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Calling All Devs: October 29th 2018 Written Tuesday 30th of October 2018 at 08:55am by Heremus, Shiver_Bathory and

Summary of Calling All Devs October 29th 2018

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • CIG will not place movement restrictions on players in cities. This means you can run, jump etc anywhere and only be restricted by the stamina system. If a player wishes to run or take shortcuts that may result in injury, they are free to do so.

  • There are no plans for now or the foreseeable future to give players a portable hab i.e. a sleeping bag or bed roll to use in a vehicle that has no bed for spawning purposes.

  • CIG is planning to add tactile animations in ship cockpits. This will bring a more immersive and holistic feel of the SC universe to the player. Animations are planned for the inner thought system options like the engine and power on buttons for example, or the flight joystick movement as well as pressing the buttons for firing the guns or missiles. To adapt as few as possible animations for all the different cockpits CIG will use inverse kinematic animations. (Steve Bender is working at moment on the ground base combat AI, to make it better respond and make it react more realistically.)

  • CIG are not ready to give specific information about the interplay between the Banu Defender and the Banu Merchantman, because they are subject to change. They have thought of and will test several features which will tie the Defender and Merchantman together physically and gameplay wise. For a  better understanding of what features will be chosen CIG will build the Banu Defender first. Only after that the properties and features of the Banu Merchantman will be locked down and the development on it will begin. The Merchantman is going to be built in the Manchester Office while the Banu Defender will be built in Austin.

  • The implementation of Item System 2.0 will start internal testing in this quarter of the year. For internal tests the Anvil Terrapin is the first ship that Item System 2.0 will be implemented on. At moment CIG has to finish up their work on some technical difficulties when this is finished, the first step will be to put all the items physically into the Terrapin and hook them up with the ship systems. The second step is to make those components interchangeable with the players. After the Terrapin works fine with the system it will be adopted for all other ships. Item System 2.0 will be ready for public release some time next year.


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