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Calling All Devs: Calling All Devs Sep 24th 2018 Written Tuesday 25th of September 2018 at 06:59am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary for Calling All Devs - Mr. Steal Yo Data

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Mining on foot is planned. Right now CIG are focused on asteroid mining and getting that out first. The next task for that team is to start work on salvage mechanics which will be a completely new thing. CIG are looking at using FPS mining to assist with other ways of mining. For example if a particular rock is too resistant to be cracked, then assisting with the breakdown of that rock on foot/EVA and making use of a device(s) to mount onto the rock in various critical positions to lower its resistance. Walking around on a planet and mining minerals is going to be worked on, at this point CIG have to decide how those mechanics are going to work.

  • Hacking to intercept data and steal it is something CIG want to add and see great potential in it. At the moment it’s not a high priority for testing and implementation but it is something they really want in game. They also want something to enable a player to be able to protect themselves from being hacked. They will try to err on the side of realism and make it a thinking problem and solution

  • The 350R being larger than it was due to the rework will not be as acrobatic in space as the current model is simply due to its mass but it will still be fast and even have more space inside for storage or components

  • The RSI Lynx Rover is currently scheduled for mid 2019. (subject to change) As it’s a smaller vehicle it will only require 1 or 2 artists to work on it and as such it is more subject to change than other vehicles


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