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Bugsmashers: Episode 17 Written Wednesday 23rd of December 2015 at 07:42pm by Dolvak

TLDR BY DOLVAK: The quantum drive was allowing ships to get stuck inside objects. In this case a ship could fly into a station and clip into the geometry.  This was fixed by adding a...


The quantum drive was allowing ships to get stuck inside objects. In this case a ship could fly into a station and clip into the geometry. 

This was fixed by adding a ray trace to a part of the spooling phase where there wasn’t one before.

A crash was caused by code that would delete items attached to a ship after it died. The game would attempt to access the deleted items and this caused a crash.

This was fixed by changing it so that it accesses THEN deletes so the server does not randomly crash.

Retaliatory turrets at some angles were breaking and caused it to jitter.

This was fixed with a blob of code that made it so the game can recognize smaller distances on a axis.

A ship damage bug when the player attempted to self destruct was causing the damage to be absorbed by the shield and not actually blowing up the ship.

This was fixed by changing the explosion type to do damage directly to the ship.





Hey everyone welcome back to an all new, exciting episode of Bugsmashers! Before we begin you know what’s happening; this week is going to have an awesome new sequel, I know i’ve been waiting a while for it, and I know you guys have been too, going to be some amazing stuff coming up this Friday. Oh yeah, some family drama, some action, little bit of darkness probably but you know what? We’ve been waiting for this for a while i’m ready for that emotional road trip, are you? Cause I know i’m ready for those little chipmunks, oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about; Alvin and the Chipmunks 4: The Roadtrip, oh oh oh we’ve got it, hope you guys see it let’s begin.


Hey everyone. I’m here to show you some bugs that we have fixed for 2.0 thanks to you guys submitting those awesome bug reports, so I have a couple of  bugs here i’m going to show you what they were and how they were fixed. So this guy is the Quantum Drive i’m sure you guys have seen the video, not the video going around where some guy was in a, I think it was a Constellation and there was a space station and he was right here spooled up his Quantum Drive went into the station and then it de-spooled and then now he was stuck inside and was kind of wriggling around cause the physics was like “Oh my God i’m penetrating an object” then he slowly got released out. So Craig in the UK he wrote the Quantum Drive system so he was like “hmm that’s not right what’s going on?” So apparently the code that he has written and he actually did this fix, he would actually do a trace to make sure you’re not doing, you’re not going to hit anything but there was a moment in the time when, it was called the spooling up phase that he wouldn’t actually do a ray-trace and it was during that time since it didn’t do a trace, that allowed you to, for a moment, go into that object until it went “Oh my God you’re in something abort” But by then it was too late, so what Craig did is he basically added a ray-trace in the spool up phase. If you try to spool up and there’s an object in the way it’s going to be like “woah woah woah, no”. He also, increased the maximum ray-casting so that it’s based, before it was based on your maximum speed but for sanity and safety checks he also increased it based on I think he said, got it right here three point five kilometres so it will do an extra check even if your ship is a little bit slow just to make sure that you’re not going to penetrate an object. So go Craig!


Alright, next one let’s save this bad boy. Should i keep going? Ah I got a moment, so this next crash is a local data store this is basically our code that was written by Paul, where it figures out all the items that you currently have from like your hangar, and when you move stuff around and then you join a game, this bad boy will basically go “Ok you have all these items spawn this stuff” And then if your ship dies it will actually hit this little block and it tries to clean up all the items. So if you spawned in what a Hornet with gatling guns, and your ship dies at the moment it will remove all those items so they’re not just left in the world, and unfortunately there was a small booboo you where, you heard me right booboo. Where this list would actually erase the item and then access it. So we would delete the item and then access and then crash. Unfortunately, that sucks, so what Rob Johnson came in “That should not happen” We should access it then delete, so that was the simple fix and now when we delete items it will not crash the server randomly.

We have another fix by Rob Johnson and this dealt with the manned turrets or the Constellation turrets or the Retaliator turrets when you get inside sometimes on certain angles your ship will rotate or i’m sorry bit your ship your turret will rotate a little bit, that’s because of this little map right here where, it was believed at the time that we would rotate from zero to three sixty but in reality we’re actually doing one eighty negative one eighty so if this little code was the original three sixty we were trying to say if we’re here snap the turret instantly this way instead of doing full rotation since we’ve just doing a little bit of turn, but because we’re doing negative one eighty to one eighty this little bit of code will actually cause some bad jitter and since we’re doing a little bit the one eighty, the difference we have to do a different trick and that’s what Rob did here. So instead of going back to zero we just, if we’re on this side with the goals here, we don’t want to go all the way this way, we want to go back here, so we do a little bit of math to say “Alright if we’re here put the goals here just do this” And so it’s a nice little smooth blend.


So that’s one done, next one. Alright, so we have this vehicle destruction and what happens is when you die, by hitting alt backspace, it causes explosions and basically your ships goes into bits. We’ll do it in increments and then edit it. I think there’s going to be moments when he stops look. And so what happens is because we’re a random explosion type the shield is actually keeping the explosion, absorbing it and not actually causing damage to the ship, which i thought was pretty funny. So what I had to do was set the damage type to vehicle destruction so that the vehicle code knows that when this happens we’re destroying the vehicle and do not do anything to the shield, and then  for another sanity check this little bit of code will say should i process the shield or define the splash damage, which is explosive radius damage, and i’m not the vehicle destruction, do not do the shield unless i’m a direct hit to the shield. So now when I do self destruct the shield won’t absorb anything and the vehicle will just go kerpow as expected. That was a little fun booboo because I think it was on the Cutlass Black the designers increased the shields quite a bit it just absorbed all the destruction damage but that was real fun. There you have it!


Alright so I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s episode of Bugsmashers! Alright. No! Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s episode of Bugsmashers! I’m sorry for the noise, as you can tell we’re doing construction still on the new office. We’re still smashing those bugs for 2.0 thanks to you guys submitting those bugs we’ve been trying to pick out which ones hurt your play experience, crashes or maybe someone exploiting. Trying to narrow down what makes the game unfun to make it fun. Hope you guys enjoyed and in case you guys can’t see that awesome movie; Alvin and The Chipmunks, as Harry Potter once said: May the Force be with you.                              



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