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BUGSMASHERS!: Episode 27 Written Wednesday 29th of June 2016 at 04:11pm by CanadianSyrup

Mark has returned! Check out how he squashed a recent bug in Star Citizen.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • The bug: None, WHAT?
  • Mark Abent shows us a sneak peek into how the new interaction system will work and what item system 2.0 can do for the player.
  • The interaction system does away with the USE button and in it’s place has menus that change based off where you’re looking. An example is when Mark goes up to a Hornet he can choose to simply bring down the ladder and nothing else, or he can simply pop open the canopy and leave it as that. Or he can choose which seat he wants to go into instead of having to awkwardly try to place the cursor over a specific seat. This also apply’s to zero G as well.
  • Item system 2.0 comes into play when a player gets into a cockpit. Before, a player would get in and everything turned on all at once, but now when a player gets in, nothing happens until he physically presses a button to turn on the ship. This apply’s to the engines, powerplant, radar, etc.
    • The exciting aspect is now they’ve made it so transferring control of various parts of the ship is seamless and straight forward for the game unlike before. Now a player can dictate who controls what and this can be refined further for other things.
  • There’s still a lot of work for Item system 2.0 and the interaction system, but they can’t wait for the players to get their hands on it.

Full Transcript

Mark Abent (MA): Hey everyone, welcome to Bugsmashers. Ready to smash a bug? Let’s get started.

Hey everyone. We are here in my fun little test level and this week is kind of a special bug. It’s more or less kind of a global bug on how we’re dealing with the items and the new items as we kind of merge over in time. I want to show you some of the things that we were solving with the old system by using the new system.

So let me plop down a new Hornet.

So this is our test Hornet and as you can see it has a bunch of these little awesome red boxes. We’re actually use a whole new system for interacting with things, it’s no longer hit F and do something, it’s a little bit more intricate and I’ll show you that right now when I plop down.

So when I go up to one of these interaction points, you just have a bunch of options of what you can do in this particular area. So in this interaction I could open the ladder, open the front canopy or open the back canopy and on the top, I could either open the ladder or the front canopy and in the back I could open the rear canopy and the ladder. So it’s a whole brand new interaction system which is pretty cool. We’re going to be using this for pretty much everything for now on, but what the vehicles and items are using this for is, specifically with the seats and animations, we wanted to have a lot more control for the designers.

So we have, let’s see where is my, there’s DataForge. Here’s fun DataForge. We have this thing called a seat access, which controls these two seats and in the seat access we define a bunch of gateways which is going to be one per ladder, one for the front canopy, one of the rear canopy and how all the animations and interactions all get tied up so that when you come in here, I can choose the interaction to open that stuff down. So I can bring down the ladder, close it back or open the ladder and open the back canopy and so on.

The next part of that actually defining our entrance points. For the Hornet we have, well four ways… actually quite a few ways. So we have, one way is through the ladder, but you could enter into the pilot or you could enter into the co pilot and in order to enter that way you have to open up the ladder and open up the front canopy. So once the front canopy is open, I have some new options to enter the pilot seat or the co pilot. So if I enter the rear, now I can just enter the pilot, but on the very top, our zero G access, all we need to do is enter here. So if I close the ladder, I have still the ability to enter through the canopy because that’s the zero G entrance way.

So let’s go down here and go through the ladder. Weee. So I’m entering through the ladder…

So now I’m in and I could close the canopy. Eh let’s do, weee. Of course I can reopen it and the best part of it and my ship is not technically on, I have to power it on so if I look directly here. Now my ship is powered on and now it’s powered off and you can see that with our fun debug.

As my ship slowly falls. On the top you can see that there’s no power going to anything because everything is red, but as soon as power on the ship everything goes green and now I can shoot my weapons, pew, pew, pew. If I turn off, I can no longer shoot. On and then off.

Ideally what’s going to happen is when you get into the ship you’re gonna have to turn on the power or turn on the engines and or hit this one thing that will turn everything on and then you’ll be able to close the canopy and fly away.

The next thing that we’re kind of doing is… Let’s see I’ll turn on this. We have a whole new system of control, for when you sat down in the old system, oops I got out of my seat, you would gain access to every single item and they would all turn on and then when another person sits down, it was very unstable of who would get what. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. Now we have this new thing where we have a user, a controller, and then the actual items. The user will control the controller and the controller dictates what to do with the item. You have an energy controller, a flight controller, a weapon controller and you could actually designate who the controller should go to. Like at the moment we have two energy controllers which if I sit down in the pilot seat, I’ll get both of them, but if the copilot sits in the back, he’ll automatically get the other one and eventually there’ll be the real HUD support where you can say could “here, you have access to this now and you get it”. So you won’t get the individual items, you’ll get the actual individual controller and the controller dictates what you can use and see.

And as you can see I haven’t set up everything for the new item, but the controller are there. So if I sit back in, we’ll go through the zero G entrance because why not, I have access to the energy controller and the flight controller and the cooler controller and the fun stuff and if the other guy gets in the back, he’ll get access to the powerplant which is pretty nifty.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed our little sneak peek on the item system 2.0 and our new interactions. You guys will see more stuff in the future. Till next time.

So I hope you guys enjoyed a little sneak peek on our item system 2.0 and our interaction system. We did a lot of work on componentizing a lot of things. So we have a physics controller, we have an interaction controller, we have a bunch of things that we can grab and now make items or entities with and stick them onto a ship and then we have this whole new logic where we have the user who controls controllers which controls items, so you could have a specific logic and then you could make sure that this guy gets that access, this guy gets that access and it’s all coming along lovely and we hope to get it into your guys’s hands soon, eventually, one day.

Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys next time.


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