeing the work come together slowly to where it's now finished and in the game.


Ben: No update right now, they know you want it.

Buccaneer is looking very cool, the Cutlass is coming along well. Drake is getting a lot of love right now. Elwin: There's a lot of ship stuff happening right now, but some they can't talk about it.

[Aurora MK2]

That doesn't exist, it may have been a conversation about making an updated model, but the rework isn't MK2, it's just the Aurora.

[What control method is the QA currently using?]

Saitek X52.

[What the heck is Jared wearing?]

 It's apparently it's a poncho souvenir from PAX South.

[Progress on making the P52 Merlin deployable from the Constellation?]

On the Art and Animation side it's completed, but need the code to make it happen which is the same that is needed to make the Caterpillars command module detach. Item system 2.0 will enable that to happen.

[Redeemer flyable anytime soon?]

It has to be reworked completely before it can be flyable.

[Delta Patcher]

It's coming! They want it just as bad as you guys to, no ETA right now.

[What ships are being worked on now?]

Cutlass, Buccaneer, Aurora. U.K. is working on some really big ships in the U.K. Elwin says he knows about a small ship in production, but can't reveal it.

[Freelancer variants?]

Not being worked on right now

[With the flight model changes and the Cutlass rework happening, will the 2.6 flight model for it be indicative of how it will be after the rework is completed?]

No, because things can change depending on how feedback is.

[How is Spectrum deployment coming?]

It's in testing right now on the PTU, it's available to everyone on the PTU. It's being patched constantly and they're close to releasing it.

[Will there be weather in 3.0.]

That was answered yesterday in Around the Verse. There was Snow, Wind, etc for the procedural planets.

[Will CIG be at Gamescom this year?]

They haven't announced their plans this year yet, but stay tuned.

[Mustang rework?]

The Mustang will be getting updated. It's going to be a little challenge because they built all the variants as well with three separate artists and bringing them together to the same standard will take some time. It's not scheduled for the near future.

[Are there any other salvage ships?]

Ben: Can't talk about that right now

[Elwin, how long is the time from concept to greybox?]

 It depends on the size of the ship. As an example the Caterpillar spent a month, month and a half to get one of the rooms from concept to finished. On big ships that's how it's down so that the other rooms take much less time, so other rooms in the Caterpillar took maybe four days. For a small ship it may take two months from concept to greybox and getting all the damage models rigged and animations done.

  • The Buccaneer has taken only a month and a half to go from concept to Greybox.

[Which ships will hold a Dragonfly?]

That's a TBD. They fit the Caterpillar because it was designed for it, but other ships is unknown unless you fit it ingame.

[What was the Vanduul ship at the end of ATV yesterday?]

The Vanduul Driller.

[Does the Command Module for the Caterpillar have hard points?]

It has three, one of the top and two on the front?

That's the end of Happy Hour. Vincent Sinatra subbed in for Tyler who isn't feeling well. Special streamer guest, SGT Gamble. Developers Ben Lesnick and Elwin Bachiller.


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