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Around the ‘Verse – Episode 2 Written Thursday 19th of June 2014 at 12:10pm by Nehkara

Hey Citizens!  This is the transcript for Around the ‘Verse – Episode 2.  Thanks to /u/Shadow703793 for giving us access to his collection of transcripts. • Arena Commander MP rollout ahead of schedule! • $46 mil...

Hey Citizens!  This is the transcript for Around the ‘Verse – Episode 2.  Thanks to /u/Shadow703793 for giving us access to his collection of transcripts.

• Arena Commander MP rollout ahead of schedule!

• $46 mil, Freelancer sale went well

• Retaliator Art came out Friday. Ben has bought a Retaliator with his own money and is one of his favorite ships.

The flight model post is a good read if you haven’t read it already.

Tony Zurovec: PU Director, see intro video here:

Customer Service Report:

The issue with the Citizen Cards have been solved and you should get it soon (hopefully).

The Freelancer upgrades and other upgrades are permanent. Once you apply it cannot be removed.

Please be patient if you haven’t heard back from Customer Support. There has been a lot of tickets because of the Freelancer sale and Arena Commander.

The Cupcakes:

(Thanks to /u/Terrific_Tyler and /u/ Nehkara for organizing, and every one who donated money).

David Hobbins Interview

What’s your favorite design from popular science fiction movies and shows? Have you used anything in particular from other iconic science fiction universes in any of your concepts?

There’s definitely too many ships and inspirations to choose from, but the all time favorite would be the [Slave I]( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slave_I) from Star Wars Episode V. The ship had an interesting shape and layout. The other ship would be the Leonov. This ship was interesting because of the way it was designed.

How are you able to think up the things you do and then put it down on paper, digital or otherwise, if beyond me. And I’m a little envious of all the talent. Were you always good at drawing, or was it something you had to work on to learn, and does it include landscapes or characters of some kind? If yes, can we see some pictures?

Yes, David has studied landscapes and character drawing. And yes, he’s always been passionate about drawing and art.

In the past we’ve seen videos that show your design process and interactions with Chris, but where and how do you get started on a ships’s initial design? What initially inspires the shapes and colors of your design?

Usually, Chris gives a design brief that tells how many passengers, function, armaments, etc. of the ship. Really, it comes down to looking for inspiration in various things you see around you, for example, shapes and designs seen in nature.

You have great design taste. Tallon’s Shadow Mantis was the best design. You have said before during TNGS you like a design to be more daring, more cutting edge. The Mustang is a new design language compared to other ships from CIG to date. Do you think Star Citizen can be pushed to make even more cutting edge ships?

Yes, the Star Citizen universe is vast, and Chris Roberts want to have a whole range of aesthetics and tech levels in SC, and this can definitely be pushed to the limits when it comes to alien races.

Any chance in the future that you’ll be doing some concept art for other ships based off of American muscle cars? I think it would be cool to have Firebirds, GTOs, Camero, and Cobras.. you ge tht eidea. I’m sure coming up with kick ass designs don’t happen overnight, so take your time.

It’s an awesome idea, and there’s enough ships and vehicles coming out in the next few years so there’s definitely the chance some future ships will be inspired by muscle cars.

MVP:  https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/149776/

Win Dave Hobbins Art: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/152025/around-the-verse-mustang-variant-competition#latest

Surprise Ship Sale Tomorrow: Xi’an Scout

First Look:



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