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Calling All Devs: June 11th Written Sunday 17th of June 2018 at 07:58am by Shiver_Bathory

Calling All Devs Summary

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Calling All Devs

  • Escape pods when ejected will find a safe distance from the explosion but the current plans for them means they will not be effectively a ‘mini-ship’ that the player can use. Item System 2.0 is helping with the development of escape pods. The engine can recognise the player in an escape pod or seat in the escape pod, but they are working on the implementation of detaching the player from the object and having all the systems involved work together

  • The Reliant and variants will have some tweaks and polishing work done to improve cargo capacity and weapons capability to be on par with equivalent ships if and where appropriate, but a full rework is unlikely at the current moment in time. The ability for the player to manually switch between vertical and horizontal flight modes will be implemented at some point in the future when ships can trigger different state modes independently of triggering other state modes, this technology will then be used across a vast array of ships and items in the game.  

  • Due to the way a few certain ships are setup it is currently impossible for a player to physically carry cargo on to them even if there is enough space in the ship for whatever the player may be carrying. The team will fix these issues in the future. For instance with the Aurora the team will remove the need to use an animation on the stairs to enter the ship. The player will then be able to store their cargo where it may fit. 300i will take a few cues from the 100 series and have a folding down entryway into the ship as opposed to the long ladder it currently utilises. As is always the case these are just the current ideas to solve these issues and may change in the future as new tech or solutions come online. Other ships affected will also be given appropriate solutions

  • Weather will not be active in the first iteration of its release in 3.3, it will be coming out with its associated biomes. Their goal with weather will be to make it something more procedural this will help easing transitions between states and look visually more pleasing to the player, as well as for the player to be able to see what the weather is like while in orbit.

  • Current thoughts are to not allow the player to instantly teleport across the ‘verse in order to play with friends i.e. Agent Smithing. The player will be able to login and find the location of a friend in the ‘verse and go to them but it will not be an instant fast-travel like system. -Note Disco Lando clarified on RtV that there is no instant teleport for your character however CIG still want to pursue allowing a player to take control of an NPC on another person’s ship but it would remain an NPC and none of the benefits that your player character may have would not transfer over. Although it is worth mentioning that this is all subject to change as and when technology comes online.


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