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Around the ‘Verse – Episode 3 Written Thursday 26th of June 2014 at 12:43pm by Nehkara

Hey Citizens!  This is the transcript for Around the ‘Verse – Episode 3.  Thanks to /u/Shadow703793 for giving us access to his collection of transcripts. The Weekly Review: – Multiplayer access rolling out still. – Xian Scout...

Hey Citizens!  This is the transcript for Around the ‘Verse – Episode 3.  Thanks to /u/Shadow703793 for giving us access to his collection of transcripts.

The Weekly Review:

– Multiplayer access rolling out still.

– Xian Scout released

– $47 million

– Mustang Variant winner: L2K

News from Around the Verse:

– BHVR revamping the Discount and Deluxe hangar

– Asteroid hangar almost done

– Foundry 42 working on 4th mission

– DFM continues to get focus

– Gray box stage on new Speed Racer Map

– Design work on Murry Cup Race mode

– [Redacted] (aka Illfonic) working on FPS mechanics and weapon functions

– CIG Austin working on Persistent Universe. Currently focusing on first 5 systems, planet side locations, prototype shops, and a great deal of work being done on the economy.

– Constellation Touring(?) version getting LOD and damage states polished

– Damage states in progress for Cutlass and Avenger

– Animation work started on the Mustang

– Gray box work continuing on Gladius, Retaliator, Gladiator, Panther, and Javelin.

– White box work being done on Bengal

– Bridge concepts for the Javelin is being worked on

– Concept work on the F-8 Lightning

– Idris gray box currently in review

– Completed proportion and Armor concepts for the Vanduul.

No Customer Service Update this show

Interview with David Haddock:

What are some clichés in science fiction settings or stories that you try to avoid and why?

David says he tries to avoid “little green men”. The other thing is the moral absolutes between good vs bad, especially since they want the SC universe to have a lot of longevity and this kind of thing doesn’t lend itself well to this sort of thing. David wants to have the moral complexity in the game.

There’s a LOT of flavor articles, stories and what not, and we aren’t even out of Alpha! I’m an original backer, but it’s been tough keeping up with everything. Can you paint us a word picture of the current state of the galaxy?

One word: Complicated. There are a lot of complex story lines and there’s a lot of time until the PU comes out. Right now, the Human stuff is getting the most attention, because it’s the baseline for the player’s then move on to Xi’an and Banu.

You have mentioned in the past that you draw most of your inspiration while writing to capture the essence of a scene or emotion. What type of music do you think applies to each of the alien races in SC?

The Xi’an would love Baroque music because of the timing. The Banu may have a funk flavor because of their dynamic civilization.

Looking forward to playing the adventures you and your team are creating for us. I’d imagine that writing for a game has to be more difficult than say, writing a novel. What are some unique challenges you face when composing SC’s story?

With SQ42 which is what’s getting a lot of focus right now story wise, the hardest thing has been not writing for a main character. The player will be creating the main character, so it’s hard to tell a story because of the lack of prior knowledge. The SQ42 story is like a choose your own adventure book.

Will there be any sort of reactive writing to player driven events in the PU? Say a group of players succeed at starting a colony, could you write a scenario relative to that colony, hit play, and watch other players handle it?

Yes, there’ll definitely be reactive writing. For example, when a player discovers a new jump point, you go down in history as well as getting in the news about the discovery.

What’s your favorite SiFi novel? Who’s your favorite SiFi writer?

Favorite novel would be I am Legend. As for writer, Neal Stephenson.



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