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Calling All Devs: July 30th Written Tuesday 31st of July 2018 at 03:53am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary of Calling All Devs for July 30th

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • The 600i will be receiving changes in the future and lessons learned there will be applied to the 890. The 600 in turn will receive some attention from lessons learned while constructing the 890.

  • CIG want missiles to be more than just a fire and forget weapon. They want the player to consider what kind of missile to fire, how it will affect the target etc. Missiles have been moved from the LA studio into Frankfurt and are in the list of things to be given attention very soon. CIG are aware of the problems with missiles and are going to fix them, but there is no estimated exact date for all the fixes to be brought in, however some missile fixes will be coming in 3.3

  • Navigation filters for quantum jumps are wanted and planned. They will probably be starting in the mobiGlas, hopefully eventually extending to multi-crew seats, think of a Navigator role. The uses of which include being able to show only place that have fuel for instance.

  • Dialogue driven purchases are being worked on at the moment in the form of the ‘bar experience’. The current focus for CIG is this bar experience, being able to buy a beer from the barman. From a development standpoint this brings up the question of can it be driven from the Inner Thought system or will it need its own diagetic UI? This will end up being the foundation for all such dialogue driven purchases in the future, I.E. purchasing black market weaponry.   


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