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Calling All Devs: 25th June Written Sunday 1st of July 2018 at 12:12pm by Shiver_Bathory

Summary of Calling All Devs for June 25th

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • With 3.2 patch Weapon System 2.0 is coming in and part of that is allowing a player to modify the weapon values such as damage, spread etc with attachments. A small number of assets such as a grips and scopes are also coming in, however the system to let players swap attachments out is currently missing but will be worked on in the future. It is similar to the ship weapons system where the developers are able to swap pieces out but the player facing front end is awaiting to be put in the game.

  • Sub-components for ship weapons and other components assets are ready to be utilised but the system to upgrade specific parts is not ready yet. It’s almost the opposite of the FPS weapons in that regard. The development work is scheduled to be done in the future as priorities allow.

  • Current plans to differentiate between a griefer and pirate will involve the in-game law system. The system will (in its current planned iteration) be almost like a bubble around a solar system, planet, outpost etc. Within that bubble the system will be active. For example if there is a pirate outpost inside a secure system, the pirate outpost will have its own law system that may allow killing other players/characters with little to no consequences, even though it would be a high security system, but if the action steps outside of the permitted bubble then the high security law is applicable as are any consequences. Different bubbles will have different laws. The player will be able to choose what kind of bubble they wish to operate in. The risk > reward is also to be considered when choosing what area to operate in. An area with low security is likely to have better reward than an area protected by a UEE armada for example. The aim at the moment is for a player to be able to look at a system and review what laws apply. So if there is a factor the player doesn’t like they can choose another system, the hope is essentially a player is consenting to possible consequences and thus aware of the possibilities that could happen to them and avoid griefing in that manner.

  • With 3.2 and Weapons System 2.0 all weapons have been given new stats across the board within DataForge. This includes giving larger ships long range weaponry to counter the maneuverability of smaller craft.  


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