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Calling All Devs: November 5th, 2018 Written Monday 5th of November 2018 at 04:00pm by Nehkara

Summary of Calling All Devs November 5th 2018


  • With system degradation, will we get maintenance to slow / repair wear?

    • They’ve talked about repairing with a little repair tool or swapping out sub items, that will help stem the flow.

    • On the power MFDs there’s a little cog, it shows the percentage of wear. At some point there’ll be more info given on that.

    • Wear is dependent on how much you’re using the item, so it’s hard to be predictive of how much longer an item has.

    • There will be lots of systems coming online eventually to tweak, maintain, and repair items.

  • The Merlin isn’t getting a huge rework, just the cockpit is getting brought in line with other ships. It’ll still have the custom UI setup likely.

  • Don't’ expect Merlin docking with 3.6. Docking’s gonna work alongside the Hull C; the Hull C needs to be docked to sell it, it can’t land with cargo. First stage of docking will be ship to station, and the next stage will be ship to ship.

  • Technically there’s no reason why CIG couldn’t slap on a more focused set of headlights to ships; they’re now taking a look at ship headlights to change them from looking cool in specific situations to something that works a bit better and feels a little more immersive. At the same time, they don’t want everyone to have *super* strong headlights, ‘cause that could be trolling-able. They are going to increase range as much as they can reasonably, possibly in 3.3.5.

  • CIG don’t want players to bypass content. Travelling from planet to planet, things will happen along the way, and CIG don’t want risk-free travel. If there’s a need for it in the future, they might add it, but right now they’d rather have players experience the content and move through the world realistically.

  • Doing a lot of cleanup on trains, working with the procedural team to get tracks procedurally generated throughout cities, or get elevators procedurally generated and such.



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