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Citizens of the Stars: Todd Papy & Clifford_aka_Miku Written Monday 29th of May 2017 at 03:01pm by Desmarius

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Citizens of the Stars where we take a look at the best part of Star Citizen, all of you. So let's jump straight over to Ben Lesnick to see who he's chatting with for this week's Citizen Spotlight.

Citizen Spotlight With Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy). Timestamped Link.

Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. Welcome to Citizen Spotlight, the part of our show where we celebrate some of the people who make Star Citizen community so amazing. Today I'm joined by Clifford AKA Miku. Hey Clifford. Why don't you tell us who you are and what you do.

 Clifford_aka_Miku (CM): My name is Clifford_aka_Miku, and I am a Star Citizen streamer. And what I try and do for Star Citizen is I try and promote the game the best that I can. When I'm playing the game I just like to show off the many ships that I've loved to purchase. I like to describe the ends-and-outs of the ships and plan . . . and goofing off in FPS matches and just really showing where the current state of the game is and just really give them a lighthearted take on where it's going and why I'm so enthusiastic about the project.

 BL: Now I know when I'm out there it seems that I run into you on pretty much every Star Citizen podcast. Can you tell us what shows you're on, and what you talk about?

 CM: Yeah, I am on quite a few of the podcasts. One of the first ones I was ever on was on Starcast with Geekdomo. I've been on Paul Shelley's The Captain's Table or people know him as The Astropub. I've also been on Perverse the Verse from Test Squadron. I've been on The Base Radio with The Friday Night Show and The Round Table. And basically the shows, they're just a lighthearted take on Star Citizen so basically we all come together. We share our opinions, our views and we might have a little bit of a debate in there, but we really try and make it in a fun-loving way for the community, like new members of the community, can digest to understand, and also maybe get a few extra people into in Star Citizen.

 BL: Now I know there are several streaming platforms out there, YouTube, Twitch, Beam, etc. Tell us how you got started with Beam.

 CM: Yeah, I've always been about promoting Star Citizen the best of my abilities, and I felt that to me we had so many great Star Citizen streamers on Twitch, so I still … I started really looking at Beam, and I really liked the user interface. I liked the people I was converstating with, so I said, “You know what? I'm going to give it a go.” If I can get more viewers like new viewers on this totally new platform then I think I would be doing a good service to Star Citizen and the Star Citizen community by bringing on new people. New people that have never seen the game before.

 BL: Well thank you so much for being on the show Clifford. We really appreciate all your support. Now let's find out what's happening this week in Star Citizen.

Quantum Questions With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager), Todd Papy (Design Director). Timestamped Link.

Jared Huckabee (JH): Hey everybody and welcome to another edition of Quantum Questions where we take a CIG developer, put them on the hotseat and make them answer as many questions from you, the Star Citizen subscriber, as they can in under two minutes. Our guest this week is design director out of Foundry 42 - Frankfurt Mr. Todd Papy. Todd, how you doing man?

 Todd Papy (TP): Hello sir.

 JH: Alright, thanks for being on the show.

 TP: Thank you. It's good to be here.

 JH: Now, you know that the current Quantum Questions champion is Brian Chambers?

 TP: Yes ...

 JH: He's got 16 questions. How many questions do you think you'll get today?

 TP: None … I'm going to aim for 17.

 JH: I do have to tell you that some of these questions actually came from Brian Chambers.

 TP: Okay, so they're …

 JH: So …

 TP: ... loaded questions then?

 JH: Some of these are loaded questions.

TP: Okay.

 JH: He's trying to trip you up here, so let's go ahead and we'll put two minutes on the clock, and begin. What is your name, and what do you do?

 TP: Todd Papy, design director for Foundry 42.

 JH: Easy gimme. What does CIG envision as the ultimate role for player hangars in the finished game?

 TP: Player's personal storage that they can go to and look at everything that they have.

 JH: Alright. Can we expect parachutes when ejecting in atmosphere?

 TP: Not for 3.0.

 JH: How will … how many unicorns do you have on your desk?

 TP: [Laughs] Four or five at least.

 JH: Or five?

 TP: Yeah, five.

 JH: Okay, we'll check. Which unicorn is your favourite?

 TP: The first one, the hat. [Charades Putting a Hat On]

 JH: Fine. In what version release will we be able to launch and then reattach the P-52 to our Constellations?

 TP: We're aiming for 3.0, but I think there are some tech issues that we're still trying to work out right now.

 JH: Okay. Escape pods in 3.0.

 TP: Nope.

 JH: Yay or Nay? Nope? [Chuckles]

 TP: Nope. [Shakes Head Negatively & Laughs]

 JH: How many separate herbs make up Frankfurt's famous green sauce?

 TP: Ooo, I want to say 16.

 JH: No. The answer is seven.

 TP: [Disappointed Gasp]

 JH: Who is your favourite Schlager singer?

 TP: Pass.

 [Both Laugh]

 TP: David ...

 JH: The answer is Helene Fischer.

 TP: Oh, I was going to say David Hasselhoff.

 JH: When do we get ingame voice communication?

 TP: I know that they're working on it right now. I just don't know when the release schedule for that is.

 JH: If we exit from our ship during atmospheric flight will we fall down to the planet surface?

 TP: Fall and die. Yes.

 JH: Okay. Why do you always look so mad?

 TP: [Chuckles] I just don't naturally smile ...

 JH: The same thing I do.

 TP: … and the goatee.

 JH: What is your favourite German food and why?

 TP: Schnitzel, because it's delicious.

 JH: Will there be an actual use for mess halls in our ships?

 TP: Yes. It will affect your stamina, but I don't see that happening in 3.0.

 JH: Will ground vehicles get a control mapping for throttle and joystick as well as keyboard and mouse?

 TP: Yes for 3.0.

 JH: Who is your favourite developer in Frankfurt? Oh, we're out of time.

 TP: Oh. [Smile]

 JH: We're out of time. No time to answer that unfortunately. [Laughs]

 TP: Brian is not my favourite development director in Frankfurt.

 [Both Laugh]

 JH: Oh, just got to add that. Okay. So Todd Papy goes on the board with a total of 13 questions answered correctly. Of course we're going to take his word on how many unicorns he's got on his desk, since we're not there to actually check. Now remember everybody that you can submit your questions for consideration in Quantum Questions each and every week in the thread in the Subscriber's Den up on Spectrum. So for Quantum Questions, I'm Jared Huckabee. Let's throw it over to Alexis and find out what's happening this week in Sub-Conscious.

Sub-Conscious With Alexis Lesnick (Subscription Manager). Timestamped Link.

Alexis Lesnick (AL): Greetings citizens. I'm Alexis, and I'm here to give you a spicy meatball of Star Citizen subscriber news. This is Sub-Conscious.

 First up, we're collecting Town Hall questions in the Subscriber's Den. This month's live Town Hall will be with the Foundry 42's props team, so ask away about everything from ammo crates to vending machines. You know the ones I mean. Then tune in on June 6th to see the team answer the questions live.

 There's more to see on the Eclipse in the Subscriber Vault this week. The Eclipse went through a lot of development to get the Aegis stealth bomber look down just right. I think they nailed it, and you can see exactly how we got to this point with this week's Vault.

 And finally, the big news. The end of the month is coming up and that means it's time to switch out our loaner ships. Starting on June 1st your Buccaneers will go back in their hangars and be replaced with, you guessed it, the Caterpillar. All subscribers will have access to test fly the Caterpillar pirate transport all June long, so get ready to go pillin'. That's a word, right? If you love the Buccaneer so much that you want to keep it around, we'll have it available for sale to subscribers this weekend.

 That's it for this week, but there's plenty of great subscriber content to come. Until then I'm Alexis, and I'll see you in the Den.

MVP With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Nolan (TN): Hey everyone. Tyler Nolan here for this week's Top 5. Let's get started.

 Number five, Nephenteso6 has shown off their progress on a “Light Unit Breacher” character model that they have created using ZBrush and Substance Painter. I really like their concept for the kind of player you just may run into in the verse. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.

 Number four, is a gorgeous screenshot of the Argo MPUV by soulraver. I always enjoy what people can create using the dedicated camera controls and Star Citizen Alpha. Great work.

 Number three, is a short film called “My Dream” by Escorbuto. I don't want to spoil it, so head over to the Community Hub to watch this dramatic story unfold.

 Number two, Cyber-morph has created their own Aegis Eclipse wallpaper, and it's my favorite one so far. Excellent work.

 Number one and MVP is Zero-Sense for their movie, “Trouble at Comm Array”. It's a short film about a marine who must investigate a comms array and all the danger that may come with it. Congratulations Zero-Sense. You're this week's MVP.

Outro With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

TW: Well, that's all for this week. We hope that you enjoyed the show. I want to give a special shout-out to Clifford_aka_Miku for coming and chatting with us in this week's Citizen Spotlight and to Todd Papy for taking on the hotseat in Quantum Questions. And with that, we'll see you next week.

[Shaky Hand Cam]

TP: Alright. So, at my desk we've got a birthday card. We've got Rainbow Dash … Pez dispenser. Then we've got another one. We've got unicorn horn that you can drink out of. I've got unicorn tea made with unicorn poop. I've got unicorn fart stuff. I've got unicorn Lego figure. I've got unicorn meat. I've got unicorn poop. I've got three different stuffed animals that are unicorns and then I've got a unicorn balloon that's slightly deflated, and then on the other side of this there is a unicorn sign that I got. [Adjusts Camera To Self] And then from there I've taken the unicorn toilet paper that I got from somebody for a birthday, home. So, that is … that is … that is my unicorn collection, which all started as a joke with the hat as this was whoever breaks the build, they should be wearing this hat, [Dons Unicorn Hat] and from there the legend has just grown. Alright.



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