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Calling All Devs: September 4th 2018 Written Wednesday 5th of September 2018 at 05:26am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary of Calling All Devs September 4th

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • CIG have been talking internally about Tessa. Currently her voice lines are not hooked into any facial data or animations. One particular point CIG want to address is what to do with the existing lines. I.E Do they want the actress to do lip synch to them. In addition to some other technical issues they need to overcome. CIG do want to bring her back though

  • If a player isn’t in the cockpit of their ship and a new ship is detected on radar, CIG want an audible alarm that you could hear across the ship to alert you and allow you to respond. The on board computer will likely pipe in other audio alerts/information as well

  • Calix was working on a prototype a long time ago that would have different status reading from around the ship and then displayed on various monitors using the render to texture technology. CIG envision a security MFD that allows a player to open/lock/close all the doors, set gravity etc

  • If a cargo bay is being depressurised an alarm will sound. Unless it is specifically turned off that is, be it for security reasons or even if it just because you are doing it so often that it gets on your nerves

  • CIG have not got a definite decision on where the first jump point will navigate to. A few factors come into play such as, where can they build, what can they work on while still bringing on new tech etc. There have been talks on it, so it is on CIG’s radar, but they do want to get the Stanton system a lot more built out first  


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