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Citizens of the Stars: Matt Intrieri and Nightrider Written Monday 3rd of July 2017 at 12:00pm by Desmarius

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Nolin (TN): Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Citizens of the Stars, our weekly look at some of the amazing content created by you, the Star Citizen community. Now let's hand it off to Tyler Witkin to see who he's talking to for Citizen Spotlight.

Citizen Spotlight With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone and welcome to another installment of Citizen Spotlight, where we take a moment to highlight some of the incredible content creators within the Star Citizen community. Now joining us this week is none other than Nightrider.

Nightrider (NR): [Waves]

TW: Night, how are you doing?

NR: I'm doing fine Tyler. Nice to see you again.

TW: Nice to see you too. Now you help with moderation on many Star Citizen themed Twitch channels including our official channel. Thank you by the way.

NR: You're welcome.

TW: How did you get into moderation?

NR: I basically started watching streamers, and I wanted to participate and give them a hand, so I asked them if they wanted me to moderate. They said yes, and it kind of grew.

TW: So what does moderating channels mean to you?

NR: For me specifically it means giving back to the community whether it's the streaming community or whether it's the Star Citizen community. It's my way of helping out if I can.

TW: That's great, and I also understand that you help out a lot of our streamers in another way. Why don't you tell me a bit about that.

NR: Well I do a little fiddling around in After Effects, and so you may have seen some of my work with Captain_Richard. I do an intro/hype video, his Star Citizen Nightly News. I've done some stuff for Bod699. It basically became something for fun that I was enjoying creating, and people seemed to like the work, and I just like being creative doing it.

TW: That is so cool. Well Nightrider, thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule and coming and hanging out with me. And for everyone else, let's find out what's going on this week in Star Citizen.

Quantum Questions With Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy), Matt Intrieri (Technical Artist). Timestamped Link.

Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. Welcome to Quantum Questions, the part of our show where we take a real live CIG developer and submit them to some Quantum Questions. Our guest this week is Matt Intrieri, Principal Ship Technical Artist here at Cloud Imperium Games, Los Angeles. How are you doing Matt?

Matt Intrieri (MI): I'm good. Laughing too hard here. [Wiping Tears From Eyes]

BL: [Chuckles] Ready to answer some Quantum Questions?

MI: Yes I am. Bring it on.

BL: Alright Mr. Off-Screen-Voice. Please put two minutes on the clock. And … go. What is your name, and what do you do?

MI: Mathew Intrieri. I'm the principal ship technical artist. I oversee the ships and implementation of the setups and destruction, lighting … various factors.

BL: What's your involvement in the Item 2.0 conversion?

MI: I am part of the review process. As the designers implement Item 2.0 I will check to see if my damage still works, my lighting still works, ... if the chip is optimized enough. I come in at various points in that process.

BL: How are interior damage states and powered lighting related?

MI: We will be shutting off lighting to exterior parts as they get blown off the ship, and also we changed the lighting states in the interiors as the ship takes damage.

BL: How do you test vehicle storage in ships?

MI: How do we attach?

BL: How do you test vehicle storage in ships?

MI: We have what are called CVars. We can type in … give ourselves cargo and then check the grid and see the cargo pile up.

BL: What is landing gear compression?

MI: Landing gear compression is when you land on let's say a planet and you see the landing gear squish as if the mechanics are taking the weight of the gears, so I'm spending a lot of time on that right now.

BL: How do you test ship-to-ship damage?

MI: Ship-to-ship damage, well ... There seems to be an issue with ship-to-ship damage, and I spent a day rubbing two ships together and tried to see how to make baby ships I guess, but it was unsuccessful, and we're going to put a bug in on that.

BL: What's the most unusual bug you've ever seen (software or insect)?

MI: [Laughs] The most unusual bug is usually you know seeing things spinning out of control, or gravity going wrong. Things like that. Just, just unable to recover from a dead spin or something like that.

Jared Huckaby (JH): We're done.

BL: That's it. Thank you very much.

MI: Alright ... I made it through eight, eight or so questions.

BL: Well for those keeping track at home that was seven questions for Matt, which is pretty good as far as these segments go. He will be ranked up there against the rest of the team as we ask them, so that we can figure out who can answer the most Quantum Questions. [More Finger Guns] With that, let's go over to Alexis and see what's happening on Sub-Conscious. [Revolving Finger Guns as Jaws-like Theme Plays]

Sub-Conscious With Alexis Lesnick (Subscription Manager). Timestamped Link.

Alexis Lesnick (AL): Hello everyone. I'm Alexis, and I'd like to welcome you to Sub-Conscious. The only mini-show that dares to ask the hard question: Are you enjoying your Constellations? The July ship of the month available for all subscribers to use for free is the mighty RSI Constellation. So what I want to know is what are you going to do about it punks? Last month we saw some truly insane Caterpillar tricks: Cat bowling, Cat stacking, Cat stuffing. Now I want to know what kind of nonsense you're getting up to in your Connies. We'll share some of the best examples here next week.

Your Vault update this week is more Nox. Nox-es, Nox-in, Nox-eritos. We're so happy everyone loves the design of this thing, and The Vault is a great way to see how it came together. You can also look forward to more flair. Your next flair drop will be next Friday, July 14th. It's the next item in the space station hologram series, and I think you'll like this one. I'll review all the secrets in the next Sub-Conscious.

With that, everybody have fun with your Constellations, make some crazy videos, and I'll see you in The Den.

MVP With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: [Slowly Rolled Into, Through & Out of Frame] Hey everybody. Welcome to this week’s Top 5 and MVP. Let's get to it.

Number five, The Crux Cup Promo by Algared – The Crux Cup is an annual race heading into it's third year, and sign-ups are going on right now. We've got a spotlight piece filmed for an upcoming episode, but I thought that they deserved a shout-out early as sign-ups are open right now. So, check it out.

Number four, Race Day on Cellin by CitizenTrick – A compelling fan art image depicting a day at the races in the Star Citizen universe. I have no doubt that this image will become a reality in the very near future.

Number three, Cat Bowling by Deedy – The Caterpillar was last month's subscriber's ship of the month and this video is everything that we could have hoped would happen with more Caterpillars in the universe. Now this month's ship is the Constellation Andromeda. So, what else have you guys got?

Number two, Nashville Tennessee Inaugural Bar Citizen by ArcherMcQuaid – Nashville held their very first bar citizen recently, and it's always a delight to see backer gatherings popping up in new places. There's probably a song I could sing about this. [Clears Throat] Here I go . . . [Deep Inhale] [Buzzer Sound]

And finally number one and this week's MVP goes to Chmee and their 3D Printed Custom Ship: The Manta, and one of my favorite things to see is the custom ships that Star Citizens design, but Chmee took the creation to the next level and brought it out into the real world. It's a compelling design that would make a thrilling addition to any display case. So congratulations Chmee, you're this week's MVP. Back to you Tyler.

Outro With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

TN: A big thanks to Matt Intrieri and Nightrider as our special guests, and don't forget that another round of buyback tokens are coming soon. So if you've been saving yours, you better use it, because they don't stack. That's all for this week's show. I'm Tyler Nolan, and I'll see you in the verse.



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