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Calling All Devs: June 4th Written Sunday 10th of June 2018 at 02:59am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary of Calling All Devs for June 4th

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Calling All Devs

Special thanks to Heremus for summarising the vast majority of this episode.

  • Current plans for life support implementation(source Steve Turberfield Senior Systems Designer)

    • Fixed component on every ship

    • Rather than replacing it, repair is needed.

    • The component will be rather simple and the same on every ship.

    • The life support system only consumes energy/fuel for recycling the air. (No extra oxygen is needed)

    • If it gets damaged beyond repair you have to rely on your space suit until you can get repairs.

The life support system will be an accessible ship component on every ship with a breathable atmosphere. Its main function will be to recycle the ships existing air supply by the mere use of ship energy. While size and position of the component may vary from ship to ship their buildup will be nearly the same.

A life support unit that is damaged can’t be replaced fully but can be repaired by hand to some extent. If the component is beyond repair, a space suit is recommended until the component gets replaced or repaired by third parties.  

  • Preventing venting of ships(source Kirk Tome Lead Systems Designer)

    • All ships with this issue has to be addressed.

    • An entire rework is hopefully not necessary, only re-adjust the area of the airlocks.

    • When life support system gets implemented they can get connected to the room systems, ships venting like the Reliant can be prevented.

    • Not currently on the schedule but will be soon

    • The system will be intricate enough to vent only certain rooms and areas as appropriate. If an area is of a suitably large size

Life support systems will also help to some extent with the venting of ships issue, where ships will depressurise there internal atmosphere by opening the door to the vacuum of space. The upcoming life support system will make it possible to de- and pressurise rooms before leaving the ship for Extravehicular Activities(EVA). This will be, most probable, the only solution for smaller ships like the Reliant. Bigger ships like the Freelancer for example with special ship to space entry and exit points will become readjustments for the airlock mechanics. This will add a more logical transition to space and back into the ship.

Are the stats for Constellation Phoenix still accurate(source Steve Hosmer Sen. sys. Designer)

Phoenix Ship Shape is upcoming in a future episode

Armour 2.0 is in the works and gets converted into item 2.0

No information how armour 2.0 will affect the Phoenix

Old power plant sizes are not accurate anymore

Phoenix will have now 2 competition class grade B  power plants while the not so classy Constellations will have civilian class grade C power plants

Point defense turrets are now called unmanned turrets

Point defense turrets tech is still in development, the tech won’t be ready before patch 3.4.

When Phoenix is released in 3.3 the automated turrets will not be functioning as CIG are still working on the tech for automated turrets but it will be coming in the future soon after - Addendum: Disco Lando made a comment on the follow up RtV adding that the Phoenix will have 2 manned turrets on release that currently are being aimed at being automated

The Constellation rework is currently done and with that comes a new adjustment of the ships overall specifications. Some of the changes are still unclear, like for example the increased armour of the Constellation Phoenix. This is because armour 2.0 is also currently worked on and needs to be integrated into the Item System 2.0. However The Constellation Phoenix will have instead of two civilian class power plants grade C, now have two competition class grade B power plants, so that the increase in performance between the Constellation variants is still warranted. The former categorizations of power plants in different sizes is not accurate anymore.


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