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Happy Hour: February 10th, 2017 Summary Written Friday 10th of February 2017 at 12:00pm by CanadianSyrup

It's Happy Hour time! Kick back and relax as CIG plays some Star Citizen with some special guests.

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's guests on Happy Hour were Lead Writer, Dave Haddock, and Twitch Streamer, BadNewsBaron
  • It's possible there are alien races that haven't been discovered, but if they said there were, then they wouldn't be undiscovered. Also primitive races are protected by the UEE's fairchance act in that one cannot tamper with the progress of a less technologically progressed race.
  • Mission givers will be diverse for 3.0 and beyond. Miles Eckhart won't be the only kind of mission giver out there, plus quest givers like Miles Eckhart may be "Good" or "Bad" depending on your reputation with them and what you're seeking so the "Good/Bad" guys won't be clearly defined always.
    • Missions where there's different perspectives on a same mission, IE good/bad is still being discussed on how they would implement it for certain mission.
  • The stereotype Xi'An's have about humans is that they're emotional and impulse. Xi'An's are the only non human race with defined stereotypes of the humans. The Banu love humans, but only because they love everyone that doesn't kill them.
  • When it comes to getting benefits from an alien race for example, they don't want players to have to know an entire language just to get a benefit, but open doors to them for opportunities that a player may not have gotten if they didn't know the culture. They want to prevent players from getting left out in the cold because of time invested, but still make it interesting for those who do invest the time to learn the cultures.
  • Creating large scale events ingame is something that will be looked at more in detail when it becomes relevant. They'd like to do big events, but also want to not waste dev time by creating an event that is a one time thing and then never used again, they want to be able to incorporate things in such a way that they can use them again, but be impactful when used a certain way.


The show is live! Today's Happy Hour guests are Bad News Baron and Lead Writer, Dave Haddock!

Bad News Baron is a fulyl time twitch streamer who started out with Star Citizen and ventured into becoming a Sci-fi variety streamer.

Today they'll be playing SC 2.6.1 Which is now available to more than just Evocati now

[How do you go about making Lore for a system?]

First the first couple years it was piecemeal because the team was very small, and it was a matter of slowly chipping away at it for what people needed. It wasn't until the Starmap that they had to really solidify the rest of the systems. It was a daily sync up with multiple writers to figure out what made a system interesting and drum up ideas for others.

  • They try to pull as much real world science into the systems, but also adding little things that may bend what we believe is real, but isn't known yet.

[Will there be Alien races that have yet to be discovered?]

It's a weirdly loaded question because if the people know there's an undiscovered alien race out there, then how do you know it's there to be discovered? They have illusions to ancient civilisations on several planets, so maybe? It's one of those things you have to get in there and find out.

[Were there any characters you wrote for a specific actor?]

There were certain actors that fell into place really well, but none were specifically written for them. During filming He made adjustments, but other than that no.

[Do you storyboard first?]

With Squadron 42 you would do pretty intense synchronisation with the design team and had to make sure they locked down the design with Chris so that everyone is on the same page and that they don't jump into a script without having the scope down.

[Without giving spoilers, What is your favourite chapter of Squadron 42?]

It's tough because there's many sprawling moments that are sprinkled throughout the game. It's a good question, but he doesn't know.

[Who influences you when working with lore]

It's all over the map. He was always a StarWars guy, but he wrote a lot of fantasy too. The great thing with Star Citizen is being able to pull a lot of ideas from different genres and places you wouldn't normally expect to see influencing a sci-fi game.

[What is your involvement in 3.0?]

Collectively they are hitting on several things at the moment with the writing team, specifically the mission givers the ones who give you jobs. It's surprisingly broad task as there's a lot of space to fill because Crusader is big. There's also placement of props and setting up environments to invoke feelings from the player and giving a general feel of places and generally working with environmental teams on how to sell the look and feel of a place.

[The only style of mission giver we've seen so far is Miles, are these the only kind of missions we'll see?]

  • Definitely not, he was more of a test case. His backstory was that he runs a private security force and he straddles the line of legal and illegal. They've tried to make it so if you're legit, he'll give you legit, but if you want to wander into that shady territory he might offer you something.

    • Chris's philosophy isn't about black and white, but rather shades of grey. There's going to be a lot of legit businesses that may do illegal things or illegal businesses with a legit front.
    • There's a lot of sitting down with the directors of studio's to sit down and figure out what type of missions they want from escort, hauling, etc. Then from there which system do they want them to be in and then what purpose does that mission fulfil for the player and mission
    • If there's a lawful mission giver, is there a unlawful one to balance him out? Those are some of the questions they have to answer still.

[Do any of the missions that exist from miles or other characters that exist in the "Good" or "Bad" format depending on how you're told to approach it? As in the same mission, but from a different perspective?]

There's ongoing talk about that currently and how they want to implement stuff like that.

[Is Tess Banister an AI?]

No, she's a real human being stuck at a comm array.

[Because Tess is a small part of the SC universe and has gained a lot of popularity, will she become a bigger part in 3.0 and beyond?]

They like people have become attached to her, but that's something that's a bit more complicated since they only have a voice recording of her right now and would likely involve animating her at some point.

[Do you have a part in creating the environment for areas?]

To some extent, there's the general guidelines that they help define to give a planet a look and feel, but there's opportunities to really make something special in certain areas that they can relay to the Devs.

[Every Tuesday your team comes out with a Lorepost, do you have any idea of how they may be portrayed ingame?]

Hopefully they can do something like that for ingame events and recounting them, but a lot of it will probably boil down to technical aspects and how quick they could actually turn around and get that stuff out to the players.

  • The dream is to have it so if there's a major battle and people can see it on the T.V. later and go, "Hey I was there!"

[Will there be large scale events that progress the ingame story that is also influenced by the player actions?]

That's definitely something for much farther down the line, it's one thing they'd look into when that becomes more relevant, but they'd be interested in doing something like that.

  • There's also the issue that you don't want to waste content and have this big event, but never using anything from it ever again. It's very cool to have things like that which players can get involved with and make it feel like the world is dynamic and alive, but you have to find that balance.

[Will there be choices in Squadron 42 that will end up causing the death of a wingman?]

No comment

[Will there be things a player has to do in order to not offend a race or species?]

 They don't know yet the depth of how far something like that would go, but Dave personally would want to have it to where knowledge of the culture may benefit you, but wouldn't be a determent to other players if they hadn't known it. They want to give players an incentive to go a bit further to gain a benefit, but not so much as they have to learn an entire language to be able to do anything special.

[Will there be answer to Earths myths, legends, etc in Star Citizen?]


[What are some stereotypes that our various alien races have about humans?]

The Xi'An's think humans are emotional and impulsive. The Banu love Humans, well actually they love everyone. The Vanduul... not sure yet. It's just the Xi'An's that they've made a stereotype about humans.

[Is there more than one human language or did we unify them?]

Realistically, there would be 1000's of languages in the UEE alone, but gameplay wise splitting it up would be very difficult to figure out logistically. The thought is that the UEE has a designated language.

[In games like Fallout or WoW, there's quite often lots of hidden jokes everywhere if you can find them, We saw the first one with the Big Benny's Stone Henge, but will there be more?]

  • Dave's a huge fan of them and wants to do them, but for him it's important that it doesn't come at the expense of the universe. If someone doesn't know the joke, does it take them out of the immersion or if you get it, it's funny and if you didn't, you wouldn't notice. They don't want to have too much of making fun of your universe because then it gets into parody and then it gets weird, it's a balance essentially.

  • Tyler wants to see a red planet named "Red One"

[Will there be planets with more primitive technologies?]

Yes, technically that falls under the "Fair Chance" act where UEE protects growing civilisations so that you can't uplift them or mess with them.

[Of all the systems that have been made public so far, what is the one you are looking forward to the most?]

He's very curious to see Orion because of the aesthetic and it'll answer a lot of questions when it gets into the development spotlight. Cathcart is also interesting as well.

[Do you prefer writing dialogue for good guys or bad guys?]

Bad guys because he likes the shades of grey, he likes it when bad guys aren't all that bad and it's fun to delve into their motivations behind it and why they did them. It can be fun to do it with good guys and how they aren't always white paladins.

That's the end of this week's Happy Hour. Thanks to Lead Writer, Dave Haddock and Streamer BadNewsBaron for joining the show.


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