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Citizens of the Stars: Episode 5 Written Monday 27th of February 2017 at 12:00pm by Sunjammer, Desmarius and

Episode 5! This week's Citizen Spotlight is Terallian and Lead Animator Bryan Brewer puts his skills to the test in Quantum Questions. 

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy). Timestamped Link.

Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, the Star Citizens community show that puts you, the backers, first. We got a lot of cool content this week, so let's get to it, but first and awesome special effect. [Constellation In Hand Flies Across The FOV] Whoosh ...

Citizen Spotlight With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Jared Huckaby (JH): Welcome everyone to another edition of Citizen Spotlight where we take a look at the amazing content creations made by you, the Star Citizen Community, and joining us this week is Star Citizen video maker extraordinaire, Terallian.

Terallian (T): (Waves)

JH: Terallian, how are you doing man?

T: Good. How are you?

JH: I'm good. Thanks for asking. Thanks for coming on the show.

T: Yeah, no worries. It's great to be here.

JH: Now you're a maker … Well, you're a maker of several Star Citizen videos. Why don't you tell the folks at home exactly what you do.

T: So, I work for the team called Little Armada to make some CryEngine videos set in Star Citizen using Star Citizen assets, and recently we've been working on a fairly long series called Combined Arms which is really action packed, really in-depth. And, yeah we're having a great time. It's awesome.

JH: Alright, now your videos use assets that are included in our game packages and you use CryEngine or Lumberyard engine which is freely available to everybody to make your videos. Is that right?

T: Yes. Yeah, everything aside from audio is done in CryEngine, particle effects, all the visuals. Everything is done in there, so yeah.

JH: And why did you get started doing this?

T: So, early last year I got into Star Citizen probably around January maybe even December the year before, and I was trying to find a way to contribute to Star Citizen in just some sort of extra way to give back. And so I ended up working a little bit with INN, and I was trying to come up with a sort of a 3D cinematic for them. And I gave CryEngine a go, and yeah it spiraled out of control. It's awesome.

JH: Alright. There are a number of people who have made Star Citizen videos in CryEngine before. What sets you apart from the others?

T: So we've been working with a very large production team. I think we are 30 members in total at the moment. Everything from audio engineers to composers to voice talent directors, and we're all just working together to make what we think is a really, really fleshed out and polished product, so Combined Arms is a lot longer than anything else I've worked on and I think the production value is a step higher than everything else.

JH: Alright. So tell the folks at home what’s next for Terallian and Little Armarda.

T: So we’re still working on Combined Arms Part 2 which is taking … is sucking up all of our time. Probably roughly 30 minutes by the end, 25 - 30, and after that we’re working on Combined Arms Part 3.

JH: And what’s next after Combined Arms? You want to give us a hint?

T: The future looks bright.

JH: Are you taking suggestions?

T: Yeah. Definitely. If anyone has them send them on through.

JH: Alright. Well what I’m envisioning is we open on a devastatingly handsome Community Manager with a beard that has a multitude of colours …

T: That would be brilliant.

JH: Alright. Well never mind then. So folks … Terallian thanks for taking the time to come on the show here. And the guys at home you can find all of Terallian’s videos at the link in the description below this video. So for Terallian and Little Armarda, I’m Jared Huckaby and we’ll see you next week.

T: Thanks.

Quantum Questions With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager), Bryan Brewer (Lead Animator ). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Nolin (TN): Hey everyone, Community Manager Tyler Nolin here to bring you this week’s edition of Quantum Questions where we put a developer on the spot to answer as many questions in just under two minutes.

Joining us this week is Lead Animator Bryan Brewer. Bryan how’s it going?

Bryan Brewer (BB): Going good. How are you?

TN: I’m doing great. Jeremiah Lee currently holds the top spot. Do you think that you can dethrone him?

BB: Probably not.

TN: Well we’re going to find out. Two minutes on the clock and starting … now!

What is your name and what do you do?

BB: My name is Bryan Brewer. I’m Lead Animator here at CIG. I’m head of the … head of the Persistent Universe animations.

TN: What is the most recent Animation that you’ve worked on?

BB: Most recent animation I’ve worked on? I just finished fixing all the “no weapon sets” - the home pose for all the posturing that our character does in game.

TN: Putting you on the spot. Can you recreate the famous helmet flop that you did so long ago?

BB: [Recreates the helmet flip with a bowl]

TN: [Laughs] Alright, that’s amazing!

What is your favourite ship so far?

BB: Favourite ship so far? That’s a tough one. I’ve always liked the 300i.

TN: Why is it taking so long to get animations into the Persistent Universe? What’s the hold up?

BB: Our game being a live, living universe is very complex. We want the fidelity so when an NPC actually enters an object to use it - like a sitting console or a work zone of some sort - we want the fidelity so it’s smooth and it’s nice. Not only are we having to do it for all the males, we’re having to do it for the females as well. And keep track of thousands of animations.

TN: How are you handling the animations for both male and female? Can you … can they do the same things?

BB: Yes. The female and male should be able to do the exact same thing in our universe. Our process is once we finish finalising out animations on the male we retarget it to the female. She may look like a dude walking around but then we go back and we slowly fill in all the retargeted male animations with properly shot female animations.

TN: What type of animations can we expect to see aboard the Idris?

BB: You’ll see the people using consoles: sitting consoles, standing consoles. Mess hall: people going and getting chow, sitting down. We have work zones: people … NPCs you meet walking around fixing things, pulling off panels, working on the mechanics of the ship, that sort of thing. There’s weapon ranges. There’s all sorts of things …

TN: [Interrupts] And we’re out of time!

BB: That was two minutes?!

TN: That was already two minutes.

BB: Man oh man.

TN: Bryan, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule. We’ll see you later.

BB: Alright. Laters.

TN: That makes seven questions for Bryan Brewer which puts him in a tie for … last place.

Now remember if you want to contribute your own questions to future editions of Quantum Questions you can do so by heading over to the Subscribers’ Den on Spectrum. That’s it and I’ll see you next week.

MVP With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey everyone, Tyler Witkin Community Manager in the Austin, Texas studio and I am not here to bring you this week’s Top 5.

Number five. Thurston Last for capturing beauty shots utilising the new camera system introduced in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.0. Now he promises more images are on the way and we’re looking forward to it.

Number four: West_Sage for rendering his concept of a Xi’an Sword hangar flair. Now I’m no developer but I’ve got to say this thing is awesome. Great job West.

Number three: GTG. GTG modelled out the entire Star Marine map Echo 11 in Google Sketchup. Now I can’t imagine how much time this took and I’m confident that many of us will be using this to refine our FPS tactics.

Number two: Warby. Warby created a custom Star Citizen switch board allowing him an immersive way to control his ship in game. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I want one.

Number one and this week’s MVP. I want to give a huge congratulation to Dastro for his recreation of the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser this time set in Star Marine titled “Bullets”. Now after watching you can’t help but get excited to hop in game for some good old FPS action. So congratulations again Dastro, you’re this week’s MVP.

Sub-Conscious With Alexis Lesnick (Subscription Manager). Timestamped Link.

Alexis Lesnik (AL): Hello everyone, I’m Alexis and it’s time for another edition of Sub-conscious. This news is just for our development subscribers so if you aren’t one please leave the room.

I’ll wait.

Okay, now that we’re along we’ve got some exciting subscriber events coming up. First up there’s a Town Hall tomorrow and you’re invited. Tune in at 8am PST - 4pm UTC - for a live question and answer session on recent ship balance changes. We’ll be asking the tough questions provided by subscribers and also taking more live taking Spectrum Subscriber chat.

And speaking of Spectrum, the new Subscriber chat is popping off. I try and stop by each day and you should feel free to drop in, say “Hi” and get your Citizen on!

Next get ready to get a closer look at the Anvil Hurricane which will be starring in this week’s Vault Update on Thursday. Just how do we cram so many guns on to it? Check back to find out.

And we’ve one more thing for you. Or should I say ten things? 10 for the Chairman is coming back with a special edition to talk about one of the subjects you’ve requested: Professions in Alpha 3.0. The Chairman himself will be joined by Mr. Tony Zurovec the Master of Worlds. Expect a special focus on cargo hauling and mining. You can use Spectrum to propose questions or vote for others to let us know they are especially important to you.

As always thank you subscribers. You’re the reason we get to do these and other community focussed features.

This is Alexis saying I’ll see you in the Den.

Outro With Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy). Timestamped Link.

BL: Well that’s it for this episode of Citizens of the Stars. A very special thank you to Bryan Brewer and Terallian for making it happen. And of course to backers from around the world for tuning in and making Star Citizen happen.

Be sure to check out the Anvil Hurricane which is available on the RSI site right now. We put together a really cool booklet and we’re super proud of it. Please check it out. And until then, I’m Ben Lesnick and you’re … not Ben Lesnick!







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