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Around the Verse: Rebel Yela Written Thursday 19th of July 2018 at 06:37am by Desmarius

As per usual, anything said during the show is subject to change by CIG and may not always be accurate at the time of posting. Also any mistakes you see that I may have missed, please let me know so I can correct them. Enjoy the show!

Full Transcript

Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hello and welcome to another episode of Around the Verse. I’m Sandi Gardiner ...

Chris Roberts (CR): … And I’m Chris Roberts.

SG: Last Friday a group of Star Citizen streamers organized a team FPS battle on Yela, and the results were pretty impressive.

CR: Yeah, they were. Two teams of 20 started one kilometer away from each other and engaged in a heated battle to see which side could take control of the Benson Mining Facility.

SG: Yes they did. Ships were only allowed to be used for transport and all fighting had to be done on foot.

FPS Battle On Yela

TheFew (TF): It’s go time! Let’s move!

TF: Move out guys.

TexasSkulls (TS): Alright folks, you see this rocks right here?  Everyone regroup here for a second. Okay. Looks like the only one we’re missing is … right … perfect. Push on. Push, push, …

TS: ... push, push on. Come on. Get in. Get in. Get in.

TF: ‘Kay ….

TF: …  sight line.

U2: ... are you guys guarding the Starfarer?

Unknown 3: Wait … get out of the way.

TS: Get in. Get in. Get in. More, more, more. Dude, no one hit the … no.

Unknown 4: Yeah, we’re in.

TF: Yeah, fire. Unleash! Unleash, yes! Like shooting fish in a barrel. [Laughs] Oh that was awesome!

TS: I didn’t say hit the button yet. [Laughs]

Back In The Studio

CR: This type of emergent gameplay and player driven content is exactly what Star Citizen is all about. This particular group plans on making these team battles a recurring weekend event, and we look forward to seeing more of it.

SG: Yes, our community has really been embracing ingame engagement, but not all skirmishes are fought on such friendly terms.

CR: Yeah, that’s true. It seems some disgruntled pilots have organized a protest in the PU exhibiting emergent behavior with a meta twist.

SG: Let’s go to Jared Huckaby for more on this developing story. Take it away Jared.

Conflict At CryAstro!

Jared Huckaby (JH): Conflict at CryAstro. They’ve been saying video games will rot your brain for a millennia, but a fever fervor of a lack of recent updates to Electronic Access’ siminal hit, Arena Commander, has players crying fowl, or should we say crying Astro. Protestors of the stalled development have taken to their ships in an effort to blockade the popular repair facility, while others yet have formed militias to repel these would be demonstrators. We here at AtV News have to ask where are Crusader Security when you need them? When asked for comment the only reply offered by Crusader Industry’s officials was a simple Soon™. More on this story as it develops.

Back In The Studio II

SG: Thanks Jared. It will be exciting to see how that all plays out.

CR: As we’ve seen in previous updates the Mission Team has been working to implement FPS AI into Persistent Universe locations, and they’ve recently started testing AI patrols around Kareah Station. This is the first step to bringing a more robust law system to the PU which will eventually make it harder for players to throw their weight around like they’re doing at CryAstro right now.

SG: Until then pilots trying to break the lines at CryAstro are going to have to rely on the flight system improvements introduced in the 3.2.1 patch, which currently live for all backers to check out on the PTU.

CR: So we continue to work on enhanced stick precision or ESP to give you the most responsive and accurate dogfighting yet.

SG: The targeting functionality added to manned turrets in 3.2 is being fine tuned as well. Kirk’s here to tell us what’s been done recently.

Manned Turret Update

Kirk Tome (KT): Getting a lot of feedback from the community about how frustrating it is to hit things in turrets, and that’s certainly true. Turrets weren’t properly gyrostabilizing on pitch and yaw. It was only on yaw, so we’re introducing the ability to gyrostabilize on pitch and yaw within the constraints of the turret. We also reduced the dead zone which will give a little more feedback to the players, so that they can find the targets better. We’ll introduce the ability to separate the dead zone from the actual turret look constraints and the interaction constraints, and finally add a little bit of aim assist. So, getting your lag pip pretty close to the target will allow you to stay on target better and allow your guns to actually hit the target that you are aiming at … and these are all planned for 3.2.1.

Back In The Studio III

CR: Here is a look at the shop kiosk display with its item previews that will show you what you are buying visually when this tech will also make it into the PMA and VMA mobiGlas apps once we’ve got it all working properly.

SG: Looking forward to 3.3 and the expansion of the Stanton System the addition of the planet Hurston is highly anticipated, but that as we all know is just the tip of the iceberg.

CR: Yeah, to eventually to get the massive amounts of planned star systems and locations into the PU our devs will need the help of some pretty powerful tools, and many of those are developed inhouse. One such tool is the new Construct System which moves procedural construction from the Python programming language to C++, improving speed and maintainability and allowing us to create some pretty cool environments.

SG: As you can see the devs are already putting it through the motions testing more layouts for the rest stop space stations we’ve seen in numerous updates and that we’ll soon see around the Stanton System. This new tool is replacing the old procedural layout tool highlighted at last year’s CitizenCon.

CR: Speaking of CitizenCon we’ve just launched an all new website for this year’s event, and tickets are back on sale so make sure you check out the site, and we look forward to seeing you in person on October 10th in Austin, Texas.

SG: Yes we do. It promises to be a pretty cool and memorable event featuring interactions with the Star Citizen Team and looks at some exciting content, and if you can’t wait for CitizenCon to mingle with us CIG Los Angeles Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis will be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con this coming weekend.

CR: Yeah, he’ll be on a panel on Saturday afternoon and maybe sticking around Sunday as well, so if you’re attending the con definitely stop by and say hello. Now, getting back to Hurston last week we got a look at the Hurston habs being developed for Loreville and the props that bring them to life. Here, looking again at these utilitarian environments, we see further details that really add to the story of the location.

SG: These dents for instance that designers are putting into the huge hangar bay doors betray the telltale signs of a history of precarious takeoffs.

CR: Yeah, there’s been quite a few precarious takeoffs in the PU if you ever watch a stream. Just like with the habs the Props Team is tasked with giving these hangars personality as well as visual and narrative consistency.

SG: While Hurston will be the Stanton System first explorable planet, the Environmental Art Teams are also busy locking in the design of its four moons.

CR: Yeah. Here we can see the developments of the rocky and uninhabited moon, Aberdeen. It’s named after Aberdeen Hurston, the scientist credited with designing the company’s first antimatter warhead.

SG: Designers have been testing the reusability of assets for the moon’s terrain and trying different atmosphere settings to see what looks and feels best.

CR: Yeah, it’s exciting to see new planets and moons taking shape, but with new explorable worlds comes the challenge of fitting them into the universe.

SG: PU producers and devs are currently putting their heads together to hash out exactly where Hurston and its moons will sit within Stanton and their relative distance to each other.

CR: Yeah, the idea is to strike a balance between realism, functionality and fun. Space is a big place, and we want to show this in a realistic way while avoiding player frustration. Plus there’s fuel, travel mechanics and loads of other stuff to think about when placing planets and moons.

SG: It’s definitely an involved process, but necessary when adding content on such a massive scale.

CR: That’s definitely true. [Chuckles] As our programming continues to evolve some have been asking what this means for fan favorite segments like Ship Shape.

SG: Well, not to worry. Starting tomorrow new episodes of Ship Shape will have their broadcast debut one Fridays as part of Reverse the Verse live, and to make it even more special we’re unveiling a brand new edition to the Star Citizen Ship Roster.

CR: Yes, this will give backers a chance to experience our concept ship reveals live with some of the developers that have been working on them and have follow-up questions answered immediately afterward.

SG: It’ll be like a Ship Shape launch party ...

CR: Woooo ...

SG: … a ship launch party ...    

CR: … party, party. So be sure to tune in tomorrow on Twitch at 9 am Pacific to learn all about the new Apollo from RSI.

SG: Thanks to our subscribers for sponsoring this show and thanks to each and every backer for your continued support. Until next time, we will see you …

SG & CR: Around the Verse [Large Hand Wave]



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