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Citizens of the Stars: Episode 11 Written Monday 10th of April 2017 at 12:00pm by Desmarius

On today's episode featuring Jorunn in Citizen Spotlight and Dennis Daniel on Quantum Questions. 

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Nolin (TN): Hey, everyone. Community Manager Tyler Nolin here to welcome you to another episode of Citizens of the Stars, where we highlight amazing content created by you, our Star Citizen backers. With that let's hand it off to Tyler Witkin and see who he's interviewing for this week's Citizen Spotlight.ci

Citizen Spotlight With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin (TW): Hey, everyone and welcome to another installment of Citizen Spotlight where we take a moment to highlight some of the amazing people within the Star Citizen community. Joining us this week is someone who many of you are probably already familiar with, the legendary Jorunn. Jorunn, how are you doing?

Jorunn (J): [Waves] I'm doing fantastic. How are you doing?

TW: I'm doing great. Thank you for asking. Now it's no secret at all that you've made some incredible contributions when it comes to bringing Star Citizens together through Bar Citizens. So let's start with the basics, what is a Bar Citizen?

J: Well, Bar Citizen was originally coined by Michael Moreland back around the original Kickstarter in Austin with Wingman, Kinshadow and some other guys having meet-ups, and they've been doing it ever since. It's grown since then to cover any gathering of Star Citizens fans from a few nerds in someone's house to dozens or hundreds at restaurants or other venues. It's not just bars.

TW: Very cool. So what is your role when it comes to Bar Citizens?

J: Well, last Summer GrayHeadedGamer asked me to set up the Florida Bar Citizen and with your help and some other nerds. We had over 80 people, and that got me so hyped. A friend suggested that I start the International Bar Citizen Organizers Discord channel, and that brought in people from around the world. And we've already been having events like Chris in England with the BritizenCon and Semila in Germany with CitCon and lot of people who wanted to start their own. So I see my role as helping hype the community and bringing people together in the real world around this dream we've all got.

TW: That's awesome. So what do Bar Citizens mean to you?

J: Bar Citizens has become my overriding passion. It's helping to bring space nerds together all over the world. It's completely changed my life, and every time I help a new person set up their own event and make new friends, it's just totally amazing.

TW: Awesome and well said. Lastly, how can people find out if there is a Bar Citizen happening in their area?

J: Well, we've got a website, barcitizen.sc There's an event map, and if there isn't already an event in their area there's a link to our organizers Discord channel, and also there's a lot of local Discord channels around many states and countries where people can meet other nerds that are already having events or they can start their own. Either myself or some of the organizers will be happy to help them, show them how to find people and set it up, and there is also the Spectrum Bar Citizen chat channel where myself or some of the other organizers are helping direct people there to.

TW: Great. Well Jorunn, thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule and coming and talking with me. Up next let's find out what's happening this week in Star Citizen.

Quantum Questions With Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy), Dennis Daniel (IT Manager). Timestamped Link.

Ben Lesnick (BL): Hey everybody. Welcome to Quantum Questions, the part of our show where we take a real live CIG developer and ask them some of your real life questions. Today we are joined by Mr. Dennis Daniels who will have to answer as many questions as he can in just two minutes. [Holds Up Two Fingers] Let's do this thing. [Pistol Finger] I am joined here today by one of the very best people in the world, Mr. Dennis Daniel. Hey Dennis, how are you today?

Dennis Daniel(DD): I'm doing good.

BL: You ready to answer some Quantum Questions?

DD: I'm ready to beat everybody else.

BL: How many do you think you're going to get?

DD: Fifty.

BL: I would not doubt that. Alright, let's do this thing. Can we have two minutes on the clock? And one … two … three … go.

BL: What is your name and what do you do?

DD: Hi, my name is Dennis Daniel. I'm the IT Manager here at CIG Los Angeles.

BL: What is your character class?

DD: My character class is explorer. I like to get out and see new things and see new worlds and destroy aliens.

BL: What about in Dungeons & Dragons?

DD: A paladin, of course.

BL: Now, what is the standard dev machine for Star Citizen?

DD: Standard dev machine is six core i7, run about 32-64 gigs of RAM, SSD and we're trying to get as many new 1080 Nvidia cards that we can in there to make everything nice and smooth.

BL: How do the different studios stay in contact?

DD: Through telepathy.

BL: Are we going to get a Prospector style ship for the repair profession?

DD: Maybe. I've seen some stuff drafted up, but I'll go talk to the guy and see what I can kick him in the gear and get him to do.

BL: [Chuckles] If you just landed your ship on a planet and get out of it, and the first thing you see is one of the flying spiders will you fight it, tame it or just escape?

DD: I'd run over it.

BL: Favorite operating system?

DD: Windows 10.

BL: What's the strangest peripheral we've tested Star Citizen with?

DD: The strangest peripheral that we tested Star Citizen with was a Russian HOTAS controller that was pretty bizarre and had a lot of Russian characters on it, but it actually worked pretty good.

BL: Best fast food burger?

DD: Is a Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

BL: Give us a Duke Nukem quote.

DD: “I'm all out of bubblegum.”

BL: What is 84 divided by 2?

DD: 42.

BL: What will be the biggest ship that we can buy in the game?

DD: Isn't it the Tiger's Claw?

BL: When will the Aegis Redeemer get a rework?

Jared Huckaby (JH): Out of time! [Buzzer Sounds]

BL: [Laughs]

DD: Oh, there we go.

JH: Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

DD: There we go.

BL: Telepathy how … I guess we're going to give him that one. That is 13 for Dennis which is not quite a record, but still pretty good. [Double Thumbs Up] Anyway, we'll see you next week on Quantum Questions. [Finger Gun] It will [Cancel Motion]… Nope, nope, none of that was good. Alright, alright.

Sub-Conscious With Alexis Lesnick (Subscription Manager). Timestamped Link.

Alexis Lesnick (AL): Hello everyone and welcome to Sub-Conscious, the mini show that let's you know what's going on with the Star Citizen subscription program. I'm Alexis, and I'm here with some news that I think find more than flair. I know that you've all been patiently waiting to hear about the next series of hangar flair, and today I'm excited to announce that is ... wait for it ... tiny holographic space stations. That's right true believers starting this Friday you'll find a special holotable in your hangar. No, it's not that kind of holotable. This one will display holographic models of space stations from the Star Citizen Universe. The first model is one you are all familiar with, the ICC probe from the Stanton System, and future updates will share some of the cool installations that we have in the works. What kind of space stations would you like to see added in the future? Deep space truck stops, orbital artillery sites, Lagrange point transfer stations, those round ones that are in every 1950s sci-fi movie… you can let me know in the Subscriber's Den, and I will pass your suggestions along to the team.

And while we are talking about flair, remember that the special Big Benny's machine item will be attributed on Monday of next week. So please make sure you have an active subscription by then if you want to have one in your hangar. You can also look forward to another great issue of Jump Point and a soon to be revealed Subscriber Town Hall later this month. We'll have more details next week and until then I'll see you in the Den.

MVP With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: Hey everybody. Community Manager Jared Huckaby here with this week's Top 5 and MVP. Let's get to it.

Number five this week was April Fools and while we didn't have a gag this year here at CIG, our friends at NewEgg came through with spectacular style with the world's first nine screen laptop featuring Star Citizen. I didn't know I needed a Gsync caps lock and num lock before this, but now I can't imagine going through life without them, so good job NewEgg.

Number four, the release of Star Citizen 2.6.2 brought a number of features to Star Citizen but my favorite was the return of TrackIR support. If you've never played a driving, flight or space sim without TrackIR, I personally recommend you check it out. It opens up a whole another level of immersion when flying through the cosmos.

Number three, the Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous subreddits for immortalizing both games in last week's r/place project. Members from both subreddits banded together to not only add the two logos to the patchwork digital quilt, but defend it from hostile takeovers until the project was locked. It was a delightful show of teamwork and camaraderie that shows the power of space sims in today's modern gaming world.

Number two, the Next Great Ship Commercial, a fan organized riff on our own Next Great Starship Competition... Slayer, TNT and others came together to start their very own reality based competition to find the next great ship commercial. The first episode is online now, and I look forward to seeing who wins.

And finally number one and this week's MVP goes to the starcitizen.it Italian community for organizing a special event in Italy at Modena Play where they set up eight high performance gaming rigs, held daily tournaments and introduced Star Citizen to more than 900 visitors that weekend. So, congratulations Nepher and gang. You're this week's MVP. Back to you Tyler.

Outro With Tyler Nolin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

TN: Well that's all for this week's show. A big thank you for Jorunn and Dennis Daniel for being our guests this week. Now remember, if you want a chance of your own content being featured on this show, you can submit it at the Community Hub on our website. With that, I'll see you in the 'Verse.



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