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Citizens of the Stars: Episode 4 Written Monday 20th of February 2017 at 12:00am by StormyWinters

Another edition of Citizen Spotlight, Quantum Questions, MVP with the introduction of a third Community Manager rounds out today's fourth episode of Citizens of the Stars. 

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Jared Huckaby(JH): Welcome everybody once again to another episode of Citizens of the Stars, our weekly look at the amazing content being generated by you, the Star Citizen community. I’m your host  for this week Community Manager, Jared Huckaby. Now Star Citizen as a project is unique for a lot of reason but perhaps none are more closely to my heart then its community. That’s because the work that you do each and every week to improve the overall Star Citizen experience is a testament to the creativity, the ingenuity and the driving spirit that’ll make Star Citizen the best damn space sim ever and quite frankly that’s why this show is all about you. So what do you say we get started with this week’s Citizen Spotlight.

Citizen Spotlight With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin(TW): Hey everyone and welcome to another edition of Citizen Spotlight, where we take a moment to highlight some of the content creators within our community, joining of this week is none other than the talented Ungineer. Ungineer, how are you doing my friend?

Ungineer(U): I’m doing great Tyler, how are you?

TW: I’m doing great, thank you for asking. Now it’s no secret at all that the stuff you’ve been creating is absolutely incredible. Most recently you’ve 3D printed the Aegis Reclaimer, how did you get into doing stuff like this?

U: Well, I got into 3D printing through just doing some engineering work and of course I love Star Citizen and all the ships so I thought it was time to start printing them.

TW: Awesome and what is the process like for pulling something like this off?

U: Well, start out pulling the models off the RSI website from the holoviewer models and then it takes quite a bit of cleanup to pull it apart into smaller pieces to print and fill up all the holes and things like that. So I think the Reclaimer took about a full week to print.

TW: That’s very cool, and this is not the first ship you’ve 3D printed. What else have you done?

U: Correct, about a year before the Reclaimer, I did the MISC Starfarer.     

TW: That’s awesome, last question I have for you, what’s next?

U: Well, I’ve started the mesh work for printing on the Carrack. So, hopefully I’ll have the Carrack printable maybe in another two or three weeks.

TW: Sounds great and I can’t wait to see it. Well Ungineer, thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to come and h ang out with us and for all of you watching at home we’ll see you next week.  

Quantum Questions With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager), Will Weissbaum (Senior Writer). Timestamped Link.

JH: Welcome everyone to another edition of Quantum Questions, where we take a CIG developer put him in the hot seat and make them answer as many of your questions from Star Citizen subscribers as they can in under two minutes. Now this week’s special guest is Senior Writer for Star Citizen, Squadron 42 and Cloud Imperium Games, Mr. Will Weissbaum. Will, how’re you doing?

Will Weissbaum(WW): You just gave away the answer to the first question.

JH: Hey, you do your job and I’ll do my job, ok? All right, so Will you’re here on the hot seat how many questions are you going to get today?

WW: I think I’m going to beat the current record which I think is eleven. I think I can easily get twelve, I’m very knowledgable.         

JH: All right, we took these questions not just our fans, our subscribers in the Subscriber’s Den but we also went to some of your fellow Loremakers themselves and had them submit some questions.

WW: That was not part of the deal.

JH: So, let’s see if you can beat it. So, let’s put two minutes on the clock and begin. What is your name and what do you do?

WW: I know this one, Will Weissbaum and I am Senior Writer.

JH: Articles on the robertsspaceindustries.com website are often referred to as what?  

WW: Lore posts but also part of the news updates underneath the Spectrum Dispatch category.

JH: We were looking for Comm-Links.What day of the week are new lore posts added to the robertsspaceindustries.com website?

WW: Every Tuesday.

JH: What Star System served as an operation point for the revolutionaries that overthrew the Messers?

WW: That was the Bremen system, it was kind of it’s claim to fame. Everyone thought it was sleepy but then they helped overthrow Messer, that was too much of an answer… I got to go faster.

JH: Will the Galactic Guides ever be available in print?

WW: Yeah, we’ve done two volumes of them already, volume I and volume II that have collected the first two years of Jump Point magazines, they’re great.

JH: In the Star Citizen universe, there are 9 systems that begin with the letter ‘C’. Name 5 of them?

WW: Oh no, Croshaw is one, oh no… there goes all my time. That’s a K, that’s a K… Caliban is two. Pass.

JH: Name a character from lore posts on robertsspaceindustries.com that will appear in Squadron 42?

WW: Ah, Cal Mason who was also featured in Cassandra’s Tears.

JH: How would you describe the next concept ship we’re about to sell?

WW: Glass cannon.

JH: Tell us something new about 3.0?

WW: Let’s see, recently we've been working on a character named Luca Brunt who runs the racing parlor in GrimHex and he’s gonna help you place bets as well as maybe have some racing missions for you to do.

JH: All right, do Banu like chairs? We’re outta time!    

WW: Adam, Cherie… I’m getting you for that ‘C’ question, oh man.

JH: So, Will Weissbaum goes on the board with a total of 7 questions answered correctly. Remember you could submit your own questions for consideration in future episodes by submitting them into the Subscriber’s Den in the appropriate thread but coming up next let’s find out who this week’s top 5 and MVP are.

MVP With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager), Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

TW: Hey everyone, Tyler Witkin Community Manager in the Austin, Texas studio and I am not here to bring you this week’s top five. No, I actually have a special announcement that I’m pretty excited about. Now as many as you know we have an incredible community and in an effort to match that, the community just got bigger. So join me in welcoming my good friend and one of the most dedicated Star Citizen’s that I know, your newest and third Community Manager, Tyler Nolin.

Tyler Nolin(TN): Yes, that’s right there are two Tylers. I started in Austin with the QA team but I’m honoured to join Tyler and Jared on the community team and getting to know all of you but enough about me, this show is about you the Citizens. So let’s jump into this week’s top five:

Number five, congratulations to DJ Knight for achieving 500 consecutive days of streaming on Twitch. To celebrate he hosted a 12 hour stream that ended with several rounds of Star Marine, very impressive.

Number four, VanValdenburg took a 3D model of the M509 Interceptor and placed it in a wind tunnel simulator to show how well the M50 will fly in atmospheric conditions. Great stuff and we hope to see more tests in the future.

Number three, inspired by custom macro boxes Fatal_Dan took a spare keyboard to engineer a creative way to perform emotes while recording his videos.

Number two, thechosen211 for their high resolution animated wallpaper of Port Olisar and Crusader that loops on your desktop. It’s really beautiful and I’m currently using it as my wallpaper here in the office.

Number one and this week’s MVP goes to AndrewRall for the Science of Star Citizen. A new YouTube series where they take gameplay mechanics and lore then discuss the roots and science behind it. It’s so interesting and I cannot wait for the next episode, so congratulations again AndrewRall, you’re this week’s MVP.

Outro With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: Well, that wraps up another episode of Citizen of the Stars. Remember you can still find all your regular weekly developmental updates for Star CItizen on Around the Verse every Thursday. A special thanks to Will Weissbaum, Ungineer and to all the Star Citizens who take their time to share their creations with us every single day. For Citizens of the Stars,  I’m Jared Huckaby and we’ll see you in the Verse.


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