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Calling All Devs: Aug 20th Written Wednesday 22nd of August 2018 at 06:28am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary for Calling All Devs August 20th 2018

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • In its first release Arccorp will not include the Aaron Halo asteroid field, as work is concentrated on the planetary bodies first. One of the challenges facing CIG with making asteroid belts is making them look good to the player while the sun is directly behind the player. At the moment there are no atmospheric graphics effects in place for the asteroids and the result is a somewhat flat and unappealing visual look.As the Aaron Halo asteroid field is being treated as a separate entity outside of Arccorp it’s not something that has had much if any work done on it yet, but it is something they look forward to making in the future, when the schedule allows for it.

  • At the moment maneuvering thrusters are considered too powerful, which results in people being able to hover their ships in sometimes awkward conditions. One of the reasons for this is that the thrusters currently are outside the scope of the regular balance pass. There are plans to address this, and the issue with ships such as the Reclaimer that need to leave a planet at a specific angle or the ship will just plummet down.

  • As of this current moment there are no plans for CIG to sell aquatic based or non space faring aeroplanes this year, this doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future just that right now there are no plans.

  • CIG do want to put in an option for players to be able to rest their weapon on their chest and walk around. It’s so a player can remain armed but not threatening to any NPCs or other players be this for RP purposes or what have you. The same is also wanted for AI characters as CIG want to move away from so called green zones where you aren’t allowed to be armed at all. It will also help indicate to the player the current alarm status or provoked status to the player. I.E. if guards are ready to shoot on sight, they want this to be easily communicated to the player on sight.   


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