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Citizens of the Stars: Episode 1 Written Tuesday 31st of January 2017 at 08:54am by StormyWinters

It's the debut of Citizens of the Stars! Check out the new show hosted by Jared Huckaby

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Intro With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Jared Huckaby(JH): Welcome to Citizen of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen community. I’m your host for this week Community Manager, Jared Huckaby, now it’s no secret that Star Citizen community is a vital and important part of the overall Star Citizen experience. That’s because nearly every part of Star Citizen is made with some level of involvement by the community, whether it’s bug reporting the Issue Council, feedback collected on our forums or the content generated that celebrates our mutual love of scifi, outer space, videogames and the notion that we can do more together than we can alone.

The Star Citizen community is an essential touchstone of our development and we would like to share a little of what you guys do each and every week with this show. So first up, let’s check out this week’s Citizen Spotlight.

Citizen Spotlight With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Welcome everyone to the first edition of Citizen Spotlight where we highlight the tremendous content creations made by you, members of the Star Citizen community and joining us this week is Mr. West Sage. West, how you doing man?

West Sage(WS): Doing fantastic.

JH: Now West is here because he did something I’ve never seen before. West, you took it upon yourself, I mean nobody asked the guy to do this… to create the entire bridge of the Anvil Carrack in Google Sketchup. Tell me what that was like?

WS: Well, first of all I’m a huge fan of the Anvil Carrack and I wanted to be able to explore the bridge and run around and just see what it would be like to be on the ship. So I took as much concept art as I could find and built it in Sketchup one piece at a time and I streamed the entire thing on Twitch and then did a timelapse video and posted that up on YouTube.

JH: Wow and how long did that take you all told?

WS: It took me a total of 14 hours to complete the entire project.

JH: Fourteen hours to completely model the Carrack bridge, huh?

WS: Yeah.

JH: You looking for a job?      

WS: If you’re hiring.

JH: cloudimperiumgames.com/jobs everybody. All right West, now this isn’t the first Star Citizen related thing that you’ve created before. What else have you made?

WS: I have made some Star Citizen parts and components like the shield generators and gravity generators.

JH: Did you go to school for this or are you self taught?

WS: Self taught.

JH: Good man, good man. Stay in school everybody. All right so West thanks for taking the time to share with us one of your creations for the Star Citizen community and guys you can check back every single week and see something new that your fellow Star Citizens are creating and adding to the overall Star Citizen experience. Up next let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week in Star Citizen.

Quantum Questions With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager), Ben Lesnick (Director of Community Engagement and Content Strategy). Timestamped Link.

JH: Welcome everybody to the first edition of Quantum Questions and on this show it’s not just about highlighting the amazing contributions of our fans, it’s also going to be our chance to take a CIG developer… put them on the hotseat and answer as many questions from Star Citizen subscribers as they can in under two minutes. Up first on this very first edition of Quantum Questions, Director of Community Engagement, online strategy and spaceships… Mr. Ben Lesnick. Ben, how’re you doing?

Ben Lesnick(BL): I’m doing great. How are you doing?

JH: I’m doing well, you ready for this?

BL: Totally.

JH: How many questions you going to get?

BL: I’m going to answer 42 questions.

JH: 42 questions?! That’s very bold, sir. All right, so let’s put two mins on the clock and begin. Ben, what is your name?

BL: Ben Lesnick, Destroyer of Worlds.

JH: What is your quest?

BL: From best to worst: Space, King, Police, Ego.

JH: All right, what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

BL: African or...pass.

JH: What ships are currently being reworked?

BL: We have the Cutlass rework that’s coming along really, really well. I think we’ve shared some of that already and we’ve just kicked off the update pass for the Aurora, our most popular ship.

JH: What is a buy-back token?

BL: A buy-back token allows you to purchase a ship you may have melted for store credit in the past. So, let’s say you have some limited ship like a…350r, you melted it to buy some concept ship and you get, you know, 350r envy and you want to go back and race more. You can use a buy-back token to do that.

JH: When are buy-back tokens awarded?

BL: They are awarded quarterly.     

JH: What is LTI?

BL: LTI stands for Lifetime Insurance. In Star Citizen everyone has insurance on their ships which allows them to… if they’re destroyed to be replaced without having to go back and earn them again. Lifetime insurance just means you never have to renew that insurance.

JH: What is the Ben dance?

BL: Ben dance is something I did in an episode of Wingman’s Hangar years ago now where I just sort of did a ridiculous dance and it became a gif and a meme and all that.

JH: Will you do the Ben dance for us now?

BL: I can because it means moving your legs in no way,

JH: All right, what is the next ship we’ll see implemented in-game?

BL: Well, that’s a tough one to answer. We have a bunch coming along right now, we have the Buccaneer in production right now. You guys have seen some of the stuff with the space bikes, there is one surprise that we’re going to have for you in one of the upcoming patches so I can’t give anymore detail than that, I’m sorry.

JH: Who is your favourite community manager?

BL: Tyler Witkin.  

JH: Don’t have to answer quite so fast...what is the next concept ship?

BL: Well, I can’t say but on an unrelated note did you hear they’re bringing back Ducktales? Life is like a….

JH: All right and finally why Wing Commander?

BL: Honestly it was the community. It was…

JH: We’re out of time. Ben Lesnick goes on the board with a total of 10 questions answered correctly. Of course, he’ll go on to compete against other CIG developers each and every week here on this show. Now you can submit your questions for consideration in a specialized thread that’s up right now in the Subscriber’s Den. Of course, keep them short and sweet so they have the best chance at answering them in the under two minute deadline. So for Quantum Questions I’m Jared Huckaby, that was Ben Lesnick. We’’ll see you next week everybody.

MVP With Tyler Witkin (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

Tyler Witkin(TW): Hey everyone, Tyler Witkin, Community Manager in the Austin, Texas studio here to bring you this week’s top five. Number five, The AstroPub… we want to give you a huge congratulations for your partnership with Twitch.tv. Now if you don’t know who the AstroPub is head over to Twitch.tv/theastropub for some good old fashion scifi entertainment.

Number four, ArchAngel. Now this one stems from a little bit of jealousy, he created an epic Squadron 42 military tour jacket outfitted with some really cool patches so cool stuff.

Number three, Spoofghost. Now Spoofghost actually reached out to me with some of the fan art that he had created and it blew my mind. This one’s called Blood on the Horizon War.

Number two, Skinter030. Now if you like the Special Edition of Alien Languages theme AtV last week, you’re going to love this, this is a Xi'’An orthography language graphic that is definitely worth checking out. Great stuff.

Number one and this one’s special because this is this week’s MVP, I want to give a huge congratulations to SonicTemples for creating his Star Citizen fan made short film, The Shuttle. Now I don’t even want to give you a lot of information on this because I want you to head over to the Community Hub and check it out for yourself. This thing is epic, congratulations again SonicTemples. You’re this week’s MVP.

Now that does it for this week’s top five. Keep the great content flowing and we’ll see you in the Verse.

Outro With Jared Huckaby (Community Manager). Timestamped Link.

JH: Well, that about wraps up our first episode of Citizens of the Stars. Remember you can still find all the latest development updates on Around the Verse every Thursday. A special thanks to West Sage, Ben Lesnick and every Star Citizen who takes the time to share their work with us. For Citizens of the Star, I’m Jared Huckaby and we’ll see you in the Verse.


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