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Calling All Devs: August 6th Written Tuesday 7th of August 2018 at 05:19am by Heremus, Shiver_Bathory and

Summary for Calling All Devs August 6th 2018

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  • CIG is looking into procedural markup volume mantling. This technology will determine if a movement to a certain object will be doable. For example if the height requirement will be met for a certain climbing movement, like drawing up a ramp to get into the ship, the player character can do so.This plays into motion warping was displayed in the latest ATV. Motion warping allows for extending animation driven motions for periods of time. This allows them to customise one specific animation driven motion onto various similar motions. Before that, CIG had only fixed separate motion animations, where a player could only jump over walls with specific heights. With Motion Warping you have now one animation which is divided into all the different motion parts necessary to for example climb a wall. This involves for example: a player to climb over the top of a wall and also merge with an exit animation which you can now adjust for a different height of wall without having to make an entirely new animation set and apply just to walls of that specific height. This allows for much smoother animations for all deviating wall sizes because all the segments of the animation are now stitched together and can be adjusted accordingly.  

  • In Alpha 3.2 with decoupling your ship, you automatically exit cruise mode. This is not CIG’s intention and is labelled as a bug. In general CIG considers the current cruise mode as too fragile at the moment. Small deviations from your direction will cancel the cruise mode which is often provoked accidentally. This happens especially with different flight peripherals like a dual stick setup where a small movement of one stick can already kick you out. This is frustrating for players and will be the topic of future changes.

  • Flight mechanics between atmosphere and space are meant to be different though CIG want this to be more pronounced for the player to notice, for instance atmospheric effects like drag are in the game but aren’t very strong. So there will be some tuning done on ships to this effect. Although these updates and improvements are unlikely to be included in 3.3.Therefore most players won’t notice any change in atmospheric flight from 3.2 to 3.3, even though Hurston will be the first planet in the game with breathable atmosphere which has a much higher density and therefore atmospheric effects on ships. IFCS is far from finished, and needs to be iterated further.Future information coming on this topic

  • Chasing quantum trails and evading pursuit in quantum hasn’t been designed completely yet. Although CIG do want it possible to be able to detect or scan for other ship’s quantum trails. Ship type, time of travel and maybe other properties will be determinable too if these properties are easy to read out in the first place. From that data the course the ship has taken will be discoverable. Equipment fitted on both ships may also be a factor, for example if a scanner is a lower grade than the quantum drive it may have a harder time finding information, if it can at all. After this system is in place they can work out a system for evasion. Evasion tactics can be: masking the trail, mask the ship information. Future missions could involve following a trail. Other ways to hide could use secret ship deposits where you can smuggle special cargo


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