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Around The ‘Verse – Episode 2.10 Written Thursday 10th of December 2015 at 12:13pm by CanadianSyrup

Hey citizens! Around the ‘Verse is here! Check out The Relay’s transcript Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Erris, & Shiver Bathory TL;DR(Too long, Didn’t read) Intro Two interviews in AtV this week. The Community team have been...

Hey citizens! Around the ‘Verse is here! Check out The Relay’s transcript

Transcript by CanadianSyrup, Erris, & Shiver Bathory

TL;DR(Too long, Didn’t read)


  • Two interviews in AtV this week.
  • The Community team have been livestreaming a lot.
  • Chris Roberts showed up during one live stream, don’t buy houses in Vega.
  • Look forward to the Holiday Livestream.

 News from the Spectrum

Los Angeles
  • Lots of work fixing up and balancing the Constellation, giving it final polishing for 2.0
  • Art team is working on getting the Reliant hangar ready for the next release.
  • Work on balance passes, especially on EMP’s, and planning out further balance needed for future patches.
 Austin, TX
  • Lots of work on animations for ships like the Vanguard, Freelancer, Xi’An Scout, and others.
  • Iterating on the shopping design, now with more input and focus from Chris Roberts.
  • Working on establishing a ‘tech content’ team, made up of tech artists, animators, and riggers across the studios.
Foundry 42 UK
  • QA is working very hard on testing 2.0, hoping there are some performance and stability fixes coming in today, also hoping we’ll see 2.0 live very soon.
Foundry 42 DE
  • Lots of work in Frankfurt. Work on ship AI in 2.0, and FPS AI for future releases.
  • Working on the Smuggling career, weapon design, and pre-fab missions for the PU.
  • Continuing to refine the Cinematics pipeline.
  • Lots of work on stabilization of 2.0, and on certain new ‘core elements’ that we will see shortly.
  • Also getting lots of resumes, building up the team is going well.
 Tony Zurovec Interview Part II
  • Next milestone after shopping is most likely Nyx
  • Nyx has progressed very far for awhile, just had some snags on a couple design issues and artistic choices
  • Nyx will be accessed via elevator at first until they have other systems in place IE planetary landings
  • Nyx will have three different distinct areas to explore with their own flavour and characteristics
  • The Grand Bazaar on Nyx will contain quite a few rare items or not sold often items. It’s also a place where you could buy information to start missions.
  • Tony is excited for the shopping routing feature. It allows a person to buy an item and have it delivered to the place of their choice, e.g. Hanger, Million Mile High Club for a small fee
  • The next big milestone post Nyx will be the AI. It will be a dedicated milestone, however they will release bits and pieces to where it will be gradual and then all of a sudden they all mesh together into this grand AI module
  • They will continue to keep pushing the limit for how many players and AI they can have at a time as the project progresses
  • Tony loves to read the forums and reddit. He really appreciates the feedback and kind words he reads. He tries to respond to as many as he can but he reads A LOT of emails people send him.
ATV Behind the Scenes: Nyx
  • Nyx is planned out in Visio first, keeping in mind how small or large a shop or area needs to be, as well as planning where you will respawn should you die. Special care and attention is made to give each landing zone a real feel and portray it’s background. Each landing zone is designed to have at least one “wow” area to really show off the planet and impress the player. Pieces are made into modular kits for easy mix and match build styles. Nyx is coming soon™  
  • Jim! is this week’s MVP for his P-72 commercial
Art Sneak Peek

Coming soon


Full Transcript


DL: This video made possible by the ICC Stellar Surveyors and Subscribers like you!

SG: Hey everybody welcome back to Around the ‘Verse, I’m Sandi Gardner

BL: I’m Ben Lesnick.

SG: This week, in the AtV Interview, part two of our sit-down with Tony Zurovec, where he talks about 2.1 and beyond.

BL: And Senior Technical Designer Rob Reineger sits down to talk about level design in Star Citizen, including an early look at Nyx!

SG: But first, it’s all about livestreams! Livestreams, livestreams, and more livestreams.

Both: Livestreeeeeeeeaaaaams! *Jazz Hands*

BL: No, we’ve been streaming day in and day out for the past week or so. On Friday we had RtV, Saturday we did the Wing Commander 25th Anniversary live stream,

SG: How long did that go for?

BL: Went on for about ten hours. Secret missions one is very, very hard. Chris stopped by to say a few words, check it out!

DL: What do you have against the Vega system?

CR: Nothing…

DL: Just noting earlier, if you live in a Chris Roberts Universe, don’t buy a house in Vega.

CR: Don’t buy a house in Vega, yeah… it just… happens to be one of the closest systems and I think we sort of fictionally put sort of a lot of what was happening in Wing Commander there, and of course we had to do the same for Squadron 42.

SG: Yay. I was busily cleaning up in the background.

BL: Yes. It was very impressive seeing Sandi’s handiwork. And of course we had another livestream on Wednesday with the Los Angeles design team, answering questions from subscribers, and tomorrow we’ll have another RtV! And then next week is the big potato, the holiday livestream, featuring all sorts of exciting reveals and new information that we are looking forward to sharing with you.

SG: We are shooting AtV today!

BL: Did you forget where you are?

SG: I did!

BL: No, this is, we’re here in studio 42 in Los Angeles, sets are still under construction as you can see around us, they are coming together very well and we are looking forward to showin

News from the Spectrum

3:29 Los Angeles

DV: Hey everyone, here we are at Cloud IMperium Games in Los Angeles. I’m Darian Vorlick…

EB: And I’m Elwin Bachiller Jr.

DV: And we are here with this week’s update. So, starting with the technical content team, we’ve got our guys like Matt Intrieri, Patrick Solerna, working on fixing up the Constellation, giving it its final polishes for 2.0. So we’re kinda doing some final passes, making sure everything is nice and shiny and hale on it, so once you guys get it it’s going to look pretty awesome. What’ve we got for the art team?

EB: On the art team, we’ve got everybody, all hands on deck on the Reliant, we’re trying to get that hangar ready for our next release. There’s quite a bit of work going into it, we’ve got some areas when you guys finally see it in the hangar, it’ll be clearly a work in progress, but it’ll give a really good idea of what the final’s going to look like.

DV: And which part are you working on?

EB: Specifically I’m working on the pilot chair, so redoing that, but we’ve got Daniel Kamensky who did a lot of the interior parts of it, and Gaige Hallman who also did parts of the interior for it, so we’ve got a lot of people putting an effort to get that done.

DV: And finally on the tech design front, we’ve got Calix doing final balance passes for 2.0, especially on the EMP, so we’ve been looking at some of the feedback regarding how players have been using it. We see some tweaks that need to be made, but also we’ve started on plotting out what we need to be doing for balance on the next patch as well, so definitely keep that feedback coming in, it is very very useful for us. So I think that’s all we’ve got from Los Angeles, so once again, I’m Darian Vorlick,

EB: Elwin Bachiller Jr.

DV: Have a good one guys.

5:00 – Austin, TX

JR : Jake Ross here, associate producer on the persistent universe, and I’m here this week to give you a little update on what we’ve got going on in the Austin studio. This week, we are, and last week, we’re doing animation work on various ships and ship weapons. We’ve got Jay and Daniel, Jay Brushwood Daniel Craig, working on the Vanguard, and the Freelancer, and the Xi’An Scout, along with a few others I won’t mention, but, so they’re working hard on getting those various states of hangar ready / flight ready, so those will be coming online here pretty soon in different stages. And also some, a couple different ship weapons that’ll come out here pretty soon as well, cause weapons need to animate as well.

We also are iterating on the shopping design, so we had a pretty good idea for the direction we were going, we started it off in that direction, and we decided that we wanted to add a few different things here and there, closer to what Chris is envisioning, so we’re all on the same page now over here, so we’re just iterating on the design as, we’re constantly doing, making the design bigger and better all the time. So we’re now headed off in the same direction, just a little bit more fine-tuned. So Behaviour will be working on the front-end side of that, and we will have that out in a future release. Yeah.

So another thing that we’re doing is we are establishing our tech content team. Headed up by Sean Tracy, so what this is is basically just an effort to kind of consolidate our tech artists, our tech animators, and our riggers, into one big team across the company. We have various developers in LA, in Austin, the UK, and Germany, that all kind of fall under that banner, but have always acted as islands in their own studios, so Sean Tracy’s heading up the new technical content team, where he will kind of combine, join forces with all these guys and kind of give them a little bit more trajectory, that kind of aligns with everyone else. So they’re not just islands, they’re a force that’s moving in one direction. So it’s an exciting time, and we’re developing a road map for those guys so that everybody’s kind of on the same page there. Yeah, I think that’s all I got for you this week. Thanks guys, see you around!

7:35 Foundry 42 UK

TJ: Hi Guys, Tom (Johnson) here, and this week I’ve got Ricky Jutley with me, he’s going to give you guys an update on 2.0.

RJ: Thanks Tom, with 2.0 right now we’ve been pushing a fair amount of builds to the PTU. Been watching a fair amount of your twitch streams, and it’s really good that we’ve made some progress on performance, and you guys’ve kind of highlighted that, so thanks very much. We do understand that the game server issues, the game server crashes, are still you know, live and rife in builds at the moment. We’ve actually made a decent amount of progress on those with fixes coming in today, a few guys worked on the physics issues, and that’s been tested through QA right now, so hopefully we get a lot more stable build, and you guys can see that soon.

With the Twitch streams at the moment, we’re really impressed and really enjoyed a lot of the videos that we’ve seen, so you guys have been using a fair amount of the new mechanics, saw guys using the Avenger for instance, and EMP taking out a fair amount of the other ships in proximity, and strafing up and absolutely obliterating them. And also you guys have been showing off some of the multicrew ships, so I’ve been watching people demo through their crew stations in the Constellation, different turrets, the engineering panels, and the Retaliator as well, so it’s been really enjoyable watching those videos, and we’ll hope to give you guys a more stable build soon, hope we can go to live soon.

TJ: Alright, that’s it for this week, thanks for joining us, and we’ll

Both: See you in the ‘Verse!

9:15 – Foundry 42 DE

BC: Hey everyone I’m Brian Chambers, from Frankfurt. Let me run through some of the main points the guys covered this week. On AI front, we had two main areas we were looking at. First one was ship AI in specific issues that have been reported back for 2.0, we’ve tackled most of those, got a really good grasp on them, and continue to move forward on them. A couple more left to tweak. The second sprint that’s running was the first version of FPS AI and counter-communication. Allows AI to respond to each other, one spots an enemy makes the others aware. Also other detail, when they hear a fire, you know, hear gunfire or something somewhere, they start heading out, they know what direction, and so on. So it’s pretty good, pretty cool to see that progress.

On the design side, continue to work on smuggling career, weapon designs, some new ones we’re playing with, and pre-fab missions for PU. The weapon side, Toby’s been finalizing work on LOD’s and textures for the S-4 size Apocalypse arms gatling gun. That’s always a mouthful to say.

For Cinematics we’re continuing to refine the overall pipeline. Always pushing things a little bit more to help improve quality, get things in and out of mobu, maia, and so on, and that’s going well. We’re also starting to tear through the cinematics a little bit more now on a granular level, to start lining up dependencies a little bit better so we can work more efficiently.

On the engine side, a lot of focus around stabilization of 2.0. The new things that we’re pulling in and rolling out to you guys obviously as you do this, you encounter new issues. So we have a good process in place right now with all the testers have been helpful for us to build, to go in fairly quickly, identify the issues, and get those addressed to get those back out to you. We’ve also been working on some other core elements that you guys will see shortly. Can’t say exactly what they are or when, but it’s going to be very soon and I think people will dig it. Overall, as far as the office goes, good amount of candidates are coming in. Ton of resumes are flying in recently in the last week. I think last week we had a few on-site interviews, so staffing up really to hit the other main areas that we need for Frankfurt to be able to take on the responsibility that we’re kind of handed.

So. That’s about it. We’ve got other people obviously with VFX doing stuff, our environment artist doing stuff and so on, and we’ll go into more detail week after week. But… thanks again for all your support, and see you next week!

12:53 Tony Zurovec Interview Part II

Jared Huckaby – JH: Thanks guys. In this week’s AtV interview we’re sitting down with the director of the persistent universe Mr Tony Zurovec, Tony? How are you doing?

Tony Zurovec – TZ: Pretty good

JH: Now when we dropped the Social Module. One of things that surprised a lot of folks is we gave them a sneak peek of the upcoming Nyx slavsky landing zone and that blew a lot of people away. It was a great look at what was coming next. Is there anything more you can tell us about Nyx?

TZ: Yeah Nyx will likely show up in the milestone immediately after shopping. It’s interesting that Nyx has been largely done for quite a while. There was one particular area this, bazaar area that still had a lot of design, details and artistic issues that needed to be worked out, but with those now resolved production is proceeding at full speed on it and we expect to have that done fairly soon. So we should actually be able spend quite a bit of time refining and tweak and ensuring that the performance is up to the level that we actually want before we do release it to the community, in other words the actually build out of the level is going really really well at this point.

JH: Very cool. When that time comes, do you have any thoughts about how people will access it, will it be another destination on the elevator?

TZ: For the short term we’re just going to cheat and basically you’re going to have the magical elevator that you can access from Area 18 or from your hangar. Obviously that will change as we get a bit farther along and gain the ability to go out in space, gain the ability to travel to different systems and stuff, but for the short term we will just allow players to go in there and it will just be another destination in that elevator.

Nyx is really interesting from my perspective for a variety of different reasons. One of which is it actually gives us the ability to have three completely distinct functional areas. What I mean by that is when you first land in Nyx and you come out and go through customs and you basically go down to the main area. There’s law and order, there’s security, it’s all well maintained, all the lights are on; there’s security guards, there’s civilians going on about their business and there’s shops in which you can do business etc.

There are hints internally that you’re in an asteroid. You can see that from windows that give these beautiful views of the outside. You can tell because some of the ceilings that there was no point to building dedicated roofs and ceilings and all that type of stuff and so you can actually see big, huge chunks of exposed asteroid stone, rock metals, stone, etc just hanging throughout various areas. In general that area actually looks very modern, looks very built out, it looks like what it’s supposed to be which is an area that people did a lot of business. They actually conduct a lot of business in that area.

As you start to move down various corridors and passageways away from that central area. You’ll start to encounter what we call, it’s a more danger zone. Basically it’s an area that is no longer utilized by the political and civilian classes of this planet and it’s been overtaken by more questionable types. There’s much more crime there than you would ever see in the central area of the city, there’s no security to discourage it. There are obviously some hard luck cases out there. You’ll see stuff that’s fallen into disrepair, lights that are flickering that are not working, control panels that no longer operate doors that are stuck half open. That type thing to where it looks very similar conceptually to the central area, but it looks like it hasn’t been really maintained for a decade.

Then you if you continue preceding even farther you’ll get into what we call the excavation areas. This is where once upon a time, decades earlier when this was an area that they thought was going to be a booming mining area. They were clearing out all sorts of new caverns, drilling them out etc. The idea was they were eventually going to put in these control rooms and storage facilities etc. All that construction stopped very quickly when they decided that given the surveys that they were doing, it was going to be way more difficult to extract sufficient value to warrant all of the the investment made. The original inhabitants of Nyx took off and all the.

JH: Construction equipment that was left behind

TZ: That was all left behind and basically this more politically oriented population gradually moved in and what you wound up with is a populous that tends to be a little more radical in their overall political beliefs versus the mainstream and this manifests itself in a number different ways. Some of which is the fact that they’re not willing to basically go and try and make a concerted effort to clean out crime in the distant areas of Nyx, they’d really rather just cordoned it off and prevent it and keep it over there and so it’s not their problems to solve.

These back excavated areas are particularly interesting because there’s no infrastructure within there at all. There are no ladders, there are no stairs, there are no lights. It’s really just you’re going through caverns, there’s a very organic feel, fungus on the walls, dripping water, things of that sort. One of things I find the most interesting about that is as playground where we can put everything from wanted felons that are hiding out, the most nefarious criminals and stuff that would be basically the zone where they operate from farthest away from the security force and things of that sort. This is where you’d find a lot of your elcit trading activity and stuff would be centered back in those areas. There’s a lot of potential on Nyx for players that don’t want to necessarily adhere to the law.

JH: So when Nyx ships, whenever that is, no dates guys. What else can we expect with that

ZH: well one of the more interesting features that will come online most likely with the same milestone as Nyx will be the ability to route purchases areas other than on your person. What I mean by that is kind of what we were talking about earlier. When I go into a shop and I find a T-shirt I like or I go to a souvenir shop and I have a list of items, what do I do with it? obviously in the case of clothing you can replace the one you have, but what if you want to keep the clothing you have? What if you want to buy a vase but you don’t actually want to carry it around, you don’t want to take the multi minute journey back to your ship to stow it away.

With Nyx we’ll be incorporating featuring within the user interface so that when you’re buying or selling for that matter items, you can specify the source or destination, depending on what you’re doing; where you want these items to go or be pulling from. So if I purchase something I can basically direct it’s delivery for a nominal surcharge back to one of my uniquely named ships, back to my hangar or back to my million high club and then once I’m back there I can decide what I actually want to do with them.

JH: We spoke to Rob earlier today. He mentioned there’s a number of shops in Nyx. The names escape me at the moment. What can you tell us about our shopping opportunities in Nyx.

TZ: Nyx has a really interesting mix of shops because not only does it have the formal commercial shops like you might see on Area 18, the more established four walls, ceiling, floor, that type of stuff. Lots inventory, clearly a commercial vendor with a good number of goods to be sold, but it’s also got what we call this bazaar area and that’s where much smaller local merchants well actually I wouldn’t call them local merchants, they’re more nomadic merchants. They basically come and sometimes they’re there for a day, sometimes they’re there for a week, sometimes they got a very specific set of inventory and that’s it. These are guys in this one central bazaar area where you can pickup a variety of odds and ins that you don’t often see within the larger more established stores.

JH: So what kind of things can you buy in this, what was it a bazaar?

TZ: Yeah

JH Grand Bazaar?

TZ: Yeah so in the Grand Bazaar you’ll be able to buy anything from cases of liquor to seeds that you can plant assuming you’re a farmer and have an interest in that type of them. THere will be all sorts of decorative items, plants that you can place either within your Million Mile High Club or within your hangar, things of that sort. There’s going to be food for just general consumption. There’s going to be a variety of souvenirs unique to that area and that they’ve imported from other areas that you could pickup. Just a wide variety of smaller items of much more limited quantity than what you would typically see in the larger more established shops.

JH: And not just things to customize your hangar or your shop, but also yourself?

TZ: Not only that, but I’d go even farther and so far as information you can purchase that can lead to missions. There’s maps you can buy and so really anyone that goes to Nyx, you really should make the rounds through all these guys and they will vary. It’s not always going to be the same guy selling the same stuff and see what is actually on offer whether it’s of interest to you on that particular day given what you’re currently doing.

JH: Wow, that’s fantastic. We’ve taken up a lot of your time here and thank you for it so much. can you give us one more thing before we let you go? Beyond Nyx, a quick top level look. Hurston, the rest of the stanton system, what’s down the line for the persistent universe.

TZ: Yeah in general not much has changed in regards to the overall order vs what I can kind of mentioned on the website two or three months back which is the next planet after Nyx is going to be Hurston. That one was already starting to move fairly quickly. Following that will likely be Crusader and then Microtech and that’s going to complete all the areas that you can visit within the Stanton system. What this does is it basically gives us the reason why we put up to this approach is it gives us a lot of different areas within the same system to where we can get the balance of trade, the trade of combat, the balance of missions all of this stuff perfected, refined before we start to expand out to some of these other systems.

It allows us to get the formula narrowed in enough so that we minimize the amount of wasted effort as we basically start to get really really wide implementation. In addition to the landing zones the next big thing post the Nyx milestone is going to be AI. AI, they’re still going to be a very dedicated discrete milestone to where you’ll see a quantum leap in terms of advancement, but I would say that I now believe the AI will appear in small bits and pieces prior to that and then you’ll see one big leap.

We’re not going to wait as we’ve kinda added additional details to intermediate milestones. We don’t want to hold back on all the AI just for this so called dedicated AI milestone. We’d rather roll out bits and pieces and these will be testing specific things. In particular on AI, how many NPC characters can we actually put within a map without starting to affect performance in terms of the pathfinding, in terms of the collision detection, in terms of the logic; how well is the multi-threading, is the AI code actually working?

So there are a number of technical reasons why we want to get out even the earlier versions of this and get that working really rock solid and then once we go with the full blown AI milestone that’s where we would try to show not only what we can do with this system but we would like to put eighty, ninety, a hundred plus into a single landing zone and still have the performance be such that players on good if not absolutely state of the art machines and still have a completely enjoyable experience, and that actually brings up one other thing. Which is we’ve made loads of progress with regards to some of the problems that we were facing a while back and I think that very shortly possibly with the Million Mile high Club, we’re going to wind up kicking the twenty five player of Area 18 limit up to fourty players.

Right now it’s very close I don’t know if we’ll flip that switch for the 2.0 Million Mile High Club one, or whether we’ll hold that back for shopping. But one of those two milestones will include a fairly significant, a 60% increase in the number of players that we’re going to allow walking around in those environments. On our side right now it’s looking amazingly good in terms of how much progress has been made in a relatively short period of time.

We’ve got people from all over the different CIG studios touching different pieces of this and it’s really been amazing how quickly some of these very large scale technological changes have come together, to allow us to basically start ramping it up. I would expect the focus on that to just continue so that by Spring by Summer we want to just keep iteratively increasing, increasing, increasing the number of players and NPC’s that you’re going to be able to put into one single map.

JH: It’s exciting there’s no other word for it, it’s really exciting. Tony thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us, is there anything else you want fans to know before we let you go?

TZ: Actually the only thing I would say is just I always appreciate all the kinder words and the constructive criticism that you see within the forums I think i’ve read so many emails that are towards somebody stating something along the lines of “I don’t think a developer or whoever is going to read this and la da da” I’ve read so many of those and I don’t usually respond but I actually, do read a whole lot of them

JH: Yes. I hear that it’s Chris and Tony and Erin they read the forums, they read the Reddit, they read everything, because they send us stuff, i’ll get an email at two o’clock in the morning Chris will go “This is a pretty good link”, and i’m like “Chris why are you reading the forums at 2 o’clock in the morning and you’re sending me links” So yeah it’s fantastic. I’m certain our community appreciates it

TZ: I love the constant emboldment of the community and basically at times, it’s funny because sometimes you’re doing stuff in an intermediate fashion, just because that’s the way the technology comes together and so you know that this is just a temporary solution and you’ll have people calling you on “This is not going to work for this reason” it’s like and there’s been so many times “I agree you just gotta wait a little bit longer and we’ll be getting there”

JH: Tony thanks so much, and back to you guys.

29:43 ATV Behind the Scenes: Nyx

Jared Huckaby: Thanks guys. On this week’s ATV Behind the Scenes we sit down with Senior Technical Designer Rob Reininger who is going to take us on a brief look at the Nyx landing zone. Rob, how are you doing man?

Rob Reininger: Good, how are you doing?

JH: Good. Now you work on a lot of things for Star Citizen.

RR: A few yeah

JH: Just a few. I see your name in my email quite often. But today we’re going to take a look at some of the early layout stage, layout planning stages of the next landing zone.

RR: Yeah absolutely.

JH: So you got the will, take us into it.

R: So Nyx is obviously a very big place, but what we’re showing you here is really the focal point of the landing zone. Every landing zone got a landing pad, got a customs area, some of those core elements, but this is what you see outside of that right? So we need to figure out what all that stuff is, how it’s laid out, whether or not it’s going to feel good before we actually spend millions of dollars actually building it out. So we start here in Visio where we kind of create a grid that represents our actual world space, so in this case we each square here equals four metres as you can see. So we just start laying out things that we think will be cool. In this case this is kind of like the main reveal, every level has this moment where you turn a  corner and ahh there’s the level in all it’s grandeur this is that point in this level for us.

For Nyx this is like a multi tier, it was a hollowed out, place that they used to work on, really big machinery here and it’s been over the years, rusted out and broken down and over time people have populated this once abandoned mining station that’s on an asteroid out in space. So there’s a lot of remnants of that stuff left in this area and they’ve converted into their kind of central hub for their shopping, there’re meeting places for just general everyday life, that you see bustling city this is that part of that.

So what this area is; down below is going to be little more of like a flea market kind of feel, we call it the bazaar area, just cause there’s a bunch of carts that people are kind of manning they’ve, set up shop and they’ve taken their local goods, a lot of the stuff is touted as made here locally and homegrown, or home brewed, or home made type things, so they bring, they brought those things to sell to the rest of the people that, that need whatever goods and services they provide

JH: Somebody here brews their own liquor

RR: This is true, yeah there’s always the crazy guy that’s making stuff in his garage. There’s definitely a few of those people here, but yeah this is kind of as you come in see to the lobby here right? You come in you get this cool little overview, where you’re up top and you’re going to be seeing down into this cool little busy market where lots of NPC’s are walking around and buying things, you’ll get the cart salesmans kind of “Hey come over here we’ve got the best this or that it’s really fresh” whatever it is they’re trying to sell people as they walk by. We thought it would be a really cool vibe and feel to kind of just get this overview of that scene, and how like that in the level and then to top off the shops that you have down below we have; a lot of our main shops will be kind of connected to this area to a certain degree.

Things like: medical facility will have the ability to go buy your healing kits and your bandages, and your, stimpacks and other medical supplies. If you res that’s where you’ll kind of come, so you dump yourself out rather than into the world here, it’s kind of a thing that we try and think about when we’re laying this stuff out. If it’s off in the boonies and you have to run for five minutes to get back to civilisation or kind of get back to what you really care about that’s kind of a bad design we’ll say. It makes for an awkward experience right? You’re just like “Oh man I just want to get back to playing the game” So those kinds of things are things we try and consider at this level as opposed to building it all out in 3D and be like “Oh well that didn’t work, let’s move this or that”

JH: Much easier to do your explorations here in Visio than..

RR: Very much, very much yeah. So another shop on the bottom level is going to be a Conscientious Objects which is personal items. If you’ve seen Cubby Blast in Area 18 it’s similar types of things, maybe not the higher end, military type tech this will b e more refurbished personal type things.

The Cordry’s is FPS armour, components, augmentations, upgrades for your armour suits. So you might be able to buy like oxygen extender or a speed mod chip that you can plug into your armour, that kind of stuff will be sold up here. Then other than that, outside of this area, we’ve got like a maintenance place so you come in you need to refuel, get your ship repaired all that will be real close to the landing pad, which is unfortunately not highlighted in this area, but yes pretty busy!

JH: So can we take a look inside one of those shops?

RR: Absolutely, absolutely. So this is Cafe Musain. It’s the local bar, it’s kind of hollowed out, again a little background. Nyx is on an asteroid so space is kind of a premium right? So that if it existed they’re going to use, they’re not going to spend a lot of time and  energy to carve out new places. This is kind of themed inside, a hollowed out cave, little more of a natural pocket of space, where they’ve thrown up walls where they could, little area down here will be in this small little secluded cave area, there’s little personal seating back here, got an open bar, a couple of lounge areas, this back area back here was originally storage but they, little crime element might be hanging out back there kind of owning that space right?

We get Conscience Objects, so this is entrance come in, there’s counters. We’ve got all the different weapons, grenades, ammos displayed around the shop. You see the multi tier elements, the stairs here, so you get that height difference which is another thing we’re trying to incorporate into the areas that we make. Flat is boring.

Cordry’s this was the original design for it. This is a good example of we revise things before we really try and go to 3D with them. That was the original layout right? I didn’t think that was very interesting, so we’ve come up with a few additional layouts, since these are quick and easy to make, we’ve come up with some more interesting things we think, that will help sell the feel of; carved out an asteroid thrown together, did what they could with what they had, but didn’t have the all the supplies you would normally have on a normal homeworld like Area 18. This is a good example of where we go when we get something that we’re really not happy with.

The theme of Cordry’s again is the armour shop, the maintenance is you don’t need a big place for some guy that basically, tell him to fish or stuff. You’re not going to be putting your ship in here, so they’re going to go out to your ship and do it, so you just need to come and order the thing so that just needed to be a small little kiosk. Right not everything has to be big. Some might argue with that

JH: *Laughs*

RR: Medical facility, you got your back rooms where you respawn in, wake up on a bed or depending on how you got there. You got your front area with the vending machines that have all your medical supplies. From here we go down, here’s some props that we need for the bar. We need the hero  prop the booths, the tables, the dividers for the booths, bar stools, the bar top, bar top corner piece. We try and build things in a modular set, where we can kind of mix and match, and match our Legos together right?

Just calling out a lot of these things that we think we’ll need and these get paint overs once they get white boxed in the actual engine and a lot of props, barman props get called out from those, but this is the stuff that I as a designer care about right? So this grows and grows and grows.

JH: Somebody’s got build all these

RR: Animations

JH: Oh the animations!

RR: Do you need ships? No I don’t. do I need characters? Yes I do. So it’s just a good, it’s a good way to get a really fine understanding of what you need to make this thing work before you actually try and make it work

JH: Alright. Well, Rob that’s great thanks for taking the time to take us through this. Nyx is our next landing zone?

RR: Yes it is

JH: After copr 18, or Area 18 rather. No we’re not going to tell you when you’re going to see it, but it will be there when it’s ready. Rob thanks for taking the time to take us through it. Back to you guys.

41:53 MVP

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*MVP video noises*

SG: And finally here’s your art sneak peek.

42:42 Art Sneak Peek

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