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Calling All Devs: 27th August 2018 Written Tuesday 28th of August 2018 at 06:34am by Shiver_Bathory

Summary for Calling All Devs 27th August 2018

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • CIG are currently assembling the strike team that will be overlooking Arena Commander and Star Marine bugs, game modes, new maps etc. After a few patches the team may take a look at multicrew Arena Commander, in the past there has been some work on the code to allow spawning in various different seats, so when it comes to implementation some of the work has been done and laid down. CIG would need to work on the lobbies, some balance work, have turrets in a useable place and consider the multi-crew roles before they look to implement multi-crew in the modules. It is something they want to implement, it just comes down to resource priorities    

  • CIG are working on a route planning tool for players to make use of. The planner will take into account your drive range and also tell you how much fuel is needed for each jump on the way. This may not make it into 3.3 but it is definitely being planned and will be worked on very soon. CIG do not want the experience to be too safe, they would like the player to learn from experience. For instance if you use a particular route, the planner will not show that you can get fuel from a particular station, but if you explore around, you may find a place on the route that sells fuel.  

  • Being able to place a marker on your starmap and quantum jumping there is something CIG have talked about. At the moment in their talks due to the consequences of being able to just jump anywhere and the implications of being able to do so, CIG are currently undecided about how to best implement this functionality. CIG want things like trade lanes for instance, if a player has the ability to jump anywhere then that may make the lanes obsolete, so things like that need to be taken into account.

  • CIG are building hangars for the first major in game landing zone (Hurston). Each city will have its own modular set for hangars where applicable. The current plan for implementation this first time is to have each landing zone reflect a particular hangar. ArcCorp for instance may have the industrial hangars, Revel and York may be in Microtech and so on, this will then lead on to things like being able to invite your friends to your hangar. The plan is to still be able to view all your items in your hangar as you currently do and move them around etc.  


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