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Calling All Devs: 16th July Written Sunday 22nd of July 2018 at 07:30am by Heremus, Shiver_Bathory and

Summary of Calling All Devs Todd Pappy Edition

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • AI Crew can compete and possibly out do human players aiming wise.

AI will be up to the task to compete with human players. AI crewmembers can, for example, already aim with a 96% accuracy which will surpass most human counterparts. The difficulties in creating NPC crewmen will be programming different gameplay mechanics like job prioritisation and repair of ship items. To get these working efficiently will take some time.

  • Additional movement like booster jumps through the EVA-thrusters have been talked about. Grappling hooks and other devices haven’t been considered yet. If they plan to add additional movement functionalities into the game, they would try to utilise the EVA-thrusters of your space suit. These would add booster jumps or softer landings after falls to your movement repertoire.

  • EU vehicle team is working at the moment on misfires and wear and tear of ship items. (misfiring of damaged power plants or other items which have an affect on the ship systems and final ship performance). The next step will then be have these physical entities integrated into the ships, so you can see in game that an item is damaged as well as be affected by the unit’s damage. This tech is tied in with Object Container Streaming (OCS). So when the outside of your ship is damaged in a certain place, for example, your power plant OCS will then communicate with the inside of your ship and transfer the appropriate damage and damage model to the power plant.

  • CIG plans on implementing character survival properties like thirst, hunger or drunkenness for example. At the moment the hooks for these systems are being worked on, so they can be tied to specific game systems. I.E. being able to shower when dirty. These are being used and added for SQ42.

  • CIG will introduce knock-downs and knock-backs (staggers) soon™, this is part of the effort to increase time to kill a player, as a player and CIG wish to avoid instant kills in the PU. This will, later on tie into the healing mechanics change. The medpen, for example, currently is a full heal but in the future it will only be a temporary heal which will deteriorate over time while the player has to find a full heal solution like a hospital or medical bay to be healed. More detail about CIGs future plans on healing will be explained in a future RTV.


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