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Calling All Devs: August 13th Written Tuesday 14th of August 2018 at 06:49am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary of Calling All Devs for August 13th 2018

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • A Star Marine equivalent of free-flight from Arena Commander, could be talked about and eventually implemented, however when it comes to actual game implementation it’s a matter of priorities. They would need to talk about how much time it would take to implement and the benefits of doing so before going ahead with actually looking at implementing it. Disco Lando asked me to point out that this is not confirmation of this mode coming merely the process that would be involved in implementing it.

  • The current wanted system will be reworked to be more in line with what CIG picture. It will be broken down into 3 parts: the criminality system, local law system and then the reputation system. Local law what will tell you what is illegal in a certain area and each incurs a certain penalty. As a rule of thumb that penalty will be reputation loss that can end in you being shoot on sight in certain areas or even hunted if you are a severe enough enemy. If you are a criminal in say UEE space then you may not be considered a criminal in someone else’s space. The criminality system is more short term, say smuggling drugs through customs won’t make you an enemy of the state, but for the moment you will be arrested and if you attempt to resist you will be met with the consequences of your actions. Reputation hit is a more long lasting thing as you have to work to get it back up again, as opposed to the criminality system where it will consider you an enemy short term but you can escape/evade the authorities. This is a long term goal for implementation.

  • Being able to spawn a ship within another ship and it staying is coming and planned. It is unknown when this will actually come to implementation but some experiments have been done but for now it is not a priority.

  • Multiple physics grid is not at the forefront of development at the moment as it’s not as high priority as other things. Although it is important, CIG prefer to bring other tech online that is also bringing in more content, for now Object Container Streaming is more important. The groundwork has been worked on so when it comes to implementing the grids and when there are other features coming that will require the implementation of physics grids, it will help having done some work on them already.    


Director of EU Operations

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