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Calling All Devs: May 21st Written Sunday 27th of May 2018 at 07:44am by Shiver_Bathory

A summary of the newest bits of information from Calling All Devs

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Currently when entering a ship, the character will teleport to the animation start point, this is something that will be changed in the future as it is not what CIG want in the finished product. In 3.2 they will start to implement changes to the system. Starting with being able to cancel the animation and thus cancel the boarding of your ship by walking away. In the future they would like to implement a system so if a player is too far away from the animation start point you will walk to the point, during that walk the player should be able to cancel the animation at any point simply by inputting a different directional key

  • The eventual goal with quantum navigation and travelling over long paths that involve multiple jumps is for the system to create a dynamic path for the player(s) to follow, once that is in they hope to then add another layer wherein the player can change the course plotted for them, if the player wanted to avoid or visit a particular place.

  • There will be a navigator position for players, it is a role which scales up with the ship. The bigger the ships the more important the navigator role becomes. A player in an Aurora for instance will not have to be checking their nav screen constantly. Plotting courses for capital ships will be a full time job, that requires teamwork with other players and systems, will the ship physically fit in the area the course has plotted for instance. A player could use a parasite ship to scout ahead, quantum link with its mother ship and also assist in navigation in that way as well.

  • Starting in the next patch VTol thrusters orientation has to be considered in atmosphere and gravity. For instance a Reclaimer will need to have its thrusters properly orientated to achieve lift off and this will also be the same for other large and heavy ships. This is only the first iteration and CIG will be paying attention to player feedback on the system


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