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Around the ‘Verse – Episode 33 Written Thursday 26th of February 2015 at 10:56am by Erris

Hello ‘Verse! Check out my notes for Around the ‘Verse 33 below! Around the ‘Verse Episode 33: Orion is now available! Positive reception Designed by George Hull Gets across an ‘alien’ vibe. Turbulent’s mini-game goes...

Hello ‘Verse!

Check out my notes for Around the ‘Verse 33 below!

Around the ‘Verse Episode 33:

  • Orion is now available!
    • Positive reception
    • Designed by George Hull
    • Gets across an ‘alien’ vibe.
  • Turbulent’s mini-game goes live today!
    • Had some issues with it, but it’s working now, so it’ll be up later today.
  • Additional Orion art tomorrow
    • Part of a no-longer-secret surprise.
    • Feedback immediately about the placement of the cockpit, so the concept artist worked on that, and there’s some new concepts for us to check out tomorrow.
    • They mention there’s some kind of ‘secret surprise’ coming tomorrow.  No idea what though.
  • Play-test
    • Thanks to everyone who helped stress-test.  Lots of people were able to play, some people weren’t able.  It’s frustrating, but it really helps CIG get matchmaking fixed.
    • They’ll do another of these events in the future.
    • More people on the second test.
  • Deep dive about mining
    • Put together by Tony Zurovec in Austin.  Goes into incredible amounts of detail about how mining is different from the standard.
    • They’re trying to approach all systems in SC with the same kind of detail.  Never just going up to an asteroid and waiting for a progress bar to tell you there’re minerals.
  • Big weekend – jump point launch
    • Late night for some in the office, but they’re proud of the releases over the weekend.  Good fiction in the jump point for subscribers.
  • PAX East and SXSW tickets still available, and the #help the herald campaign is 50% to its mark.
    • The Relay speculates the photo is of the Starfarer bridge, but AtV make no mention of what it could be.
  • PAX East
    • First chance to get hands on experience with FPS module.  there will be demo stations up, first chance for anyone to try it.
    • Also going to be showing the battle sphere, and it’s not like any FPS you’ve played before
  • 73 million
    • No more Letters for signature milestones, but the Letters From The Chairman are just to inform us about what’s going on in development now.
    • Also a star citizen community show started, hosted by Disco Lando – Wonderful World of Star Citizen.  Monthly segment.
    • First episode is available now.
  • AtV incorrectly mention that 1hundredyears (years1hundred)’s video was in the episode.  Sadly, it was not.  But it should be.  #justiceforyears  (I don’t know how hashtags work, don’t hurt me)
    • *EDIT* they do mention years1hundred later, as the MVP for this week.
  • Been running a poll for the box-art
    • 24 hours left to choose the ship you want.
    • Bengal is winning.  Ben voted Retaliator.

News from Around the ‘Verse

  • Santa Monica with Darian and Travis
    • REC – Kalix is spearheading dev on that.  Making sure everything’s functioning, getting it ready to launch with 1.1
    • Actual implementation is straightforward, when it comes to the game, but there’s a lot of effort to get it ready server-wise.
    • Teams have been killing to get it ready.
  • Hull Series
    • Hull series is a ‘freighter’ line of ships, from a super tanker to a ‘personal transport’, a bit bigger than the Aurora.  A through E.  \
    • Cargo system, as part of this ship, is getting more detail and iteration.
  • Partnering closely with UK on damage tech
    • Gladius and Retaliator – they’ll make use of the new damage shader.  Retaliator will be hangar-ready for 1.1.0, Gladius will be flight ready and will premier the new damage system.
    • Most of the heavy lifting for the new damage tech was done in the UK
    • New buzzword – Squibs?
      • When you shoot the surface of the ship, little areas can explode based off the radius of the bullet.  If you had a fuel line running through the ship, when that line gets shot, you can have a ‘squib’ effect fwoosh out some fuel.
      • Each squib can have different particle effects.
  • That’s it for Santa Monica


  • Gordon McLean
    • Gameplay programmer – started 3 weeks ago.  From Scotland
      • Doing a lot about doors.  Securities, lockdown functionality, what happens when someone’s in the way of a door, etc…
        • Automatic doors.  walk up to it, if you have the security, it’ll open.  if you don’t, it won’t.
        • There’s a new security entity.  Security levels, so owner of a ship has all access, and other people can have less access to things.
      • Part of the features is a lockdown function
        • When you’ve got a fire or a hull breach, you can lockdown doors to force themselves closed and such.  Normally doors won’t close on players, but during a lockdown, they will.
        • Can get damaged from it.
      • Lockdown – cool manual override unit that’ll be added in.  ‘emergency open’
      • Yeah.  Doors.  Cool stuff on doors.  Neat things planned.
  • Phil from the Sound Team
    • Working on audio for the prototype of the mobiGlas
      • Might get our hands on that soon
    • Audio design process
      • Research.  RSI documentation, how the feature will function, how it’s physically made
      • Combine that with what currently exist in UI’s, phone, tablets, etc…
      • Look at pop-culture references.
      • mobiGlas
        • Brand identity.  When you open it up, you know that it’s made by Microtec
        • Trouble with that is creating audio that’s appropriate for every kind of situation.  Can’t be too aggressive when you’re shopping, can’t be too ‘flowery’ when in combat.
          • He’s looking forward to our feedback on things like this
        • Bring in a sound palette.
          • Looked at water, birds, insects, brought in a lot about Glass.
          • Wanted a glassy feel.
          • Created a library that will cover all of the actions of the mobiGlas.
        • Open it up to the audio team to suggestions to iterate and iterate till there’s a first pass that works.
        • If there’s stuff we don’t or do like, post it in the forums, because they check them daily.


  • Illfonic – Creative director (missed his name), and Rodney Houle (lead designer)
    • Marching towards PAX
    • Lots of stuff going on.  Lots of people want controller support.
      • There will be controller support, but it will not be as good as a mouse.
      • Not possible to be as good with a controller as you can be with a mouse.
    • Spending lots of time getting the sniper rifle in game
      • Energy-based weapons.  There will be attachments in the future.
      • Not in PAX, but we’ll see it shortly after PAX
    • More bug fixing for PAX, and they’re ready to show it off next week.


  • Jake Ross – associate producer and Ken Fairclough, concept artist
    • Working on bringing FPS characters up to speed for the FPS release.
      • Increasing character quality.
    • Doing look development and concept work on character clothing sets
      • White collar set for Terra location.  Meghan Cheever is working with Rob McKinnan on that.
  • Ken
    • Mining!
      • Ken worked closely with Tony coming up with some early concepts for what the UI and HUD could look like for the players.
        • Subject to change, but they want to communicate the idea that there’s definitely an idea of skill that surrounds the mining.
        • Challenge of finding a way to make technical readouts that read pretty easily from a glance.
        • Have to be able to understand them, and know what they’re saying quickly.
        • Needs to be in a way that you can balance all sorts of readouts.
      • Definitely a very large importance placed on challenge and skill.


  • Back from the academy awards.  Just, you know, didn’t win it this year.  next year, Mark, next year.
  • Avenger bug – when you sit down, the rear door should close.  The door closes, but won’t open again when you try to get out again.
    • Cargo door has an ‘animation’ state, and the button has a ‘button’ state.
    • The door’s state changes when you sit down, but the buttons state doesn’t change, so the button gets confused.


  • years1hundred (WOOT WOOT)
  • Organization highlight – Valinor Aerospace, dedicated to Carl Sagan.
  • Personal shout-out to Disco Lando.
    • Comes up with no new ideas, and steals all the spotlights everyone else has done.  *shots fired*
  • One of the most important things the Team is working on is balancing AC.
    • People argue things are too powerful, so there’s a new segment starting.
  • Matt Sherman
    • Technical designer at LA
    • Weapon changes to ballistic weapons
      • Update to the Sledge II Mass Driver
      • Tiegerstriek on the Avenger.
    • Sledge has a new ammo type – 60mm rail
      • Faster moving, more damage per shot, should give the Sledge a bit more punch.
    • Tigerstriek
      • To get the Avenger feeling more in line with what it should be
      • 25mm round (40 dmg, vs 15 before), and a higher ammo box (1600 rounds total now)
    • Especially on the 325a, the Sledge II feels unpowered, which motivated them to make the change.
    • Same with the Avenger – Tigerstriek was a bit too weak, and as the signature gun on the avenger, it wasn’t living up to expectations.
    • Many more balance changes to come in 1.1
      • Great updates coming, and another balance update will come once 1.1’s out.

Ben talking with the team that designed the Orion

  • Dan Tracy, lead technical designer
  • Lance Powell, art direct
  • Travis Day.
    • First step to designing a ship starts with… pretty much these people.
    • Identify the design need for the game – the roll that needs filling.
      • Backtrack, discuss what it’ll look like, what behaviors it’ll have, how many people will fulfill the roll, etc…
    • When they start looking at a new ship design, they look at what’s in the game already, and what other future gaps need to be filled
      • For mining, the biggest question was how does mining work across the game, and how will high-end mining work?
      • Looked at PU for cargo management and how they’ll be taking on bigger asteroids.
      • Needed to come up with a larger ship to fulfill the role.
        • How will they take on large asteroids?
        • Need a ship that can handle a large beam to blast asteroids apart, grab the pieces, and refine them.
    • The Orion needed to
      • Mine
      • Have a tractor component
      • Have a refining component
      • Needs to be a level feel to the ship, so PC’s can walk around
      • Visual design comes after deciding what the needs are.
    • Lots of reference pictures to make sure the interior works, make sure the ore flows through the ship to get deposited where it needs to and such.
      • Individual tractor beams that pull in smaller sections of ore, churn through the front, deposit them in the back after they go through the ship.  Sounds incredibly complex.  And awesome.
    • The ship is a level.  Player needs to have things to see, things to engage with.
      • Wanted it to feel like a refinery on the inside, dirty, mechanical, lots of heat.
      • But the player needs the ability to watch the whole process.
      • Kind of like a car-wash.  You can walk along and watch while your car goes through.
    • Heard it here first!  Star Citizen.  All the fun of a car wash.
  • Teases!
    • Next ships they can talk about
      • Hull Series
      • Starliner
      • Espera Prowler
      • Endeavour
      • Crucible
      • Reliant

Art sneak peek!

  • Doors and… modular designs for a cutlass it looks like.  Toilets, showers, weapon racks again, lots of images.
  • First concept art from Foundry 42 for the Modular cutlass.
  • Cutlass is available as a fry-flee ship this week.  Cutlass Black can be flown
    • Cutlass blue can be picked up in the store too.
  • Tarantula gun will be available for purchase.
  • Team is hunkering down for 1.1, so send them happy thoughts
    • ‘Busy couple of weeks here’
    • It’s ‘on the horizon’.  Next big AC release, and there’s a push to get it done.



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