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Around the ‘Verse – Episode 31 Written Thursday 12th of February 2015 at 10:46am by Erris

Around the Verse 31 Notes: Intro: -OH GOD EVERYTHING IS NEW! -Anyway, there’s an interesting little Empire Report intro. Check it out. -Valentines Day Weekend – Will’s valentine’s card is awesome -New items in...

Around the Verse 31 Notes:


-Anyway, there’s an interesting little Empire Report intro. Check it out.
-Valentines Day Weekend
– Will’s valentine’s card is awesome
-New items in the store
– Sheilds and a gun
– the gun is the Tarantula
– Shield Generators deep dive document is up
– tells us how shields work, and how they’ll work in the long-term
– Monthly report for January is up
– everything CIG did in January
– PAX East and SXSW tickets are still available
– tickets are free for SXSW, it’ll be good, there’ll be a reveal or two.
– Winner of the Terra Wrap post
– Zorumkopf?
– Devs from Santa Monica and Austin as well as CR will have a fly day soon
– US Dev vs. community. Febuary 16th, 4pm PST
– QA wants to get as many people in to SC at one time as possible.
– in the future there will be Europe and Rest of World centric fly days as well.
– RSI museum will return.
– It’ll start with a one-hour interview with the folks creating Underworld, the new Ultima-based game that’s being kickstarted.
– New way of doing the news.
– When the show started, a main objective was to share lots of SC’s development with the community.
– They’re now going to throw the news to studios around the world, they’re reporting in on what they’ve been working on.

News from Around the Verse / The Spectrum Dispatch:

Ship News with Darian and Marcus – Santa Monica
Ship Information
– Bottom turret of the Constellation is being reworked for visibility issues. Being done in Austin by Josh and Chris. Entire thing is being redone.
– the Bulldong Vanguard is being concepted.
– whitebox is done, going through shape passes and iterations for Chris to approve, they hope to have something to share very soon
– Orion
– also in the works. Very first mining ship, out for concepting with George Holl? From Jupiter Ascending
– Whitebox done by Dan Tracy, going to be a very cool ship.
– P52 Merlin
– also getting some love. 20% done modelling, adding surface details. A few more weeks at least before there’s something even testable, but it’s coming.
– Character Rig and Model have been updated, so old ships have to be updated so characters fit and sit in the ships properly.
– long awkward silence.

SQ 42 News with Michael Barkeley and Luke Presley – Foundry 42
Landing Mechanics and tutorial stuff being worked on
– Finally going to get an AC tutorial.
– Also going to teach how to land, which si a brand new mechanic, which we’ll need help with.
– Multiplayer free-flight will be coming
– asteroid hanger will be introduced that we can land in with friends. Can use it to practice landing in.
– Landing’s been split up so there can be full hardcore manual landing, but some things that can help land the ship more easily will be in. ‘assisted’ level, halfway between hardcore.
– We’ll be landing on Shubin, which is coming along very well. Full interior greybox is going on.
– whitebox is done. Shubin features heavily in campaign levels.

PU News with Jake Ross – Austin

– concepting out mining gameplay mechanics. Tony has a big vision on it, lots of ideas about different player roles on the ship so it’s not boring for anyone
– in-house concept artists are concepting out that vision, so Tony can better explain what his plans are to programmers and CR>
– Re-design of the Nyx Delamar-levsky landing zone
– third landing zone from the first five.
– asteroid, abandoned mining facility
– they’re laying it out, making sure shops have homes, where NPC’s are going to be, etc…
– Starting concepts on clothing sets for NPC’s
– white-collar business clothing set is being concepted by Meghan Sheever?
– she’ll be doing clothing for the forseable future.
– lots of clothes to fill the PU with. they’ll go out to modelling after the Social module launches.

FPS with David Lengeliers and Rodney Huul – Illfonic
last week / month, they’ve been working on getting FPS in shape. Release is coming ‘real soon’.
– Working on new armour system
– light, medium, and heavy.
– depending on the gun hitting the armour, damage will get applied based on the weapon type and armour type etc…
– working on weapon sway
– all about how the weapon moves when the player moved. Not perfectly aimed after you’ve been sprinting
– comes into play with all weapons, an the player can calm down breathing to get a little less weapon sway, etc…
– Gun fires where it’s pointing, not always the center of the screen, so weapon sway is important.
– push-pull system
– in 0g you can have thrusters, but if you have none, there’s a push pull system that allowed you to grab onto nearby surfaces, done procedurally. You can grab, crumple, push off, etc…
– complex system, a lot of hand placement and such, but it’s very fun apparently.


Bugsmashers is back!

Mark was touring with Maroon 5 and couldn’t make it (obviously)

Apparently the Mustang has no physics. bug is recent, was discovered on the 1.1 branch which won’t be released for a while.

lots of complicated stuff creating physics meshes that wasn’t…working, I guess.

Sandi’s flight school will be back next week, it’ll switch on and off with Bugsmashers, one week each. Sandi’s doing weapons next week.


Fiendish Feather for Pieces of Eight. The video is fantastic if you haven’t seen it.

Customer Service

Still backlogged from the holidays / sales / etc…

about two weeks behind, about 1000 tickets per week. There’s a new position for CS opening in the UK, take a look at the job posting if you’re interested.

Subscriber updates – gladius model as flair this week.


Ken Faircloth – Environmental Concept artist

*i’ll add this in after*


Top 10…something. top 10 bugs.

10 – character walking backwards really jittery
9 – buggy flying around in the constellation hangar bay
8 – more character walking ridiculously while crouched
7 – character looks like he’s…dancing? in FPS
6 – Mustang is on its wings sideways
5 – umm…chaaracter model duplicated inside itself.
4 – a bunch of red ‘place me’ balls in place of a character. I think.
3 – character runs up stairs, slides all the way up them on his knees, then catapults into the air and through the world
2 – character having a conversation with his face, which is floating in midair across from him.
1 – AAAGH!

Art sneak peek

oooh, looks like a new hangar PC to change loadouts and such. Very very snazzy.

early concept art for what will replace the holotable.

PTU 1.0.3

if all goes as planned, should go live tomorrow.

PTU releases the week before the proper, hopefully.

Design dive on AC Credits

check that out tomorrow, should be good, they’ll be looking for our comments on it.

test week

entire 300 lineup is unlocked for the next week.



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